Can I be a GOS girl?

Pose- Curio Obscura -Pin Up

When GOS releases a shoe, I have dreams of being this like awesome blogger that everyone knows, and like they shower me with gifts. And the gifts. They are all Gospel Voom‘s shoes.  I know a bit detailed, and maybe a bit stalker crazy, but it is just a dream, so no need to worry (evil grin).

Gospel Voom happens to be on my plurk timeline.  And. To me. He is perfect.  He exercises   He wields his creative juices. He is sensitive yet strong. AND. He is funny.  I mean I keep looking for this out–A way out of buying his shoes, but really knowing him- (via plurk) -actually makes me WANT to write him a check each month.  I really just want him to have my money, so when he releases it is kinda mechanic. MUST GO BUY GOS. MUST DO SO NOW.  So here is my buying guide if you can’t afford to fatpack OR you are not a GOS girl (kinda like a Bond girl, but not):

*Go for staple colors. I navigate to colors I wear often: black, silver, brown, and a fun color. You may have a knee jerk reaction to do something FUN around something so perfect, but if you can only afford one shoe, be real. What will I get the most use out of?

*Think about style    I decided on getting this style in red because it showed the detail of the shoe, but it also matched some things I already had. I blog. Do you tango dance 24 hours everyday? That will influence your purchase.  Do not fall for advertisements.  Get what speaks to you.  Be honest with yourself.

*Do one fun color.  Oh come on.   We all know you will get the most use out of that black shoe, but where is the fun in just BLACK?  Allow yourself to purchase one fun color in one shoe.  It is a must.  It will make you feel better too.

Well, I am sure I didn’t help you while you stare at Gospel Voom’s awesomesauce creations, but at least I walked you through my own personal buying guide. If you are like me, you can’t afford the fatpack, so I hope I have some strategies to help!

Bottomeline: These shoes are worth every penny.  Put them in your budget. Think about what you have.  Look at new releases from other places. If I had to choose a shoe from all the shoes I had, it would be from this line of shoes. Catch 22: When I added four colors to my slots, I had no idea which color was which.  And some skins are really close in color, so I wanted to know which applier I was actually adding. I didn’t see this, but it could have been there.  That most probably is a me issue.

..and look at those Lola Tangos.  I might have crossed over…MAYBE.


DeeTaleZ-Negligee White, and Super Sexy Lingerie (bottoms only)
Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner-4
Slink-Mesh hands
Glam Affair-Amberly-America-11 BL
Lolas-Tango-Mesh Breasts
Maxi Gommamer-Eyelashes-Thick