Once is never enough.

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Um.  I’ve been playing with different headings and such for things, and yesterday, LOL, I saw that sometimes, even though it looks fine on my site, on the feeds they can look HUGE. Whoops. Sorry. Not really. Maybe. Just a little.

Steffen Garcia released this cute lingerie set at Collabor88.  While it is cute, damn the alpha that came with it.  So. Guess what. I am alphaless in the above picture.  I tried making my dimensions the same as the notecard (which was actually very nice of Garcia to include), but no luck.  Could I have fussed with it more? Probably. Could I have made my own alpha? Yes.  Did I want to? Nope.  So, you might want to try the demo first for this item.   I lacked the patience to get it to work today.   The texture and mesh work itself is absolutely perfect.

I had no issue with my boots from Baiastice, which are stunning.  I love the platform, the thin stiletto heel, the detail and and the fit.  To show them off, I decided to put together a quick scene which included items from Sari Sari and 22769.  I used 22769’s Northern Lights Ottoman in Sand and modified one of the existing poses included to show off my boots.  Behind me, you can find Sari Sari’s release for The Theme Park, an antique drawer.  The curtains are from+ER+ and the house is from Scarlet Creative.

-Clothing Credits-

Baiastice_Avani high boot-suede-brown @ The Boutique
MINA Hair – Silvia
PARISA by Steffen Garcia, Bra & Knickers Chocolata @Collabor88
-Glam Affair – Mokatana – Europa 01 A @Collabor88
IKON Promise Eyes – Apex

-Scene Credits-

22769-Northern Lights Ottoman-Sand @ The Garden
Sari Sari-Antique Drawer @ The Theme Park
Scarlet Creative-The Trilby Dacha





Teleport to The Garden, The Boutique & Poser Pavilion 
Teleport to The Theme Park

The Liaison Collaborative has a trifecta of an event happening this moment.  You can shop for clothing, jewelry, skins, poses, and housing goodies all in one spot.  Izzie’s skins are always so soft and pretty, and Maci is no exception.  I love that each skin comes with so many options, including 12 lipstick and 12 eyeshadow options. If you like to change your make up a lot to give you a different look, Izzie’s skins will be your best option.  There is no deciding between which skin because you only have to decide tone and voila, you have tons and tons of items to use.

These events have so many fantastic items that it was hard to choose what I wanted to blog first, but I decided on Rebel Hope’s items for The Boutique.  I love the bolero and dress combination.  Vintage inspired clothing makes me weak at the knees, and this is what made me fall in love with this dress.  When I was younger (way back in high school…lol), I would grab dresses with these big fluffy skirts off the rack and try them on, pleading with my mother that I had to have them all.  Of course, I never did end up wearing them out.  They never really fit the dress code at the functions I attended which were either too informal or too formal.  In SL, however, I can prance around in these styles all day long.  Rebel Hope has also included a belt and bag that finish the outfit well.

Ohhhh, do not forget about The Theme Park event too. An lár [poses] has a beautiful set out called Like a Lady.  Guess what the theme is for The Theme Park…Vintage Romance. You can also find items from Blacklace, tea soup, Coquet, Sari Sari, and many more.  Sigh.  My inventory is exploding.

Enough yammering I guess.  I had some free time to blog, and I did it.  Yay for me.  Have fun shopping!


Izzie’s – Lipstick rust
Izzie’s – Maci Eyeshadow teal
Izzie’s – Maci Eyeliner
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper
Cae :: Descend :: Earrings @ The Boutique
Cae :: Descend :: Necklace @ The Boutique
Rebel Hope-Fashion Mesh Belt @ The Boutique
fri. – Miranda.Heels (Blush) @ Collabor88
Rebel Hope-Holly Mesh Dress & Vivian Mesh Bolero @ The Boutique
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Slink AvEnhance Feet High
Izzie’s – Maci Skin porcelain BLB @ The Boutique
IKON Promise Eyes – Apex
An Lar Poses-Like a Lady @ The Theme Park

The Boutique is open.


Happy Sunday everyone!  First up, my picks from The Boutique-Fifth Avenue: My dress comes from Valentina E.  I think it is beautiful. I love the shape and the high slit up the side.   I paired it with the LaViere hair; it is a short do, and yes, I’m obsessed with short hair, so I had to snag it.  I am such a grown up.  My necklace is from Pure Poison, and although I might be a bit scared of bugs in RL, this one is absolutely delightful.  Last, I stopped by Has Been to pick up a pair of newly released SLink add on heels.  They had me add the bow, but the hud and the amount of mix and match that can happen, that sold me second.


The Skin Shop-Lipstick-Iconic-Blush-10
Birdy-Simple Eyeliner
LaViere-Eva-Platinum* The Boutique
:V.e.-Anna Dress-Pink* The Boutique
Pure Poison-Lady Fly Necklace* The Boutique
Has Been-Betsy Bow Pumps-Dark* NEW
Slink-Mesh Feet and Hands (AV Enhance)
Birdy-Delilah Skin-Pure-Blonde
Ikon-Vanity Eyes-Azure
Poses by Marukin

Eyes as heavy as anchors.

This new outfit from Baiastice at The Boutique is so sleek and fresh, which makes sense considering the theme this month for the event is indeed Fresh.  I love the bright colors of the tops and skirt and there are so many color options available that can be mismatched together to create different looks.  The soap purse from Olive for The Boutique is so adorable, and I wish I had more time to find a pose that would highlight better, but I couldn’t find one, so you will just have to believe me.  Sorry! You can also find Ikon’s Destiny Eyes at The Boutique! They are gorgeous obviously!  The Boutique “Fresh” is open until June 10.

I am loving the new colors available Truth Hair.  It was kinda a shock because I just settled into a blonde I liked, but then it changed.  I am still deciding which color will be my thing, but it is fun to see the the evolution of Truth Hair.  I can’t wait to see what other changes might happen in the future.



Olive-The Soap Bar Purse – FRESH Purple (Silver) @ The Boutique
Baiastice-Didi skirt-Flowers Coral Spring @ The Boutique
Baiastice-Lari Halter Neck Top-Green @ The Boutique
Pure Poison – Pinky Ribbon Bracelets
TRUTH HAIR Gattina – LightBlondes02 *New
[Gos] Barefoot V2 – Flat
[Gos] FlipFlops
Glam Affair – Margot – Europa 04 – Blonde
IKON Destiny Eyes – Green @ The Boutique
Poses by Marukin
Location-Tatty Soup


Hungry Eyes


It is Thursday.  So, we need some cupcake knowledge.  Did you know that there has been a 56 percent increase in cupcake sales over the last five years?  Fact: More and more people are becoming cupcake crazy.   True Story.   Where is this going? I hope somewhere…So when I saw the nails at Limited Bazaar from Candy Nail, I logged in so fast, snatched my set, and I put them on. Immediate candy, cupcake, love.   In-between blog posts, I find myself looking for them and putting them back on, just because they are sweet (drum roll).  These nails might, just might give my Slink mesh hands a rest.

Pose-Focus Poses-Model 116-4

So my aim for this blogpost was to become one big giant piece of candy.  I mean how else was I to compete with such an elaborate nail set.  Many items were used in the process of becoming a piece of living candy.  First, the base piece is a dress (not so new release) by Elate.  I missed the release, so I FINALLY got a reason to purchase and blog it.   It is perfect.  I am a lemon drop.  A Popsicle.  I added in some contrast by using the original release in a hot pink from Tram: A cardigan draped over my shoulders. The GOS shoes in Cherry Blossom from The Boutique were the perfect shoes for this outfit.   Last, I added the always sweet and delish mesh accessories by Noodles.  My candy bow headband comes from 5th Year Anniversary event for Adore & Abhor, and my necklace again The Boutique.

Oh and a HUGE shout-out to Adorkable Poses.   It took me forever to find a pose that remotely worked for the closeup.  Thank goodness!

I most definitely have some hungry eyes going on…


Truth-Cece w/ Roots-Barbie
Candy Nail # Gacha Tea Time *RARE @ Limited Bazaar
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Wild Full Thick
Noodles-Cupcake Bow-Peach @ 5th Year Anniversary event for Adore & Abhor
Noodles-Sakura Necklace-Silver @ The Boutique
Tram-J.I Cardigan (color-change HUD)
GOS-Lolita Espadrilles-Cherry Blossom @ The Boutique
Glam Affair-Zara-America @ Skin Fair
IKON-Ardent Eyes-Skyfall @ The Boutique
Location: Virtual Asia Tokyo

Wrong Way.

So, I burned my finger.  The left index finger to be exact, and every time I use it, I cringe a bit.  So, realize that every letter is pain.  I had mentioned two things in my previous post: IKON eyes, at The Boutique, and Glam Affair’s Zara Skin, at Skin Fair Sim 2, but I didn’t really get into why you need these purchases in your inventory OR rather why I did.  You can make up your own mind.

IKON makes eyes that pop.  There has to be some sort of scientific calculations to get the right amount of each color and shading, and make these eyes stand out. but I feel my eyes just sparkle in them all the time.  I always mess around with other brands for bits at a time, but I also always keep coming back to IKON.  The eyes don’t come in mesh, but I don’t really see the difference between IKON and mesh brands.  It has to be the craftsmanship.   You can find an original design out for The Boutique.

I love Glam Affair’s newest Skin Zara.  So, what is so difference between Zara in comparison to previous skins: MAKE-UPS BABY!!!  Glam Affair has offered many, many choices, and these choices are bound to fulfill any SLers preference–from simplistic bare to BAM! glamour palettes. The nose is a tad different on Zara-with a smoother nostril that seems to me to be more rounded, and less pinched than her predecessor Amberly.    The eyebrows are a bit lighter, for blondes, on Zara as well.  Amberly has a more youthful, cute pouty mouth while Zara’s lips feel more adult, sexy, and sleek.  Zara also has a  more rosy blush on the face with variations depending on make-up. In all honesty, side by side, Zara feels like the trendy more sophisticated older sister to Amberly. When looking at the face considering shapes, angles seem to dominate Amberly’s face while smooth circular contours define Zara.  Granted, this overall review is based on my own shape, so you will have to demo and see what you think on your own too!  With every skin Glam Affair puts out, I wonder HOW they can make a skin that I will love even more than the last, but they do it every single time.

As for the rest of the items I wearing, I got them because I thought I looked pretty cute in them.  The weekend is near for me…I can see it on the horizon!


G-Field-Wedge Pumps-Adele-Coral @ FFL
Wasabi Pills-Ivette Hair-Rye
Noodles – Sakura Headband Hematite @ The Boutique
22769-Pleated Black Skirt @ The Boutique
Remarkable Oblivion – Motif Tote – Pink (modified-tinted darker)
Sugarplum– Macaroon blouse
Foppish-Pleated Liner Leather Jacket-Black/with Liner
Glam Affair – Zara – America 04 BL @ Skin Fair
IKON Ardent Eyes – Blossom (S) Skirt @The Boutique




Tons of events have inundated the grid over the past few days, so I wanted to give you a heads up about a few of them.   The 5th annual SL Buddy Walk is a charity event collecting donations for Down Syndrome Awareness.  With all the other events going on, I hope all of you get a chance to stop by and see the fashion and items up for donations, and also have a chance to get social and listen to music.  You can find more about the creators and the music over at their blog.  Pure Poison has a few items  they are giving 100 percent of sales towards this cause. I am wearing the stacked mesh bracelet, combining three unique pieces and also a pair of earrings. So, head on over to check out Pure Poison and a ton of other creators at the SL Buddy Walk.

The Skin Fair is also up and running.   I can tell you I gasped when I put on Zara by Glam Affair.  Your problem will be deciding which make-ups to choose or just to fatpack this greatness.   I really loved all of the original makeup choices, and as always, Glam Affair has put out a stunning skin.

FaMESHed is still up and running, and you need to check out two items I really liked. The glasses by Kauna have an incredible HUD filled with choices to modify.  I liked the fact they are Safety glasses and have protective sides on them–very creative twist. Baiastice also has a stellar dress out.  The neckline really sold this dress for me.  I loved that detail.

I snuck in a ring from L’accessoires because it matched my bracelet and earrings. The ring is also from Pure Poison.  You can find them and a ton of great accessories there.   Ikon’s  has new eyes available at The Boutique.  I will give you a better look in my next post, but they are beautiful, and need to be noted too!

As I said, TONS of events, so enjoy!


::1bp (One Bad Pixel):: Vintage Jacket
>TRUTH< Teddy w/Roots – seasand *New Release
Baiastice_Cutout leather dress-red-size @ FaMESHed
Kauna – Safety Glasses v.1.1 @ FaMESHed
PP (Pure Poison)- Gold – Naira @ L’ Assessories
PP – Love Stacked Bracelets – Nude & Red @ SL Buddy Walk
PP – Rock Earrings- Gold- Red – Left @ SL Buddy Walk
[PM] (Pixel Mode) Audrey Leather : Navy
-Glam Affair – Zara – America 08 BL @ Skin Fair
IKON Ardent Eyes – Blossom @ The Boutique

Location:  Gawk!




Shhhh.  I have something special for you, but you have to agree to only tell a few people.  Deal? It is an LM to an extraordinary event with happiness shining from every corner.  I am not sure I should share it.  Oh, who am I kidding?  You can find all the lovely things in this post at The Boutique.  And, you can share all this happiness with everyone you know!

My outfit, Bianca, is by Rebel Hope, and it’s perfect.  The fit.  The colors.  Love.  And, the jewelry by Cae…to. die. for.   I am not making this awesome up–it is right there.  Izzie’s Fuju skin is absolutely adorable as well.  Last, I really loved this pose set by Picture This.  The parasol and the poses are spot on for this round’s theme of cherry blossom, and I think I want to try to use it for every blogpost I do ever!   Okay, that would be drastic and over the top, but I really had fun doing the blogpost with them. I added Boom’s clutch to the mix in the picture below because well, I wanted to, and it kinda went along with the theme–perfect and adorable.  

Taxi to The Boutique, a new event by The Liaison Collaborative

Boom-Haiku Clutch @ The Boutique
Dura-39-(Hair Accessory only)
Rebel Hope-Bianca-Linen Green @ The Boutique
Cae-Sakura-All Jewelry @ The Boutique
Fri.-Raina-Jaded Blonde
Slink-Mesh Hands
Gos-Grace Sandal-Mirror
Izzies-Fuju Skin-Pale-Cherry Blossoms @ The Boutique
Aphotic Gloom-Aquilius-Callie Green
All poses by Picture This @ The Boutique