Dutch Touch RooS

Dutch Touch released four new skins: FieP, KeeT, LuuS, and RooS.  I settled on the RooS.  I say settled because honestly I could have walked away loving them all.  I feel so pretty in my new skin.  To help show off that Dutch Touch skin, I decided to bring out the HOT sizzling Pink number created by Spirit Store.  The outfit caught my eye with the dangling feathers. I thought it was soooo cute!  It isn’t really something I would normally buy, but I love it!  I want to parade around with my feathers shifting in the breeze!

My headpiece is from +:::+Natural+:::+  and is called Triste.  It comes in a variety of options.  My leg and arm warmers are from Gawk because I just wanted to add something fun that I normally don’t really do. Wow, I am adventurous…lol. *sigh* And again, I am wearing my new hair from Exile called Asa.


Dutch Touch RooS *NEW*

Spirit Store Disco Top and Bottom in Cherry *NEWer*

::Exile:: Asa *NEW*



Maitreya Verve Pump

Poses: (top) Le Poppycock “Love’s Secret” (bottom) *Manifeste* Model 242


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