Pose-D.Luxx-The Vintage-Tootsie Roll-9

I have been eyeing this Truth Hair for a while, but didn’t quite know what outfit I wanted to use with it until I found this dress by Has Been Vintage, so while I may not have tons of new, new items here, I do have a beautiful outfit to add to my collection.  I love vintage stuff!   The dress comes in a variety of colors (from pastels to darker options), and it is a great option for your New Year’s celebrations because of the full skirt, and mesh under garments.  I tested a few dance moves and all my bits stayed hidden, although you might just flash those under garments in extreme movements.

And since I was at Has Been Vintage already, I splurged and got this tango dress because you never know when someone might ask you out to dance!  Currently, you can find a Holiday Sale (extended until Dec 31st) at Has Been (25%-50% off mesh items & 50-75% off non-mesh).   Quite honestly, I am really surprised this store hasn’t been featured all that often.  I loved what they had, and I wish I had stumbled across them earlier.

Pose-Focus Poses-Model 60-3

-Look 1-
Pekka-Eyeliner w/ Red Eyeshadow
Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner no.02
Maxi Gossamer-Groomed/Swallow-Eyelashes
Je Suis-Chouette Earrings-Red
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
Adam N Eve Skins-Disa T2 Nude
Has Been-Nona Dress-Red
Truth-Sassy 2 w/Roots-Seasand*NEW(er)
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon

-Look 2-
Jim-Europe Stockings-France*NEW
Para Designs-Butterfly Medley Tattoo
Exile-Waiting for Tonight-Bleach w/ Tiara Pin*NEW @ My Attic until Dec 31st
Has Been-Tango Dress 2
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
Adam N Eve Skins-Disa T2 Red
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon

P.S. Sorry for all the sparkles.  I just wanted to be sparkly.



Poses-Everglow 607 & 616

I wasn’t really expecting anyone to leave me comments when I wrote my last blog, but in hindsight I guess that makes sense!  Thank you to all who have left me comments! I appreciate every single one of them, and I am well on my own way to making sure I leave my own comments.

Whenever I don’t know what to do or where to go, I find myself at Sn@tch.  I understand why I do this because she always has new releases regularly, so regularly I can barely keep up, so every once in awhile I just go through and demo everything that seems like me.  I found this top and skirt from Sn@tch on this particular shopping run.  As soon as I demoed the top, I knew it had to be mine.  I loved the shape and detail of all of it.  I paired it with one of Sn@tch’s new releases, a mini-skirt.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate!

D.Select-Nylon Tights-Grey
Pekka-Eyeliner w/ Blue Eyeshadow
Sn@tch-Liza Peplum Top-Blue
Sn@tch-Silk Brocade mesh Mini-Black
Lassitude & Ennui-Wanderlust-Black
Maxi Gossamer-Necklace-Dog Tages-Peaceful Love-Long
Maxi Gossamer-Ring-LoveHeart-Small
Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elegant
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare//Blonde Eyebrows


Inspirations: Comment on Other Blogs

I really wasn’t planning on writing another blogpost today, and by now, some of you would like me to go back to work. I have blogged a bit more than I have in the past because I have the week off. But, Sasy Scarborough has proposed a challenge to anyone who blogs or reads a blog.  It is simple: Leave a comment.  Read more about it here.

I know.  It may seem silly and way too simple, but I have no idea where I would be right now if it wasn’t for some sort of feedback on my blog.  I don’t get many comments, so when I do, they make me so happy–like I can’t stop smiling happy.  Someone took the time out of their busy day to say “this is great”.    I did comment more when I first started blogging, but have slacked recently.  I got so caught up in managing my own blog that I forgot to stop and verbally acknowledge what other people are doing.  I visit many blogs over the course of the week.  Many of them deserve a comment, but I don’t leave one.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have the support of the 52 weeks of color group or any fellow SLer who found their way to my blog and left a comment.  I can’t even tell you how happy I was when the owners of Sn@tch or Flowey or Dark Mouse left a comment on my blog.   And most recently, I was stunned to find a comment by Sasy herself yesterday.

All of these keep me going, learning, and growing as a blogger.   I will link to my first blog post ever, Feb. 2011-a ripe three months after logging into SL for the first time ever.  I may not be the best picture taker or blogger, but I have improved so much through feedback and comments.

Leave a comment for someone else.  You can think of it as giving a big old bear hug to someone else for a job well done.  Okay, off I go a commenting….

Atomic-Sheer Comfort Worn-Fushia (no longer available?)
Zenith-Hoodie Sweater Coat-Choco @ Fair
Pekka-Eyeliner #1
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare-/Lipstick-Hot Pink/Blonde Eyebrows/Freckles
Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
Fatewear-Friendship Bear *Free

Fancy Face.

This past week I was fooling around, avoiding doing anything that needed to be done, when I saw a flickr picture come up talking about L’accessoires.  I had seen the event a few times, but honestly, I am not an accessories type of gal.  I try my best to mix and match stuff, but I am horrible at it!  I managed to find inner strength and I tp’d over to see what they had to offer this round.  Most of the items are fancy fancy.  I tiptoed around to each vendor and saw unique and creative items.  My mind–not creative.  LOL.  Trying to figure out what to do with such extraordinary pieces left my mind webbed with doubt.  I was determined though-I would do something different than my normal “everyday” look, and I could be fancy too.  So, this is what I came up with.  Um, I never managed to get past this photo.  I just wanted it to work.   So, the other millions of shots are going to be deleted.  I might mourn them a bit, but I think I accomplished what I set out to do.

Am I a fancy girl?  Nope.  Not at all.  But I play one on my blog sometimes.  You can play fancy too.

L’accessoires Purchases:

La Penderie de Nicole-My Feathered Waspie-Gorgeous piece. Difficult to fit, but I can be pretty inept at fitting things. The alpha layer kept showing in spots and I tried my best to move it around, but as you can see (only the feathers at the top showing), I gave up.  More time limitations than anything else.  It fits like an accessory (rigged), but it doesn’t allow you to modify the shape, so sometimes I wanted to make it wider or longer, but couldn’t.  It really is a beautiful piece.  I would buy it again and again because it is so cool.  I just wish I had more time to make it work–like finding a bottom and a pose that showcased it well. Ohhh, I also had to drag the folder to the ground to get the contents to open up, otherwise I wouldn’t get the actual item.

Purple Moon-Swan Jeweled Eyebrows in Moonlight-I love the little dangling part that goes into the corner of the eye.  That sold me. I remember when these type of accessories came about, and I missed the train the first time, so I figured I would try them this time around.

FuLo- “Pagoda” earrings – Black Opal-I needed some fancy earrings for my idea, so I decided on this pair from FuLo.  It was also a chance to try something different since I never have purchased anything from Fulo.  I liked the earrings.  I was attracted to the shape and design.  Depending on lighting, they changed colors drastically.  I figured I could work with it, but it was an unattended adversary.

On a side note, I heavily edited this pic.    I was trying out some new stuff and this pic ended up being my guinea pig.  It turned out okay, but something is quite off.  I probably should of stopped doing stuff to this poor picture way before this point, but oh well…I still am fancy.

Other Credits:

Truth Hair-Tammy-Seaspray

the Skinnery-Sophia-Flapper

a bazillion eyelashes and liner layers (MG, Pekka, Glow)

Ikon-Kaleido Eye-Sky

Miss Understood.

Miss Understood loved flowers.  In fact, on any given day you could find her in the garden, tending to her purple roses.   Most of the neighborhood ridiculed and hated Miss Understood, throwing garbage in her yard and bottles through her window. Nevertheless, she would clean up everyday paying no mind to those that didn’t seem to see the world through her purple glasses.  

She never ventured out past her gates.  She never sought friendship beside her roses. She never bothered a soul, but the sheer fact that she was content with being herself, away from the light and dabbling in the dark, brought ridicule to her door.  Could it be it was her favorite color purple that scared those dwellers? All her flowers were purple. She only wore purple dresses. How odd?  

On a somber day, dwellers noticed but did not whisper, nobody had tended to her purple roses, which now withered in such sorrowful sadness that the skies darkened and rained for days, crying tears of solemn despair for the loss of their Miss Understood, who only wanted to bring some joy to the world in the form of her purple madness.  Some say they still see her, standing at her door, welcoming those that dare to enter her withered purple palace.  

I have no comment about this story.  But. I hear it is true.

Truth-Guiliana w/Roots-Elvira  *NEW
Pekka-Kathya V2 Eyes-Purple
MG-Eyelashes-Assorted Mesh
MG- Kizzy Gypsy Hoops-Silver
MG-Giselle Opal-Medium-Black
The Secret Store and Nyu – Fall Babydoll Dress – Iris  *NEW
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elagant
Izzes-Tights-Floral Lace
Gos-Equestrian Boot-Black
Lara Hurley-Snow White-Smokey Eyes
IKON- Kaleido Eyes – Night

Poses: Focus Poses & Everglow

after the rain.

Pose-Label Motion– Luxuria Poses-1

Collabor88 strikes again!  Yeah, I know a bit behind, but it is nearly impossible for me to do my day job and keep up with my little space over here, so yeah, I’m trying.   I have been wearing this outfit nearly all week, trying to find things that worked together.  The center piece for this outfit was The Sea Hole’s wonderful blouse at Collabor88. It took some time to think of an outfit for it.

I finally found a skirt that matched the color scheme at Blueberry by chance while I was shopping.   Conveniently, I found some jewelry in the same colors by Maxi Gossamer already in my inventory.  Thank you!  While I out shopping for some jewelry (which was in my inventory the whole time) I found a scarf at Tokidoki that matched my look.  I have no clue what I would do without that store.  It is always at the top of my list when I am in a outfit crisis!  I like the store because of their vast arena of items that can be layered and combined separately to make a look.

If you know my style, I find it nearly impossible to layer and match, and it takes me forever to figure out how to put stuff together, but I kinda liked this look.    It is girly and feminine- Like moi!

Lastly, I have to give a HUGE high five to Label Motion poses. I was struggling to find a pose that highlighted my outfit.   I stopped by Label Motion and was able to find a pose in a few minutes that was perfect!

TokiD-Ruf Ribbon-Purple
Burley-Stasia-Light Blonde-05
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
H+L-Glitter Shades-Smoked Mirror
Jamman-Ultimate Fingernails
Maxi Gossamer-Valencia-Necklace and Bracelet
Maxi Gossamer-Mesh Eyelashes-Assorted
The Sea Hole-Davenport Blouse-Die Job
Blueberry-Jenna Skirt-Vintage-Pink
the Skinnery-Sophia-Flapper-Honey
Location: HPMD



a girl goes shopping and….

Pose-Focus Poses-Model 76-3

I pronounce thee day “Do Nothing Day.”  I mean that is what I basically did all today, which I will sorely hate myself for doing tomorrow, but today, today I am completely in heaven doing nothing.  I shopped in SL today.  I took note of some releases, past and present, and I decided to just meander.  On my journey I found four new items to show you.

A while back The Secret Store released these over-sized comfy sweaters.  Anything that looks remotely comfortable and stylish will win me over.  The sweater is a classic.  It fits superbly and makes me feel like a J-Crew model.  Win. Win.

I stopped at The Dressing Room to pick up the always fabulous jewelry of LaGyo.  Her stuff just makes me smile.  It will make you smile too.  Those earrings are awesomness and at a discount.  What is there not to like? They are the perfecct height and width, so that they don’t dig into your clothes.

Burley also had a new release. I decided to showcase the shorter hairdo of three. I needed something to show of those beautiful earrings.  I loved the hairstyle.  I had some fuss over fitting it to my head, but that is more of a me issue.  I guess.  I think I have an odd shaped head.   I have really, really been liking on Burley Hair recently.  I just can’t seem to get enough.

Finally, I saved my big purchase last.  I got the new Gos boots.  I am featuring the ankle boot.  For the past few weeks I have been fussing with ankle jeans and shoes.  Gos has solved your problems.  He has made a shoe that you can fit to your outfit.  I mean it was pretty simple. Wear and click.  I was able to fit these boots to my mesh jeans in seconds.  AND. AND.  They are  by Gos, so they are perfectly made.  I love him. Well, love is strong, but he has seriously made my life so much easier, and I love people who simplify my life.

So, there you have it folks.  I purchased many, many other items on my trip out today, but this was the outfit that felt like ME today.


Candy Nail-PO55-French Pink
The Secret Store-Oversized Sweater-French Roast
Foppish-Ankle Crop Skinny-Dark Blue
Gos-Hunter Ankle Boot-Hazel
the Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise eyes-Pale Arabian Blue



Pose-Focus Poses-101

While I may or may not have been MIA these past few weeks, tons of new items may or may not have been released.  These said items may or may not be found in stores and events around Second Life.   Okay, well that was the worst blog start ever.

I have been avoided blogging.  I am swamped, knee deep in real life and trying to dig myself out of my own mess.   I was sick a few weeks ago, and wow, how that just sucked the energy to do anything out of me (I still feel congested weeks later).  For weeks now, I have avoided everything and anything, including Second Life.   Don’t get me wrong.  I am a girl who knows how to spend some Linden, but my mind just wasn’t there.  I fiddled with a few pictures I uploaded to flickr, and everything I looked at I just hated–not the clothes mind you–they were great! I don’t mind doing credits for something that I really like…but credits for a photo I do think quite cuts it…blah, a nightmare.  It is like I am sending out some giant negative vibe to the world, and they will all know it and frown just because of me.

Vive Nine did surprise me with a new skin.  I managed to put my work aside for a couple hours and invest some time in creating a picture for this beautiful skin.  Normally, I am not really a Vive Nine skin girl.  They have mature features, and my shape normally doesn’t do their skin line any favors.  But, I happened to love their newest release Maliah.  It is different than what I normally wear.  The lips have more of a caked look, not the juicy, shiny lips that you can see on so many other skins.  I also loved the many, many make-up add-ons to change your look.

In the first time, in a long time (it seems), I actually managed to make it over to this blog and post  a picture with credits. I guess I can thank Vive Nine for that!

I added the new Truth hair, Demi,  because Truth hair makes everyone happy.  🙂

Pekka- Eyeliner #6
FANATIK-Classic Pumps Nude
TRUTH-Demi w/Roots – platinum *New
MG – Earrings – Tea + Cupcakes – GOLD
Synthetique Ultimate French Series
Glow studio – Cross and pearls
Glow studio – Key to my Heart necklace
So Many Styles- Pencil Jeans Skirt Dark Blue
So Many Styles- Puffy Top Lace Grey
Vive Nine- Maliah in SPF107 Base – BlondeBrow *New
Vive Nine- Maliah Mineral Eyeshadow – Lucky
Vive Nine- Maliah Lipstick- Chili
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Location: Waterstill, Ode







Vive9 @ Vintage Fair.

Vive9 created an awesome dress available at Vintage Fair.  You need this dress. The dress has realistic texturing and uses standard sizing.  I tried my best to over accessorize to give me more of an 80s vibe.  Mons has some great accessories that can spice up your outfits.

Classic Sim


Retro Sim

Vintage Fair 2012 website


Izzie’s-Metallic Leggings-Silver @VF Retro
Pekka Candy Eyeshadlow and Flavour Lipstick
LOW-Lace Gloves-White
.+*AA*+. flashy earring and necklace
Vive Nine-Vila Leather Contrast Dress-Blue @VF Retro
Tea Time-Music Bag-Gray
Leverocci-Ava OTK Boots-Python Nero
Mons-Elegance Ring-Mush
Mons-Dore Ride Earring
Mons-Sweet Dreams-Blonde
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstuck-Honey @VF Classic
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Poses: Adorkable Confident Leo and
Everglow-Girl Poses-#61