Winter Essentials

Izzie’s has showered us with some winter essentials.   Previously, the store released a pose set called Snowball Fight, and I’m highlighting it again because it is a great set to use for winter, especially if you have some friends to group up with too.  Izzie’s also released a Snowball Hit series at The Dressing Room Fusion for cheap. It includes snowball hits to the face and body; some of which have animated expressions of worry or crying.   This series in conjunction with the aforementioned pose series ends up creating a series of hysterical pose sequences.  Also, if you are out playing in the snow, don’t forget your earmuffs.  Izzie’s has released a brand new set of fuzzy earmuffs to keep the frostbite away.  

I finally got around to Geeks’n’Nerds and found a few things to stuff in my inventory.  I personally loved Ison’s sweater and shirt combination.  It can be worn as a dress or over some pants.  The dress comes with a hud to change the color of the shirt underneath the sweater too. I also picked up the glasses available because they were cute and nerdier than any other glasses I own already.

Villena has put out  plethora of new items recently, but I just needed some pants, and their newest pair sports a high waist, skinny leg, and an optional plus size butt version.  You can’t see my butt here because this version wasn’t functional with my long top, but you really do need to go demo them to see the booty.

Finally, I finished off my outfit with a pair of shoes that is completely inappropriate for a snowfight by LaRoo.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with their shoes recently.  I love how super high they are, and this pair, although not that great in a snow fight, works well for the winter months because of the closed toe and overall design.

Belleza-Leila-Medium-Blonde Mainstore
Birdy-Liner 5 Mainstore
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Azure Mainstore
Izzie’s-Mesh Earmuffs-Black *NEW* Mainstore//MP
Izzie’s-Snowball Hit *NEW* TDRF
Villena-H/W Leggings-Spliced Black V2 *NEW* Mainstore
LaRoo-Kim Pumps-Black *NEW* Direct Link @ Shoetopia 2
ISON-Pegley Glasses-Black *NEW* Nerds’n’Geeks
ISON-Solid Sweatshirt-Black *NEW* Nerds’n’Geeks
Truth-Winter w/Roots-Seasand  Mainstore
Poses by Izzie’s-Snow Fight Mainstore//MP
Coco-Leather Gloves-Black Mainstore


Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Poses by Sari Sari-I ❤ books [#5-6 shown] *NEW @ Geeks’n’ Nerds//Available Nov 24th

Two new items that hit close to my heart were released in the last few days:  A belted pencil dress with tie (also without tie option) and high slit on the side, as well as,  a set of poses called I ❤ books.  Two items couldn’t be more appropriate to blog together.  Ugh. I love when the universe collides and offers small gifts.  A library picture was in my future and because of the dork I am, I got excited.  I did attempt to find an on-location spot, but I ended up resorting to my trusty G.O.D. Library.  I may or may not rez this and just sit and look at it.  Judge away.

Girl Thursday is a new brand, mainstore at The Deck.  However, my dress is their only current release available at The Attic, so make sure to stop by here to check this dress out.  Girl Thursday should be releasing more items throughout this month, and I hope continuing because I want more.  You can read about them at their website. Bravo to a great first release!

My poses are a new release from Sari Sari.  The store carries a myriad of couple poses, decor, and cute single poses like the one I using today called I ❤ books.  I really did enjoy coming up with a scene using these poses, and as soon as I did I was reminded of a series called The Cemetery of Forgotten Books by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, hence the title of my post. You can find this new pose release at Geeks’n’Nerds event! More info here!

I also chuckled when I decided on using Party Girl by Exile just because I found it pretty hilarious to use hair named this and a post about books and a library.  I know pretty silly, but it still entertained me.

“Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.”  –Shadow of the Wind by Zafón

Pink Fuel-Harley Lipstick-Beestung
Pink Fuel-Shimmer Eyeshadow-Steel Blue + Wing
Pink Fuel-Harley <Peach> – Lid 01 – (bwnbrow – B)
Mon Cheri-“Falsies” Eyelash – Upper
Ikon-Vanity Eyes-Azure
Exile-Party Girl-Natural Fusion 2 *NEW
Yummy-Boho Ring-Maroon
Kosh-Noda Ring
The Secret Store-Structured Blazer-Crow
Girl Thursday-Belted Pencil Dress-Red @ My Attic at the Deck *NEW
LaRoo-Khloe Pumps-Red- @ Shoetopia *NEW
Scene-Library from G.O.D.

Who’s to say where the wind will take you

So, I got a couple new items yesterday as I was wondering around shopping.  I picked up this coat from F.owl.  I was intrigued by the print.  That being said, the fit was just alright.  Once I had it on and moved around in it, it felt a bit boxy, but I still like it.  I am really digging my shoes from LaRoo.  I decided to spurge on the Hanna Pumps.  It really does have a terrific easy match system, so no worries on that front.  I will be going back for more I’m sure of it in the near future.   

As many sims are moving into winter (already…sad face), I’m holding on to the beautiful colors of fall.  I decided to make use of some a pose prop that was gathering dust in my inventory.  I think the kite and poses from Lisp are just adorable.  Seriously, everytime I do a picture with a kite I find myself singing, “Let’s go fly a kite….” Ugh.  I guess I need to YouTube some music to get that song out of my head now.


Color.Me.H.O.F- Anja Basic Bodysuit-Beige
Kunglers-Beaded Necklace
LaRoo-Hanna Pump-Tan
MC (Mon Cheri)-Falsies Eyelashes
F.owl-Leather Jacket-Brown
Glam Affair-Elvi-Europa-05A
IKON-Vanity Eyes-Azure
Location: Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest
Poses: Marukin-Frais-Suave & Lisp-Shindig Kite Pose Set

Hope all is well,





What do you mean it doesn’t really fly?

I stepped into the cockpit, turned the key, and let the engine roar.  This plane was powerful.  I had always wanted to fly.   This was my chance.   Behind me a little kid yelled, “Get on with it grandma-there is a line back here.”  I turned my head, scowled, and told him I was not moving until it would fly.  The crowd around me erupted in snickers and howls.  One particular guy stopped convulsing long enough to tell me that it was just a ride.  It would not fly.

“What do you mean it doesn’t fly?  I put a quarter in this plane. I paid to fly!”  I screamed and then clenched the stirring wheel in disbelief.  My dream.  My dream dissolved into the last remaining chuckles of the people around me.

 I moved to get up, but the plane started moving forward.  Wtf.  Before I could react, I stumbled back down into the seat and my legs flailed into the air.  I was going up.  I was in the sky.  I was flying.

You can find Culprit’s Pilot Trainer Ride at TLC’s The Garden.  Culprit has three different items out,  and all of them have hilarious animations and facial expressions.  You have to go try them out!

The Garden [theme: Area 51] allows you to be a kid again, so don’t miss it!  Just watch out, a few poor souls were abducted by aliens while shopping.

Now, I need to figure out how to land this thing.

Birdy-Delilah Skin-Pure-Blonde
Ikon-Vanity eyes-Dew
Aux-Studded cocktail-Sky @Collabor88
LaRoo-Alice Knee High Pumps-Black
Epoque Hair-Tied Up-Grain
Slink-Avatar Enhancement Mesh-Hands
Culprit Pilot Trainer Ride @ TLC’s The Garden [includes facial expressions, music, and animations]

The Arcade: Revisiting Childhood

Me, as I unpack my Arcade stuff…I just snapped a quick picture using DOF with my wand and footie pajamas.  Um, if I had all the money in the world, I would still be at The Arcade trying to collect every single wand and jammie out there:

The Arcade

So, as I started to unpack, I realized I had tons of stuff. I just cleaned out my inventory a couple weeks ago, and this gacha thing made a serious mess. But, I had so much fun in the process that I didn’t care.  I don’t think I got one thing that I set out to get, but it didn’t matter, and I ended up loving the items I did get.   In a few months time I won’t remember any of that, but I will remember how The Arcade made me feel like a kid again.


On Me:
Cracked Mirror-Footie Pajamas-Sprinkles @Arcade
Truth-Skai w/Roots-Seaspray
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Assorted-Mesh
Noodles-Purest Snow-Tiara-Silver/Ruby @Arcade
Pididdle-My Special Treasures-Unicorn Tears @Arcade
Curio Obscura-Stellar Fairy Wand @Arcade
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Patina

The Arcade Items:
Sway’s-Spirit Pendumlum Clock
Katat0nik-Green-Art Bunny
ADD-Assorted Snowglobes
The Secret Store-Tiny Satchel-Mint
Curio Obscura-Assorted Wands
Standby Inc-Retro Headphones
Aux-Fly Free-Slate
Pilot-Assorted Christmas Village (or trees because I only got trees. lol)
Noodles- Assorted Tiaras
LaRoo-Shearling Boots-Violet
Monso-My Fancy Flats-Round Cat
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania-Macarons
Miamai-Deer Pink Hat
Schadenfreude-vouboo: mewbit
Olive-I’ll Fix your harddrive Techi Pet Rock
Floorplan-Gumball Machine, Species Silohoutte/Ostrich
Glow-Studio Birdy Glasses-Gold
HANDverk-Dormouse Chair
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Paris the Chicken
Art Dummy!- for winter conversations-chair one-pink

Other Items:
Cheeky Pea: Sweetwater Room
Floorplan-Assorted books
Y’s House-Rug- Linen
North West-Cushy Pouf-Blue (no longer available)
LISP-Cloche Lantern, Hot Chocolate, Window Mirror, Twinkle Hanging Stars, Pansy Puff
Art Dummy!-Once-Bookends, Once-Cabinets with Lanterns
Fatewear-“Friendship Bear”
MMG-mesh: Wall decoration-Picture Frames