At the Garden [event by TLC]


Well, this took forever.  I dedicate this post to any blogger that regular puts together home and garden posts.  I thought dressing myself was hard.  This, well this takes so much time!   Granted, I wanted to go through the process of making a potential real garden that I would actually use, so I started with a bare piece of land and turned it into this.

The main pieces in this post are from Fri. Home, Alouette, Pixel Mode, and Barnesworth Anubis.  I have to say it was a pleasure to work with such wonderful garden pieces! I never ever ever wanna leave my garden spot.   Thank you to The Liaison Collaborative for putting together such a fine event.  I normally steer clear of home and garden stuff, but now I have garden fever forever.

At the Garden Event by TLC:

fri.home – garden clubhouse
fri.home – lantern fence
fri.home – lantern
fri.home – window frame
fri.home – crate seat 1
fri.home – cafe table and chairs
Alouette – Garden Party Set (with place settings)
[PM] Pixel Mode – Newport Set
[ba] garden paver path
[ba] hollyhock
[ba] white garden fence

Garden Essentials:
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 – yellow
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 – mix-(warm colors)
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07 – b
Fanatik Architecture Rocks Assorted
Studio Skye-Enchanted Woods
Studio Skye-Rustic Fence
*aG* NarrowTree Spring Trees
HPMD* Garden Tree05 – white 1A+1B

Garden Accessories 
-tb- Tea Time – Tin with Flowers
-tb- Tea Time – TeaPot
-tb- Tea Time – Tea Cup
-tb- Pastry Mania – Macarons
Tee*fy Beverage Dispenser Lemonade
Schadenfreude Tako Teacup (empty)





the hostess.

The Arcade is here again! I always, always find this event to be full of awesomeness. This time I decided to become the greatest hostess alive (exaggerated for effect).  Get ready for some long credits (and sorry, I was not going to rewrite them, so I just copied and pasted!)

Your taxi to The Arcade.

On Me:
Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.03
::HH:: Hucci Lavan Wedge – Linen Patent @ The Arcade
Paper.Doll: Bow Bandeau: Rosebuds @ The Arcade
>TRUTH< Video Games – LightBlonde @ The Arcade
>TRUTH< Video Games Orchids – Mint
Slink Mesh Hand Casual
[ glow ] studio – Retro double clock necklace @ Dressing Room Fusion
[Cynful] Shruggable – Shrug M @ Dressing Room Fusion
*Glance Skins – Lana – Fair – Blonde Brows
IKON Eternal Eyes – Lagoon
TokiD-Hex @ Dressing Room Fusion

The Arcade Item List:

The Arcade Item List:
+Half-Deer+ The Sugar Battalion (assorted)
Alouette – The Bibliotheque Chair – Burgundy
[HANDverk]Oz Relic.dorothy’s basket.display
PM Pixel Mode – RDJ Love
-tb- Tea Time – Tray of Macarons
-tb- Tea Time – Stacked Cups
-tb- Tea Time – Cupcakes
-tb- Tea Time – TeaPot
-tb- Tea Time – Tin with Flowers
Tee*fy Cotton Candy Set
Tee*fy Outdoor Party Table
Tee*fy Popsicle Maker
Tee*fy Beverage Dispenser Lemonade
Tee*fy Popsicle In Ice Pail
Tee*fy Candy Cake Pops Set
Tee*fy Cake Pops bouquet
Tee*fy Popsicle Maker Tray
Scarlet Creative Holiday Shutter
Schadenfreude Tako Plate-Petits Fours&Orange
Schadenfreude Tako Sugar Bowl
Schadenfreude Tako Teacup (hot chocolate)
Schadenfreude Tako Teacup (empty)
Schadenfreude Tako Teacup (tea)
.: Standby Inc. – Usagi Dango Bento
#13 *katat0nik* (lt green/panda) Bento Lunch Box (mesh)
Sway’s Cookie Bear [Candy] Lavender
floorplan. antique telephone gacha / bubble gum
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Belle the Bear
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Stilts the Giraffe
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Razzle the Pony
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Chuckles the Clown
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Tiny the Elephant
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Arthur the Rat
(Milk Motion) Mini leather suitcase bag – burg/yellow
Trompe Loeil – Paper Lamp Round
Trompe Loeil – Spotlight Lamp
Trompe Loeil – Funky Lamp
{sa} Scarlet Apple My Chevron Scrunchy Rug Pale Grey
{sa} Scarlet Apple My Wood Small Side Table Rich Wood
[LWL] Monarch Butterfly
[LWL] Mr. Ladybug (yellow)
[LWL] Charged-up Butterfly
[LWL] Charged-up Dragonfly
[LWL] Charged-up Wasp RARE
[LWL] Ladybird RARE
LISP – Mesh – Teacup2 Clock
The Loft – Ai Doll = Love
[LeeZu!] Greta Curtains Mesh /rusty folds RARE
[ContraptioN] Music Box: Baroque

Other Items:
*Y’s HOUSE* Iron Side Table 01(WP/wood)
LISP – Dummy Plate
[CT] Cat Slipper
[*Art Dummy!] found.
LISP – Vine “Vite” Bistro Kitchen
-tb- Pastry Mania – Macarons
-tb- Pastry Mania – Chocolate Cake
Schadenfreude vouboo: mewbit
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Paris the Chicken

Poses: Curio Obscura & D.Luxx


The Arcade: Revisiting Childhood

Me, as I unpack my Arcade stuff…I just snapped a quick picture using DOF with my wand and footie pajamas.  Um, if I had all the money in the world, I would still be at The Arcade trying to collect every single wand and jammie out there:

The Arcade

So, as I started to unpack, I realized I had tons of stuff. I just cleaned out my inventory a couple weeks ago, and this gacha thing made a serious mess. But, I had so much fun in the process that I didn’t care.  I don’t think I got one thing that I set out to get, but it didn’t matter, and I ended up loving the items I did get.   In a few months time I won’t remember any of that, but I will remember how The Arcade made me feel like a kid again.


On Me:
Cracked Mirror-Footie Pajamas-Sprinkles @Arcade
Truth-Skai w/Roots-Seaspray
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Assorted-Mesh
Noodles-Purest Snow-Tiara-Silver/Ruby @Arcade
Pididdle-My Special Treasures-Unicorn Tears @Arcade
Curio Obscura-Stellar Fairy Wand @Arcade
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Patina

The Arcade Items:
Sway’s-Spirit Pendumlum Clock
Katat0nik-Green-Art Bunny
ADD-Assorted Snowglobes
The Secret Store-Tiny Satchel-Mint
Curio Obscura-Assorted Wands
Standby Inc-Retro Headphones
Aux-Fly Free-Slate
Pilot-Assorted Christmas Village (or trees because I only got trees. lol)
Noodles- Assorted Tiaras
LaRoo-Shearling Boots-Violet
Monso-My Fancy Flats-Round Cat
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania-Macarons
Miamai-Deer Pink Hat
Schadenfreude-vouboo: mewbit
Olive-I’ll Fix your harddrive Techi Pet Rock
Floorplan-Gumball Machine, Species Silohoutte/Ostrich
Glow-Studio Birdy Glasses-Gold
HANDverk-Dormouse Chair
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Paris the Chicken
Art Dummy!- for winter conversations-chair one-pink

Other Items:
Cheeky Pea: Sweetwater Room
Floorplan-Assorted books
Y’s House-Rug- Linen
North West-Cushy Pouf-Blue (no longer available)
LISP-Cloche Lantern, Hot Chocolate, Window Mirror, Twinkle Hanging Stars, Pansy Puff
Art Dummy!-Once-Bookends, Once-Cabinets with Lanterns
Fatewear-“Friendship Bear”
MMG-mesh: Wall decoration-Picture Frames

Inspire Me:Unforgettable Quotation

“With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.”  Emerson, from “Self-Reliance”

Pose: Marukin-Stillwater

Blinks. Is it really Thursday night? My heavy eyelids push open and close, relentlessly fighting dreams of missed opportunities. I will blog. I will blog.  

This past week the SL Blogging Support put out an Inspire Me Initiative. The initiative is more daily inspiration and ideas for those struggling with photography concepts.    Monday’s prompt was unforgettable quotations.  Sitting in my little space in SL, I thought of  the quotation from Emerson’s essay, “Self-Reliance,” but I had no idea how to convey my mind’s message, so I decide to go shopping for my 52 weeks of color outfit, the color Bittersweet.  Needless to say, those two challenges eventually merged into the picture above.  Hey, I can rock two challenges in one blog-post even if I can’t do it on time.

May we all fight the mundane and step outside of the box every once in a while, so we aren’t so enchanted by our shadows, but instead with a world teeming with possibilities.


Dura-37-Dark Brown
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Spring Night
MG-Eyelashes-Wild Full Thnk
Schadenfreude-Eala Dress-Peach
Kooqla-Hot Reds Lipstick-4


Pose-Everglow-Girl Poses #54-532

I love that hair.  Thank you Truth!  It looks just like that braid Twiggy had!  So, I tried my best to do a look inspired by that photo.  It was all in fun!  The dress by Schadenfreude comes with a hud that allows you to change the top, middle, and bottom colors- Such a great additional feature!  You can find this dress on the Retro Sim at Vintage Fair.


Truth-Froukje w/Roots-Champagne
Mayfly-Liquid Light-Teal Hazel
MG-Eyelashes-Full Thick
Schadenfreude-Rothko Strip Color Field Dress @ Vintage Fair
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey @ Vintage Fair

Saved the Last Cupcake for You

I know. I am helplessly in love with The Festival of Sin and the creations for each category.  This lingerie from Schadenfreude is to die for.  I mean that.  It very well made, cute and sexy all in one.  What more could you ask for?  Oh, maybe a real cupcake.  Well, here is one just for you….

Congrats to me on 100 posts!  I might just steal that cupcake back in celebration. Eat it fast! *grabby hands*


Schadenfreude Blue Cupcake Lingerie
[D O D I E] Cupcake face Strawberry!
the body co. Orchid (03 Light) – blonde hair