FaMESHed, The Garden, and my backyard.

As I have told you previously, I am obsessed with everything home and garden, but at least I took one close up of myself, wearing the new Sasha skin from the Skinnery.  I like it.  It may not become my everyday skin, but I change skins often, so every skin I purchase becomes more of a canvas for whatever I am wearing.  The Skinnery skin has such a cute little nose and mouth I couldn’t resist!

FaMESHed is having a one year birthday event.  I stopped by briefly when it first opened and picked up the Truth Melody bustier in Vintage because OMG, he is making clothes!  How can you not buy them!?  The fit is amazing.  The texturing amazing.  The cute factor amazing.  I also picked up Wasabi Pills adorable pigtails.  Darling aren’t they?  Yep.  I also have this urge to buy all the home and garden accessories I can find! Garden domination! Muahhhahah.  Cheeky Pea revealed their summer picnic set complete with picnic table, picnic food, grill, cooler, adult bevs, and flags string penant.

Many of my other garden picnic accessories come from The Garden, an event by The Liaison Collaborative.  You still have one week to stop by and see all these beautiful items, including a set from Mudhoney which includes a garden bench, chairs, lamp, and drum table (not shown: Pergola and fan).

Patio Picnic Accessories:

Culprit- Rustic Cottage Bloo
Cheeky Pea- Cassie Picnic Table, Grill, Penant String, Cooler @ FaMESHed *NEW
MudHoney- Sheryl Garden Bench, Chair, Rug, Drum Table, Lantern @ The Garden
Fri. Home- Window Frame, Lantern @ The Garden
Allouette-Garden Party Canopy, Crate Chairs @ The Garden
Lisp-Garden Party Adirondack Chairs @ The Garden
BA-Garden Paver Path, White Garden Fence @ The Garden
Dutchie-Chamaedorea Erumpens, Three Herbs, Chamaerops Palm
What Next-Mallorca Firepit
TA Newspaper

Picnic Attire:

G-Field-Wedge Pumps-Adele-Pink Beige
Izzie’s -Medium beige
VinCue- Roully Rolled Shorts
TRUTH-Melody Bustier [Vintage] @ FaMESHed *NEW
League-Dipped Feather Earrings & Necklace- Copper
Wasabi Pills-Sunny Mesh Hair-Rye *NEW
Mon tissu- Harlow Sunglasses-Sheer Lens- Floral
The Skinnery-Sasha eyemakeup 10
The Skinnery-Sasha lipstick 15
The Skinnery-Sasha-Bare face (honey) *NEW
IKON- Eternal Eyes – Lagoon
Pose by Adorkable-Coy-1




Wrong Way.

So, I burned my finger.  The left index finger to be exact, and every time I use it, I cringe a bit.  So, realize that every letter is pain.  I had mentioned two things in my previous post: IKON eyes, at The Boutique, and Glam Affair’s Zara Skin, at Skin Fair Sim 2, but I didn’t really get into why you need these purchases in your inventory OR rather why I did.  You can make up your own mind.

IKON makes eyes that pop.  There has to be some sort of scientific calculations to get the right amount of each color and shading, and make these eyes stand out. but I feel my eyes just sparkle in them all the time.  I always mess around with other brands for bits at a time, but I also always keep coming back to IKON.  The eyes don’t come in mesh, but I don’t really see the difference between IKON and mesh brands.  It has to be the craftsmanship.   You can find an original design out for The Boutique.

I love Glam Affair’s newest Skin Zara.  So, what is so difference between Zara in comparison to previous skins: MAKE-UPS BABY!!!  Glam Affair has offered many, many choices, and these choices are bound to fulfill any SLers preference–from simplistic bare to BAM! glamour palettes. The nose is a tad different on Zara-with a smoother nostril that seems to me to be more rounded, and less pinched than her predecessor Amberly.    The eyebrows are a bit lighter, for blondes, on Zara as well.  Amberly has a more youthful, cute pouty mouth while Zara’s lips feel more adult, sexy, and sleek.  Zara also has a  more rosy blush on the face with variations depending on make-up. In all honesty, side by side, Zara feels like the trendy more sophisticated older sister to Amberly. When looking at the face considering shapes, angles seem to dominate Amberly’s face while smooth circular contours define Zara.  Granted, this overall review is based on my own shape, so you will have to demo and see what you think on your own too!  With every skin Glam Affair puts out, I wonder HOW they can make a skin that I will love even more than the last, but they do it every single time.

As for the rest of the items I wearing, I got them because I thought I looked pretty cute in them.  The weekend is near for me…I can see it on the horizon!


G-Field-Wedge Pumps-Adele-Coral @ FFL
Wasabi Pills-Ivette Hair-Rye
Noodles – Sakura Headband Hematite @ The Boutique
22769-Pleated Black Skirt @ The Boutique
Remarkable Oblivion – Motif Tote – Pink (modified-tinted darker)
Sugarplum– Macaroon blouse
Foppish-Pleated Liner Leather Jacket-Black/with Liner
Glam Affair – Zara – America 04 BL @ Skin Fair
IKON Ardent Eyes – Blossom (S) Skirt @The Boutique

Zenith and G-Field for Fair

Pose-Everglow-616-modified (I just moved the arm out a bit more to fit the purse)

I finally made it to Fair, an event brought to us by Chic Management.  I picked up adorable boots by G-Field.  Seriously, the bow on the back it cute (see picture below). I love how my mesh jeans from The Secret Store actually fit snugly inside the cuff.    I decided to focus on accessories this round so I added Zenith’s purse for Fair to my outfit.

I missed this coat when it was first released from Valentina E., but I thought it went perfectly with my G-Fields boots.  Now, I have the perfect holiday outfit to go Christmas shopping.

D!va Hair-Manon-Type A-Rhodolite
G-Field-Mesh-Fur Cuff Boots-Sasha-Brown @ Fair
V.e.-Belted Blanket Coat-Reds
Zenith-Macie Mini Leather Shoulder Bag @ Fair
Kyoot-Simple Cozy Sweater-Coco
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
MG-Mesh Eyelashes
The Secret Store- Rise Skinny Jeans-Blue Denim
Glow Studio-Cross and Pearls
Adam n Eve-Disa-T2-Bare with Blonde Brows and Freckles

Location: Cafe Green Gables

…tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.

Pose: Bounce This Poses-On the Edge 3

Just wanted to stop by and show off this attractive dress from Purple Moon.   The satin texture of the dress makes it formal, but the length and style make it flirtatious-a great combination.   I needed a dramatic pose for a dramatic scene, and I found the perfect set at Bounce This Poses.

Purple Moon- Audrey Tube Dress (Peacock Blue Satin) *Sale (50%-70% off)
Glam Affair – Giselle – BL Culture Shock
Ploom- Daydream (Browns) @ Collabor88
Chaisuki-Lashes 54
G-Field- Strap Shoes “Alex” (Pastel)
FATEeyes *New
Donna Flora- KRISTABEL rings *Sale (50%-70% off)
LeLutka-EDITORIAL scarves *edited
Location: Lost World
Title of Post: taken from The Great Gatsby

Petal by Petal

Poses:  Delmay, Flowey, Diesel Works

I have been so good with writing down poses, but I forget the one for the picture at the top.  Grrrr.    I will try to come back and update that.

On to the fashion news, Mons released their new summer collection and I really like it all.   I am surprised I haven’t seen them as much on other blogs–dainty and pretty I am.   I also picked up the new Truth hair (non-mesh).  I am obsessed with shorter styles right now.  Figures.  I have really long hair in RL–maybe I see a haircut on in my future.

Sorry for the vague credits.  I am not online right now!


Skin: League Jen Medium

Hair: Truth Rhonda

Dress: Mons

Shoes: G-Field

Ring: Donna Flora

Necklace: Addiction

Earrings: Magic Nook

52 Weeks of Color: Bright Turquoise

Well, I sucessful coordinated my catch-up plan. I have the ZombiePopcorn items to thank for it. This dress can be found at Quarantine through that event. It was the perfect mix of colors and had that hint of bright turquoise I needed! I paired it with items from Izzie’s. If you ever need something, Izzie’s is a great place for clothes, but also accessories (any pretty much anything–skins, eyes, etc.). They also have a great wall of tights! I also saw the heart necklace at Izzie’s and thought it went perfectly with my outfit. Lastly, I am wearing the new hair from exile–Take it off– you can’t go wrong with Exile hair. I almost forgot–I got that purse at Izzie’s too! See–told you–great place to find what you are looking for (even if you are like me and usually have no idea what I am looking for).

I will keep it short today folks!

Enjoy your Sunday,



Izzie’s – Tights ocean
***Chaisuki*** lashes 34
*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -metallic blue
– Quarantine – Flutter Dress – Mint M
::Exile:: Take it off:Teak
Izzie’s – Heart Earrings
Izzie’s – Heart Necklace
Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_BurgundyManicure
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Viridian)
*League* Jen Medium Feline
Poses: Everglow 522 & Label Motion Barbara

Location: Cheesecake near the entrance to Kookie

Bedroom Play

I should be planning my outift for 52 weeks.  I did go out shopping for 52 weeks, but in my quest stumbled upon a discount event:  Stuff in Stock.  I don’t know how I missed it on Plurk and Flickr and through the numerous notices and feeds–oh wait, maybe I am just receiving too much information, and missing some good stuff in the process, but anyways, it has been going on for months.  I do think I paid more attention to all my normal outlets because the items offered this round are striking pieces (at least that is what I am telling myself–I have no idea what they offered in the past).  This round the theme is vintage (another reason I tuned in–I love vintage stuff). It seems that most items are 90L and below–in the as close to perfect without being a freebie zone.   Tell all your friends that aren’t rolling in the dough that this event have some really awesome items (mesh included) and it won’t break the bank.    Now that it is on my radar, I will be going back again!

*Hair and Make-up @ Stuff in Stock Event


Paperbag – O’Hare Bodypiece @ Stuff in Stock


MISS C. / STEFANI for Stuff in Stock ( 6 Colours ) Brown @ Stuff in Stock

[EY:NO] Dressed Stone Rings@ Stuff in Stock

.Pekka. PAULINE Make Up@ Stuff in Stock

MONS [Wild] / Bangle (white) 2’s

*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -metallic-


[*Art Dummy!] wooden antlers and faux fur. (bed)


:[MudHoney]: Designs – Ashley Bedroom Table

[noctis] Gift Lamp Whimsy Mardi Gras


New mesh items: Pixel Mode

So I will talk about this first piece from Pixel Mode.  The mesh dress is made very well.  It it is lined on the inner portion.  The detail is very well done as well.  I did want to show that the shoulder straps cut into my shoulders a bit, but I really wanted to wear my lamb hair.  I haven’t gotten to wear it since it came out!  I was waiting for the perfect outfit!  I am sure I could have fiddled with my shape a bit to make those disappear, but I didn’t.   The mesh package for each items come with two variations for Petite, Small, Medium, and Large.

The chest sizes on most were bigger than what I am normally.  I had to move my bar up significantly to fill out the top.  I think the two versions help out with that, but I still had to mod my chest a bit.  That seems to be similar to all other brands for me.   I also was quite a bit perkier in the boob department, so I had to let gravity happen, so that my ta-tas weren’t hanging out the top.    There was minimal breaking in movement–the alpha layer seemed to do its job very well.  I mean if you go do some splits, of course you will have some breaking in the mesh, but lol, from what I could see it was nearly perfect.   All and all, I think this is a great purchase for you!

My next item from Pixel Mode is this luxurious black mesh skirt.  I am in love.   I don’t know why, but I just thought the fit on these skirts was perfect (for my shape anyways).  The belt is separate and fits perfectly around the skirt.  Being a longer skirt, I was surprised at the movement I got without breaking the mesh.   It is very well done.  The price on this skirt made it a steal in my book.  It also comes in a shorter version.   I can see some really cool postings in the future from people using this skirt!   I can’t wait to see how others accessorize it and dress it up or down.

All in all, I really am happy with my purchases from Pixel Mode.  I am looking forward to buying more in the future!   There are also other dresses as well.

Outfit #1 Credits:

:: Exodi :: Sophie – Vivante Lipsticks – Ruby Slipper
:: Exodi :: Sophie – Eyeliner – Glamour
***Chaisuki*** lashes 56
!lamb. Sweet Jane (Mesh) – Snickers
***Chaisuki*** lashes 34
*GF* Hibiscus Hair Clip (R) -red-
*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -metallic:8
[PM] Pixel Mode Missy – Sky – Petite – B
-Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 02 BL
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Blue (M)

Outfit #2 Credits:

:: Exodi :: Sophie – Vivante Lipsticks – Pink
Kyoot Bardot Makeup
.lamb Soma Snickers
***Chaisuki*** lashes 34
Fleshtone Huntington Bag
*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -metallic:8
[PM] Pixel Mode
-Glam Affair- Leah MedTan – 02 BL
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Blue (M)



Seriously, I just opened pandora’s box.  Plurk.  Wow! Leaps around…what a great creation. Um, yes, I know I am a bit late to the party, but that is kinda me! I mean, what do you expect from someone who started SL only months ago! Thank you Ocean Wade for recommending me to partake in Plurk.

Obviously, I have shared how I am a bit bashful, but I have been working on that.  Slowly.  I look forward to getting to know people through plurk! So, go ahead and add me.  I will try my best to plurk away.  Wowa, I got laundry sitting downstairs–rushes away.Am I allowed to say see my last two posts for links? ha!

Pose: Adorkable Sitting Pretty

Location: My front yard.