dash of optimism

Portia Skirt


Today, I am featuring an item from Shiny Shabby by Azuchi.  The skirt is available in two fitmesh versions–one has a bit larger waist which could be layered over other items nicely.  The skirt is also materials enabled. To see materials on this skirt, which will make it look more realistic and add high levels of detail, you only need to put your graphics up to mid, make sure advanced lighting and local lights are turned on.  You DO NOT need to push your graphics all the way up to ultra to see materials.  You do not even need your shadows on for that matter.  The skirt comes in beautiful red, black, brown, and purple leather with realistic folds and a detailed belt.

You can also pick up my ice cream cone from Collabor88 by Imeka.  She makes adorable things, and they sure do come in handy for a blogpost as well.  My eyes are made by Song and are called Bio. You can find these stunning eyes at Kustom 9.

Happy shopping!

Azuchi- Skirt -Portia- Layer 1 Red @ Shiny Shabby
Imeka- Italian Ice Cream with Cherry {Color 5} @ Collabor88
S0NG- :: Bio~ Aqua Eye  @ Kustom9

-Other Credits-
Emery Crop Top Feroe Black_Small
Exile::Stone Cold Seduction
JD – Malgo Maitreya Leather FatPack
Maitreya Feet & Hands
Slink Physique Mesh Body
Glam Affair – Grazia Skin – America 01
Tattoo by White Widow
Poses by Marukin and Label Motion


in search of fairer weather

Good afternoon!  There are tons of goodies that are so cute out there waiting for you!  Mon Tissu is back!  I really do love their denim, and the cuffed jeans are no exception.  The top by Tres Blah at Collabor88 fits perfectly over the jeans.  I love it when items just work together.  The top by Tres Blah allows for some room to fit with other pieces.  I am a lover of clunky platform shoes.  Renegade has put out some amazing ones at Kustom9 that come with a hud to change the base color.  Argrace has put out a whimsical pony tail style. I love the whispies on the hair that give it some movement. The bottom is detachable, so you also go for a shorter hairstyle as well.  Glam Affair will have another amazing skin available the Cutie Moon Fair April 1st.  While I opted for more neutral combinations for this post, the skin adds a Cutie Moon flair by offering some wild and fun color palettes as well.

Glam Affair-Brandi-Artic 01A-Lipstick 04-Nose O2-NEW @ Cutie Moon Fair
Yummy-Quinn Frames-Pink @ Collabor88
Tres Blah-Blazer with Tank-Grey
Mon Tissu-Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans-Dark Wash-NEW
Renegade-T-Strap Platform Sandals-Black (Slink)-NEW @ Kustom9
Ikon-Spectral Eyes-Glass
Pink Fuel-Eyelashes-Dolly
Mon Cheri-Falsies Eyelashes
Slink-Mesh Hands (Casual/Relaxed) and Feet (Medium)
Poses: dfo! [penelope] silly girl. i love you, you know that, right?; Label Motion-Blair Pose 2

In the time between coming and going

I think you probably have heard a lot about what I’m wearing already.   I will spare you and just say both the sweater from u.f.o at Collabor 88 and the Apple Fall Huggs Boots at Shoetopia are absolutely worth buying.  Demo of course, but I think you will really enjoy both purchases.  

ANE has released a new purse.  The texturing is amazing and I love the added details.  I was surprised at how much of that detail stayed even from a distance.   The purse is materials ready and original mesh.  Included in your package is a pose version that sits on your shoulder and a no pose version, as well as, a plain (above) and Aztec print (not shown).

You can purchase at the ANE Main Store or on Marketplace.   Don’t forget to shop Shoetopia 1 and Shoetopia 2.


U.F.O-Loose Fit Zipper Sweater-Grey @Collabor88
Apple Fall-Hugg Boot-Kitty @Shoetopia
ANE-Blair Bag-black Leather-Plain *NEW*
Maxi Gossamer-Necklace-Clockwork Steampunk Heart-Silver
Truth Hair-Rocky
Glow Studio-Early Morning Earth-Silver Earrings
Glam Affair-Elvi-Europa-04A
Ikon-Vanity Eyes-Azure
Label Motion-Luxuria

Back to School

Just a quick post to remind you to check Elikatira’s newest hairstyles.  I’m so happy she is back!  Also, the outfits by Fateplay are just so darling.   All links are below in my credits.  Much to do…little time, so have a great day everyone!


[e] Hair Base – Chamomile
FATEplay – Jenny Cardigan – Ravenclaw
FATEplay – Jenny Skirt – Black
FATEplay – Jenny Tie (untucked) – Ravenclaw
FATEplay – Jenny Undershirt – White
FATEplay – Jenny Wand – Incendio
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
[e] Tallulah – Camomile *NEW
Glam Affair – Candy – America – 05 A @ The ARCADE// available Sept. 1st
IKON Vanity Eyes – Azure
Pose-Label Motion-Berry 03


D.Luxx-Vintage-Tootsie Roll-4 

I maybe might have had a small euphoric moment this weekend with the release of the GOS shoes, so if I sounded a bit too excited in my last blogpost or at some point made no sense or seemed perhaps crazy,  then blame the shoes. Onward.

I saw this bombshell hair on my Flickr from DeLa, and immediately needed it, well at least in my mind it was a need because the hair is gorgeous. For some reason, I always end up wearing browns in DeLa hair. Not sure why, but I decided to be my blonde self today.  Then, Ladies who Lunch released some vintage inspired jeans, and the two just instantly merged in my mind .  Literally, 10 minutes earlier, I was thinking I really wanted some jeans just like these .  I was somewhat baffled by this ask and receive business that I started wondering what other items I could want and if they too would just be released at that moment.  I tried this strategy, but nothing else I wanted appeared, so guess it was a one shot deal.

To fancy myself up, I added Zaara’s new mesh jewelry.  My only criticism of Zaara’s store is that I want more.  Her releases are few and far between it seems (or I just missed a few), and I always love what I purchase there.  My mood has fluctuated this week, and of course, that seeps into my editing, and I couldn’t really keep my own attention today, so sorry for the drastically different pictures.    Sepia reminds me of the 70s, and I am wearing vintage looking jeans.

Pose: Label Motion-Carla-6


Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Groomed
Slink-Mesh Hands-Casual
Tee*fy-Mini Corset-Non-Sheer-Red
Zaara-Atiriya Stone Necklace and Bracelet-Aquamarine
Ladies Who Lunch-Hilda Jeans
Glam Affair-Roza-Basic-America-02
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon
Mon Tissu-Harlow Sunglasses-Floral



Great Expectations


Poses by Label Motion: Luxuria-1 & Valeria-2

I am going to send these pictures into cyper-space, and then make a dash onto my Sunday dailies.  I hope everyone gets a chance to stop by FaMESHed.  They have some great clothing, accessories, hair, and housewares available to you.  I picked up a ton, but this piece by Fanatik really captured my attention.  I loved the detail on the sleeves and the top of the dress, and I was attracted to the sheen of  the leather texture.

I also stopped by Dumani-which is a newish store, offering clothing and accessories.  I first stopped by a few weeks ago because I found them through the search function in SL.  Can you  imagine that I actually found something using the search feature? Whoa! Then, I saw a few people actually blog the brand and decided to go back and see if anything stood out since I remembered they had more formal pieces. I purchased three things: earrings, necklace, and sunglasses.  I decided to go with accessories because unlike clothing (for me) I will reuse a lot of my accessories, so I figured I would try them out.

I really liked the earrings, and the sunglasses were bold and big! I was not a fan of the necklace because it got lost in everything else I was wearing.   I thought I could work with it, but in the end, I just gave up on the necklace.  So, my suggestion, continue to practice smart shopper etiquette and demo what they have to offer to see if it is to your liking!  I really did like the other pieces I bought, and I can’t wait to see what else Dumani creates in the future!


Dumani-Petalo D’onore Earrings-Sunlight
Dumani-Sunglasses- Cat-Eye Occhiali – Rusty Yellow
Fanatik-Leather & Lace dress-Brow @ Fameshed (This location is new, so make sure to update your LM)
Truth-Portia w/Roots-Seasand
Mayfly-Deep Mesh Eye-Spring Night
Slink-Mesh Hands-Casual
Celoe-Zoe Pump-Saddle
Glam Affair-Roza Basic-America-02
Location: VenexiaRoleplay Sim: Need a tag to enter, tag expires after three days


I adored my outfit today. The dress I am wearing is Perception by Maggiedoll Alter.   It is available in a white and black version with a bit of a silver touch to both.  I chose the black version. You can find it in the Film Noir section at Cinema.  I was pleasantly surprised by this dress. I immediately felt feminine.  The train on the skirt is perfect and I found myself staring at the back of the dress just as much as the front.  What a lovely, lovely dress-a great shape and design.

Perception-Bustier Dress-Black @ Cinema
Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner no.05
MG-Serena-White Pearl-Earrings and Necklace
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elegant
Slink-Vintage 2-strap Pump-Black
Glam Affair-Roza-American02-BL *New
Ikon-Horizon Eyes-Barely Sky
Poses: Label Motion


Leverocci released new dresses and boots this past week.   Part of me seriously just wanted to know how this dress fit.  I mean really?! It is fabulous looking.  How in the world she got mesh to do this is beyond me.  I can’t think of anything I would want different.  It is perfect.   I added Leverocci’s new boots,  Altai in chocolate, because her shoes are perfection and I personally tend to wear them quite a bit, so I knew I would get some wear and tear out of them.

I also added Truth’s new hair, Cheyenne in Seasand. I think this might be my new favorite color.  I love this hair.  It may also be my favorite Truth Hair so far (until next week)!  My jewelry comes from Handverk and Maxi Gossamer.  The necklace by MG, Jeweled Love,  is from the event Cinema. I just kept staring at the necklace once I had it on.  It is extremely well crafted, and it promotes love.

MG-Necklace- Jewelled Love- Short
Leverocci –Structured Dress–Bark
Truth-Cheyenne with roots-Seasand-Fades
Leverocci-Altai Boots-Chocolate
Izzie’s-Argyle Tights
My Ugly Dorothy-Jessica-Saddle
MG-Eyelashes-Wild Full Thick
Handverk-Hammered Metal Earring-Gold
Ikon-Horizon Eyes-Barely Sky
Poses: Label Motion

Location: Crownling


 The Cinema, brought to you by The Hottie Cooterati Experience, guides you through all sorts of movie genres from horror to film noir.  The fantastic build and the wide array of designers producing unique and creative items will lure you into a celebrity-like affair.  For my look today I paired Fri.day’s mesh vest in a cream color with Kamouraska  Mesh Mini Dress in Cherry.  Both items are available at The Cinema, so be sure to check these items out!

Also, I also grabbed some Truth Hair.  Truth delved into the latest trend recently: Fades.  In typical Truth fashion, his hair is absolutely gorgeous and the color punch is subtle, offering you a wonderful chance to mix and match you hair color to your outfit.   I had fun using the Elvira fades in one of my  last posts too!

My wedges, crafted by Ingenue, are two-toned:a light beige and a darker beige-A perfect neutral wedge to compliment a colorful outfit.   My owl necklace comes from Maxi Gossamer-I do shop other places, but seriously, I just can’t get enough of her stuff.   Lastly, I just had to use this hedgehog clutch in my post. I thought it was such a creative idea. It was so darn cute I just couldn’t pass it up.


Kyoot-Soft Heart Cropped Top-Pink
Kamouraska-Bearn-Mini Dress-Cherry
TokiD-Kami Ribbon-Light
Donna Flora-Tanya Ring
MG-Necklace-Jewelled Owl
Ingenue-Jive Wedges-Fawn
Slink Mesh Hands
PXL-Faith-Smokey Eyes
IKON Kaleido Eyes – Sky
Poses: Label Motion