Preview The Arcade: Azuchi

MINIMAL – Underground Backgrounds TELEPORT TO UBER Event ends June 23rd
Azuchi Sasha Bodysuit & Boots *RARES for THE ARCADE  Opens June 1st.
GA&TV – Light Pose from “Dark and Light set”
Tableau Vivant-Tempest Hair
Glam Affair Lelutka Applier “Kinga”
Izzie’s Angel Eyes



Variety: Veechi @ Uber

Left to Right

Model 1-
Glam Affair-Klara in Europa  *Teleport to Collabor88
Due- Moon Hair Gacha

Model 2-
Glam Affair-Klara in America *Teleport to Collabor88
Veechi-Monroe Shadow Catwa/Lelutka *Teleport to Uber
Truth Hair-Taja *Released May 20th//Teleport to Truth Hair

Model 3-
Glam Affair-Klara in Jamaica *Teleport to Collabor88
Veechi-Ambrosia *Teleport to Uber
Truth Hair-Lake *Released May 20th//Teleport to Truth Hair

Collabor88 May Ends on June 6th!
Uber June Ends on June 23rd! 

Worn on Lelutka Chloe



assignment in the dawn


CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Maschinenmensch Claws RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (FGC) May 7th-May 20th
CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Maschinenmensch Arms RARE @ FGC
CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Robotrix Boots (Onyx) @ FGC
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Mossu – Seductive.Bottom – Maitreya – RARE @ FGC
Mossu – Seductive.Tail – Black @ FGC
Mossu – Seductive.Top – Maitreya – RARE @ FGC
Mossu – Seductive.Whip – Black @ FGC
Tableau Vivant \\ Seelie and Unseelie hair @ FGC
Glam Affair – Felicity – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Artic @ Collabor88 May 8th-June 6th
GA&TV \\ Seelie&Unseelie body tattoo OMEGA @ FGC
Izzie’s – Tokyo Eyes (Pale) FLF
Veechi – Attraction Shadow @ Rewind OPENS MAY 10th! 

~Isil~ Lunar Station Double Module GROUP GIFT // Flickr //In-World
Anc- Mist Cloud

SL RAW(Not edited)


can you release me?

MOMOCHUU :: Hoshi – Horn – Red [5] @ Secret Hideout
MOMOCHUU :: Hoshi – Pattern Set -Maitreya- Ultra Rare @ Secret Hideout
MOMOCHUU :: Hoshi – Stocking + Geta Red [1]  @ Secret Hideout
Tableau Vivant \\ Teri hair (fitted braid) – Blonds @ Fameshed
Tableau Vivant \\ Teri hair (messy braid base) – Blonds @ Fameshed
Izzie’s – Tokyo Eyes (Pale) FLF  @ mainstore
Glam Affair – Lucille – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Asia @ Uber
Pose: Foxcity Sits @ Secret Hideout
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 

[[RH]] NIHONKAOKU -Japanese Summer House  @ Fameshed
15. [[RH]] Chabudai -Table-
18. [[RH]] Goza -Fuji- (Mat Wistaria)
16. [[RH]] Reicha -White- (Ice green tea)
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Tea Cup
{anc} lantern ” temari : fuji ”
8f8- serene sanctuary – Wall Fan
13. [[RH]] IGUSA ZABUTON -Fuji- (Wistaria)
17. [[RH]] Suika (water melon) touch
10.[[RH]] Party Boat Gacha -Sake Jar display-

small secrets

*What I’m Wearing*
Le Fil Cassé- Kumiko Dress @ Secret Hideout
Wasabi Pills- Chichi Mesh Hair-B @ Secret Hideout
More More- Yuka Skin Catwa Applier RARE2 Gacha @ Secret Hideout
Momochuu-Hoshi-Horn-Pink4 @ Secret Hideout
Breathe-Jasmine Heels-Pink Rose
Song-Mieko Anime Blue Eyes @ Secret Hideout
Foxcity Poses-Doll Vol 1-3 @ Secret Hideout *Bento*
LAGOM – Orchid Dreams [TicTacToe] #09 RARE @ Secret Hideout
LAGOM – Orchid Dreams [Blanket] PG #08 @ Secret Hideout
LAGOM – Orchid Dreams [Chair] PG #01 @ Secret Hideout
+Half-Deer+ Star Creeper Moss
LAGOM – Orchid Dreams [Fort] #03 @ Secret Hideout
Air_Fuji (Wisteria) tree A
*alirium* PuffyGrass [Green]

this flower is claimed

{le fil casse} Adorea Strappy Mess Maitreya *New Release* @ Memento Mori
irrISIStible- Ivy Garland Wraps
*LODE* Head Accessory – Wild Sakura Butterflies [blue]
-nea- Pixie Wings 0.9 Medium
.LeLutka.Head.Chloe 2.7
::Exile:: Breakeven *New Release* @ Mainstore
Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Small Wonder (Bee) Gacha
Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Small Wonder POSE (Wear Flower) Gacha
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

the thirst

.LeLutka.Eyes.Chloe 2.7
.LeLutka.Head.Chloe 2.7
04)*NAMINOKE*Bunny(usagi) whiskers @ Fantasy Faire
Exile Hair:: Not Today
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
MishMish – Milky Pals – Fresh Milk // Animated for Luxe Box
{le fil casse} Everly Headband Strawberry @ Gacha Garden
{le fil casse} Everly Kitty Tail Bodysuit Maitreya Wild RARE @ Gacha Garden
{le fil casse} Everly Lace Collar (Unrigged) Black RARE @ Gacha Garden
{le fil casse} Everly Stockings Maitreya Black RARE @ Gacha Garden
Glam Affair – Emily ( LeLutka Applier )
Pose: Kitty! (BENTO POSE) (on Marketplace)
Lashes: Lelutka Lash Set 02
Knick Knack Lace Curtains (flying & straight versions)
DRD – Boho Princess – Planter
[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party – Candles