I’ve been thinking again.

A bit ago, I saw this photograph of a girl sitting on a bench in a red beret, so imagine my surprise when I saw Truth Hair put out Edith, hair with a beret.  This photo was meant to happen!  So, I used a photograph as inspiration.  Some things helped in the process of making this photograph happen.  Fri.day had a retirement sale (probably over by the time you read this-ends Jan 13).  This is awesome for three reasons: discounted clothing, more new mesh items to come in the future, and I scored some items that work well under my mesh stuff, like this dress (which I just used as a top).  I was hopelessly looking for something to fit under this jacket and the shirt and tie from this dress fit nicely under, and it adds a bit o’ character to the overall outfit.

If you like to stay up to date on real-life inspired fashion, then Vive Nine is your store.  Leather-sleeved jackets are most certainly trending, and this jean jacket can be versatile-dress up, dress down–your still in style!  Glasses as accessories are also a current trend, and I decided to be a bit more studious today.  I’ve been thinking again.  You can think for yourself too by purchasing a pair from SOVI3T.

The rest of my outfit are clothing must-haves, from Izzie’s, black tights, and from N-Core, red heels.  Shhh.  I found another pair of red shoes, and here I thought I didn’t have any (you will have to read my previous post to understand), however, these I can wear with tights.

And, there you have it folks- these glasses make me wanna read a book or you know, something smart, so off I go…..

Izzie’s – Tights black
Fri.Day – Reverie.Dress (White) – Just used top, collar, and tie
Vive Nine-Stella Denim & Leather Jacket – Grey (S)
Truth- Edith w/Roots – toast
Maitreya- Mesh Anais Skirt – Polka-Red
Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes –
N-core- COQUETE Platform “Dark Red”
SOVI3T- Nerd Glasses Classics
Jamman-ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V2
Adam N Eve Skins – Disa T2 Red// Eyebrow Tattoo Blonde T2
IKON Eternal Eyes – Lagoon
Location: Tea Time


Sheer Love

Pose-Label Motion-Blair-1

I’m am beyond happy that COCO is releasing more often right now.  I love the leather coat that I got from there, and this tuxedo jacket is another to add to my collection of outerwear   My favorite option is that they can be worn with or without the shirt underneath, and because they have that option, the combinations can be endless.  The jacket itself seems to work well with other mesh items underneath because it was made for layering.

DeLa also released a new pony tail hairstyle.  The back is so pretty!


You are Beautiful-Tights-Herringbone-Antratsid
COCO-Tuxedo Jacket-Beige Rose*NEW
DeLa-Taylor-Blonde 2*NEW
Tee*fy-Hig Waist Short Denim Skirt
Jamman-Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Glow-Plum Cikkuer-Gold
So Many Styles-Boots-Black*NEW
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Nude
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon


Pose-D.Luxx-The Vintage-Tootsie Roll-9

I have been eyeing this Truth Hair for a while, but didn’t quite know what outfit I wanted to use with it until I found this dress by Has Been Vintage, so while I may not have tons of new, new items here, I do have a beautiful outfit to add to my collection.  I love vintage stuff!   The dress comes in a variety of colors (from pastels to darker options), and it is a great option for your New Year’s celebrations because of the full skirt, and mesh under garments.  I tested a few dance moves and all my bits stayed hidden, although you might just flash those under garments in extreme movements.

And since I was at Has Been Vintage already, I splurged and got this tango dress because you never know when someone might ask you out to dance!  Currently, you can find a Holiday Sale (extended until Dec 31st) at Has Been (25%-50% off mesh items & 50-75% off non-mesh).   Quite honestly, I am really surprised this store hasn’t been featured all that often.  I loved what they had, and I wish I had stumbled across them earlier.

Pose-Focus Poses-Model 60-3

-Look 1-
Pekka-Eyeliner w/ Red Eyeshadow
Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner no.02
Maxi Gossamer-Groomed/Swallow-Eyelashes
Je Suis-Chouette Earrings-Red
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
Adam N Eve Skins-Disa T2 Nude
Has Been-Nona Dress-Red
Truth-Sassy 2 w/Roots-Seasand*NEW(er)
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon

-Look 2-
Jim-Europe Stockings-France*NEW
Para Designs-Butterfly Medley Tattoo
Exile-Waiting for Tonight-Bleach w/ Tiara Pin*NEW @ My Attic until Dec 31st
Has Been-Tango Dress 2
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
Adam N Eve Skins-Disa T2 Red
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon

P.S. Sorry for all the sparkles.  I just wanted to be sparkly.


So, it is pose appreciation time.  I use tons of poses, and I kinda horde them all.  I tried just shopping for poses as needed, but that never worked for me.  So, if I see a pose that looks cool or looks useful, I buy.  One pose shop that always has such interesting poses is Del May. Yes, Del May produces some of the most artistic poses on the grid, but you will also find other poses as well that are more blogger friendly-all of which have delightful or giggle-terrific names.  I am so glad Del May is out there because many people do such beautiful pieces of art with them.

Zodiac is underway as well.  I am wearing a cute cardigan made by Bilo for the event.  I tried to so some different color combinations, and well, I am not so sure I did the cardigan justice. I paired it with the Erratic tops that were on sale for Fifty Linden Friday.  I heart these tops.  It is been hard to find new layers to put under items, and these are perfect.

I also decided to purchase new mesh nails from Jamman!  I am really liking them.  I can change them to pretty much any color or design, and I also can change the length of the nail.  It even lets you change specific fingers.  How awesome is that.  I think I played around with the options forever.

Erratic-Basics-Longshirt-Dark Purple
Bilo-Munira Cardigan-Pine@ Zodiac
Eclectic Apparel-Spirit Mini Skirt-Plaid-Night
Izzie’s-Heart Necklace
Yummy-Boho Ring-Maroon@ Collabor88
Maubray-Marijen Wedge w/Sock-Black
Truth Hair-Nyx/w roots-Seasand
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lake
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Groomed & Swallow Wings
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare//Blonde Brows, Freckles, Plum Lipstick
Poses: Del May-Serenade, Obviously, Id

All Hallows’ Evening


Once every ten weeks evil comes to my home and life.  The skies darken eclipsing the sun and leaving nothing but a deafening silence.  This evil lurks around every corner and nothing can prevent it from passing through my life-it can not be avoided  This evil is the end of the grading period for this sad, tired teacher.  I’m sorry to build up to nothing, but wow, I have missed my blog.

Even though I still have five papers and a handful of projects still to sift through, I decided to stop and blog this outfit which I have been wearing since the Costume Ball started.   I tried out a few different looks, but this is the one I ended up going with because I really loved the skin from Izzie’s. I feel like Mia Sara from Legend, especially with the black lipstick.  Oh great, now I want a unicorn too.   I went ahead and bought the fairy gown from Valentina E Couture because a) it is so cute b) it had wings c) it is a gown.  I love the creativity behind Valentina E’s clothing.  It is different and in the world of mesh, everyone can understand that finding something unique can be a tiny bit hard.  Sometimes, the texturing for this brand is different than I am used to and it throws me off (at least I think that is what it is), but you can tell these items are made with a great deal of thought and care.

Happy Halloween!!!

Kyoot Makeup – Smokey (Dark Red)
Izzie’s – Lipgloss black
LOULOU&CO- Necklace :: NORA :: Red V.1
V.e. -Fairy Gown Evil and Fairy Wings @ Costume Ball
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Pomegranate)
N-core- COQUETE Platform “Dark Red”
Jamman-Ultimate Deluxe Fingernails Left Hand V1
Yasyn – Effervescent Chrysalis – Auntie Jay’s Smokestack
Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.) @ Costume Ball



Leverocci released new dresses and boots this past week.   Part of me seriously just wanted to know how this dress fit.  I mean really?! It is fabulous looking.  How in the world she got mesh to do this is beyond me.  I can’t think of anything I would want different.  It is perfect.   I added Leverocci’s new boots,  Altai in chocolate, because her shoes are perfection and I personally tend to wear them quite a bit, so I knew I would get some wear and tear out of them.

I also added Truth’s new hair, Cheyenne in Seasand. I think this might be my new favorite color.  I love this hair.  It may also be my favorite Truth Hair so far (until next week)!  My jewelry comes from Handverk and Maxi Gossamer.  The necklace by MG, Jeweled Love,  is from the event Cinema. I just kept staring at the necklace once I had it on.  It is extremely well crafted, and it promotes love.

MG-Necklace- Jewelled Love- Short
Leverocci –Structured Dress–Bark
Truth-Cheyenne with roots-Seasand-Fades
Leverocci-Altai Boots-Chocolate
Izzie’s-Argyle Tights
My Ugly Dorothy-Jessica-Saddle
MG-Eyelashes-Wild Full Thick
Handverk-Hammered Metal Earring-Gold
Ikon-Horizon Eyes-Barely Sky
Poses: Label Motion

Location: Crownling

after the rain.

Pose-Label Motion– Luxuria Poses-1

Collabor88 strikes again!  Yeah, I know a bit behind, but it is nearly impossible for me to do my day job and keep up with my little space over here, so yeah, I’m trying.   I have been wearing this outfit nearly all week, trying to find things that worked together.  The center piece for this outfit was The Sea Hole’s wonderful blouse at Collabor88. It took some time to think of an outfit for it.

I finally found a skirt that matched the color scheme at Blueberry by chance while I was shopping.   Conveniently, I found some jewelry in the same colors by Maxi Gossamer already in my inventory.  Thank you!  While I out shopping for some jewelry (which was in my inventory the whole time) I found a scarf at Tokidoki that matched my look.  I have no clue what I would do without that store.  It is always at the top of my list when I am in a outfit crisis!  I like the store because of their vast arena of items that can be layered and combined separately to make a look.

If you know my style, I find it nearly impossible to layer and match, and it takes me forever to figure out how to put stuff together, but I kinda liked this look.    It is girly and feminine- Like moi!

Lastly, I have to give a HUGE high five to Label Motion poses. I was struggling to find a pose that highlighted my outfit.   I stopped by Label Motion and was able to find a pose in a few minutes that was perfect!

TokiD-Ruf Ribbon-Purple
Burley-Stasia-Light Blonde-05
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
H+L-Glitter Shades-Smoked Mirror
Jamman-Ultimate Fingernails
Maxi Gossamer-Valencia-Necklace and Bracelet
Maxi Gossamer-Mesh Eyelashes-Assorted
The Sea Hole-Davenport Blouse-Die Job
Blueberry-Jenna Skirt-Vintage-Pink
the Skinnery-Sophia-Flapper-Honey
Location: HPMD