Fantastic Voyage

Joining the Baiastice Bikini Club!  Also, Sari Sari has some awesome summer relaxed poses available at Kustom 9 soon (one of many awesome poses above). Keep an eye out for them!


Baiastice-Luli Bikini-Nautical @ Collabor88 *NEW
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
Slink-Hands (Casual) and Feet (Flat)
Action-Nail Appliers
Truth Hair-Jolene-Light Blondes 01
Glam Affair-Summer Skin-Asia 03 @ Collabor 88 *NEW
Pose-Sari Sari- Relaxed Sits at Kustom 9 *NEW * June 15
Boat-Prop from Focus Poses
Flip flops from VCO (rare gacha last year)


Loud Mouth

Loud Mouth has released the newest mesh attachment, mesh lips.  We now have a long list of mesh attachments to cover up every single part of our avatar.  We have hands, feet, ears, eyes, boobs, and the list seems to be growing.  Just when I think we have covered everything, another attachment pops up.  Recently, the mesh butt surprised me.  I don’t know why because at this point nothing should, but it did.

Loud mouth’s lips do improve the overall profile of the existing avatar’s face.  They add a bit more realism and get rid of the flat feature from the side of lips that exists when you only use a normal skin.


I had to play with my shadows to get it to look okay, but there are still noticeable lines surrounding the attachment.  That, unfortunately, seems impossible to avoid.


I tried and tried to match my skin color without an applier, and while I got close, it never did look great to me.  The appliers are a must in my book.   As of right now, only a few places offer the appliers, tSg [The Sugar Garden] being one of them.  She is the queen of appliers.  Part of me feels horrible that the skin makers have to go through all his or her products to make these appliers, and part of me is selfish and impatient…I want…I want.  That being said, the mesh lips seem to be more of a photography prop similar to the eyelids from Slink.  I don’t know if they will be something I wear as religiously as my hands or feet right now or if they will end up collecting dust like my mesh boobs.  I haven’t really kept up with who else has appliers, but in Loud Mouth they have links to stores who have them or have them in the works.  I only knew TSG had some from my plurk timeline…(coughs, great place to advertise your products or keep in the know).

As the mesh mouth grows in popularity, I can see other shapes and styles coming out.  I believe one is currently in the works–much bigger and puffy.  Some have criticized the shape of the current releases, saying the frown is too pronounced.  So, I do hope all these requests are being heard.  As far as the hud is concerned, I found it way too big and bulky visually.   That being said, I found it simple to use.  It will get the job done, but as I said before, the appliers just work better and the lips seem to be made more with that in mind.  I did like that I could tint the lips of an existing applier though.  Final note, when I tried the demo, no teeth were included, which really made me pause. I hope that has been fixed.  I think seeing the lips with teeth is essential. For a more comprehensive tutorial on how to modify the appearance visit here.  This was really informational to me!

Loud mouth hud

Have a great Sunday!

Sophee Mojo


Mesh Lips-Loud Mouth-Alli-Parted & Closed
Hair-Truth-Storm-Light Blondes 01
Jacket-Erratic-Laney-Tweed Jacket
Eyes-Mayfly-Dusky Hazel Shadow

Foppish Free Group Gift

Pose-Izzie’s-Snowball Fight

Well now, isn’t that the most adorable coat you have ever seen?  So, after I stuffed myself, I came home and decided to do some feed shopping.  Yes, I read them. Don’t you?

I noticed that Foppish had a new group gift out.  Honestly, I bought a different version but decided to show you the group gift because it is so cute, and FREE. All you have to do is join the Foppish group and voila-this adorable jacket (and a cami) can be yours. I had a bit of a problem actually fitting the two items together, but I really can’t argue with them because it is a gift and both items are quite adorable.

If you don’t have these links to keep up with releases for Foppish you should:

Foppish Flickr

Foppish Webpage

Foppish In-world

I have been  impressed with the items I have bought from Foppish and I can’t wait for more items!

Izzie’s – Baby it’s Cold Outside-Redness Tattoo & Frosty Eyelashes
Chemistry Hair – Lyric – Blond – Platinum w/ Brown Beanie
TokiD-Mari top-Cream
FATEwear– Scarf – Harry – Quagmire
Fri. – Revenge.Pants
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
Uma-Mesh Mittens Gloves Rigged from Iren Winter Set
Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Foppish-Bicolor Coat-Penguin
Adam N Eve – Disa T2 Bare//Blonde Brows//Coral Lipstick





Poses-Everglow 607 & 616

I wasn’t really expecting anyone to leave me comments when I wrote my last blog, but in hindsight I guess that makes sense!  Thank you to all who have left me comments! I appreciate every single one of them, and I am well on my own way to making sure I leave my own comments.

Whenever I don’t know what to do or where to go, I find myself at Sn@tch.  I understand why I do this because she always has new releases regularly, so regularly I can barely keep up, so every once in awhile I just go through and demo everything that seems like me.  I found this top and skirt from Sn@tch on this particular shopping run.  As soon as I demoed the top, I knew it had to be mine.  I loved the shape and detail of all of it.  I paired it with one of Sn@tch’s new releases, a mini-skirt.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate!

D.Select-Nylon Tights-Grey
Pekka-Eyeliner w/ Blue Eyeshadow
Sn@tch-Liza Peplum Top-Blue
Sn@tch-Silk Brocade mesh Mini-Black
Lassitude & Ennui-Wanderlust-Black
Maxi Gossamer-Necklace-Dog Tages-Peaceful Love-Long
Maxi Gossamer-Ring-LoveHeart-Small
Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elegant
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare//Blonde Eyebrows


Inspirations: Comment on Other Blogs

I really wasn’t planning on writing another blogpost today, and by now, some of you would like me to go back to work. I have blogged a bit more than I have in the past because I have the week off. But, Sasy Scarborough has proposed a challenge to anyone who blogs or reads a blog.  It is simple: Leave a comment.  Read more about it here.

I know.  It may seem silly and way too simple, but I have no idea where I would be right now if it wasn’t for some sort of feedback on my blog.  I don’t get many comments, so when I do, they make me so happy–like I can’t stop smiling happy.  Someone took the time out of their busy day to say “this is great”.    I did comment more when I first started blogging, but have slacked recently.  I got so caught up in managing my own blog that I forgot to stop and verbally acknowledge what other people are doing.  I visit many blogs over the course of the week.  Many of them deserve a comment, but I don’t leave one.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have the support of the 52 weeks of color group or any fellow SLer who found their way to my blog and left a comment.  I can’t even tell you how happy I was when the owners of Sn@tch or Flowey or Dark Mouse left a comment on my blog.   And most recently, I was stunned to find a comment by Sasy herself yesterday.

All of these keep me going, learning, and growing as a blogger.   I will link to my first blog post ever, Feb. 2011-a ripe three months after logging into SL for the first time ever.  I may not be the best picture taker or blogger, but I have improved so much through feedback and comments.

Leave a comment for someone else.  You can think of it as giving a big old bear hug to someone else for a job well done.  Okay, off I go a commenting….

Atomic-Sheer Comfort Worn-Fushia (no longer available?)
Zenith-Hoodie Sweater Coat-Choco @ Fair
Pekka-Eyeliner #1
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare-/Lipstick-Hot Pink/Blonde Eyebrows/Freckles
Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
Fatewear-Friendship Bear *Free

the woman was a dream I had.

Pose-Adorkable-Lean 3

So many, many ideas for a photo swarmed around in my head when I started out with this dress, Bowie, from Katat0nik.  And I took many, many different photos-in different places, with different hair, with more accessories, then less accessories, but this one seemed to be the picture I came back to, so this is the one you get.

I love Katat0nik’s clothing. It is so interesting and original and fun. It is perfectly crafted. It has great detail.  Just look at the ruffles and the texture. The price is more than I am used to spending, but it should be. The pieces are extraordinary, and I feel very much worth every penny. I often look at them as a bit of a splurge for myself. A luxury I get to enjoy every so often.

Pose-Adorkable-Lean 4

Katat0nik-Bowie Dress-Black
Katat0nik-Bowie Deep Toe Heel-Dark Gray
Adam N Eve-Disa T2-Bare/Freckles/Cleavage Enhancer/Wine Lipstick/Blonde Brows
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow

Location-World’s End Garden *Location found using SL Blogger Support’s wonderful resource

Zenith and G-Field for Fair

Pose-Everglow-616-modified (I just moved the arm out a bit more to fit the purse)

I finally made it to Fair, an event brought to us by Chic Management.  I picked up adorable boots by G-Field.  Seriously, the bow on the back it cute (see picture below). I love how my mesh jeans from The Secret Store actually fit snugly inside the cuff.    I decided to focus on accessories this round so I added Zenith’s purse for Fair to my outfit.

I missed this coat when it was first released from Valentina E., but I thought it went perfectly with my G-Fields boots.  Now, I have the perfect holiday outfit to go Christmas shopping.

D!va Hair-Manon-Type A-Rhodolite
G-Field-Mesh-Fur Cuff Boots-Sasha-Brown @ Fair
V.e.-Belted Blanket Coat-Reds
Zenith-Macie Mini Leather Shoulder Bag @ Fair
Kyoot-Simple Cozy Sweater-Coco
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
MG-Mesh Eyelashes
The Secret Store- Rise Skinny Jeans-Blue Denim
Glow Studio-Cross and Pearls
Adam n Eve-Disa-T2-Bare with Blonde Brows and Freckles

Location: Cafe Green Gables

League and Unhinged

When I think of a trench coat I always think of dark alleys and something about to go horribly wrong. You don’t know where. You don’t know when, but it will happen.

There have been tons of trench coats released in the last couple of months, so many, in fact,  I just stopped even looking at them.  I mean, I find it hard to make them me. Put on trench coat. Done. Of course, my whole rationale is completely derailed when I view the feeds and flickr. The problem with them is me, not the coat. You all have done some really fabulous posts making your photographs original!

Well, League finally was the designer who made me purchase a trench coat.  Customizable sleeves, collar, and belt made this the best go to trench coat for me–I can be both preppy and mysterious all in one.  I can wear it in a different post and it look like a different coat. Perfection.

I also decided to play some gacha at Unhinged, a fundraiser for  Eku Zhong.  Above, you will see me sporting some hair from Alice Project.  I am loving the streaks of highlights throughout.  I wish I could of gotten a shade more me, but I never do, so I stopped playing.   Hey, the dark color added to the mysteriousness of my photo.

For more about Unhinged, you can read here.

Cynful-Vale’s Turtleneck Dress-Black @ TDR
Alice Project- Steph II- Black/Natural Red @Unhinged
League- TrenchCoat Tan *NEW
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
MG – Eyelashes -Wild Full Thick
Adam N Eve- Skins – Disa- T2- Bare
Poses by Marukin

Location: Virtual Decay Mainstore


Skin Love for Adam n Eve.

I don’t normally do separate posts for skins, but I love this face from Adam n Eve. I am adorable. I have dipples. I have freckles. I am just in awe of myself.  Mind you, those are separate add-ons, so if you are not into cute (and want more grown up), than you can modify this beautiful skin to your heart’s content.  I just had to show it to you as a blonde because most photographs I have seen have been brunette!

You can try out Disa by Adam N Eve HERE.  I hope you it suits you like it did me!

Other Credits:  DeLa Hair-Hanna: Blonde, almost always, Maxi Gossamer eyelashes, Mayfly Eyes-Rainshower Shadow.

*Raw image from SL