Review Policy

If you would like me to blog your item, then you can can contact me inworld via notecard.  I would be honored to get a chance to display your items the best I can. I do not do blogger applications often only because my schedule changes a great deal.  I blog a lot during June, July, and August, and then only can manage a couple blogposts per month otherwise. I prefer to work with people who know my work, like it, and want me to blog for them just as you want me to like your products!

  • I  do post process pictures in Photoshop–sometimes more than others, but I love learning how to improve my Photoshop skills.
  • My review will be honest.  I don’t review all that often anymore, but if there is a BIG flaw I might mention it.
  • I never contact designers to be blogged unless they are actually looking for someone to blog.
  • I do credit items, including poses.  Featured items will be linked to with URL, but all other items will only be listed.   I also link to Second Life Blogging for credits, so make sure you are listed here as well.
  • Please contact me if you feel that my work does not meet your standard.  I want to show your work and dedication in the best possible way, so feedback is always welcomed!

Thank you for your consideration and time. I really am quite harmless. Send me questions if you have questions!

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