Throwing shadows on your eyes

Hi folks!  Just showing off some more of the items available at Rhapsody!  I have loved putting together different outfits based on the music genres there.  It is a big event, so even if you have been once, I have found more stuff on a second or third visit!  I hope you are having fun creating looks too!

Reckless-Wonderland (Faded) with Slink Appliers
ZOZ- Piano Keys Gold Polish Huds – Slink Nail Applier @Rhapsody
Mina-Sid with hairbase Punk @Rhapsody
Cracked Mirror-Torn Tube Top-Black @Rhapsody
Epoque-Redemption Frames-Black
Mandala-Simple Ears-Hutuu
Adore&Abhor-Punk Waist-Tied Shirt-Punk’s Not Dead @Rhapsody
Maxi Gossamer-Earrings-Lost Eden-Rebecca-Silver/Jet
Mandala-Simple Bracelet-Sitennoah-Black
ANE-Chicago Bag-Herringbone-Feathers @Rhapsody
Slink-Hands and Feet
L. Warwick-Aurora Platform Heels-Spiked Patent Noir @Rhapsody
QE Designs-Mariah Jeans-Black Stripe @Rhapsody
Glam Affair – Candy – America – 03 A
IKON Spectral Eyes – Clarity (XS)
Poses by
Location: PSY City



practically floating away now

I have no idea what to write here anymore. I am out of practice!  Fashion for Life recently opened its doors, so let’s start there.  As one of the longest running charity events in SL, FFL proves itself to be a must see event.  The scenery, set up and organization of this event is top notch.  If you go to their site, it is a shopper’s dream.  They have urls listed by sim and also alphabetically.  They have direct urls to stores.  The sims are quite beautiful, but also not too laggy.  There were a couple of times I looped around in circles and was confused where to go next, but for the most part the pathway folds around effortlessly, allowing one to just take in the shopping experience.  But let us not forget our other reason for going to FFL: charity.  Your shopping will benefit the American Cancer Society.  It is a cause that is close to my heart because of my own personal stories, so I always make an extra effort to stop by FFL.  You can find Mon Cheri (MC) located on the FFL Trek Sim.  I am wearing a very cute flowing dress from them!  The sleeves are separate, so you do not have to wear them, which I thought was fantastic.  You can also find Donna Flora jewelry as well.  Yes, you heard me correct.  A close up picture below: 
Miamai has graciously saved these pieces for us to experience once again the beautiful creations of the late Donna Flora.  I am not sure of the story details, but the sentiment warmed my heart.  You can find these Donna Flora pieces on the FFL Wander Sim.

Lastly, my first picture and the one below were taken at at NorderNey, a beautiful, relaxing location!

Glam Affair-Summer Skin-Asia 06 A @ Collabor88
Glam Affair-Summer Lipstick 14 @ Collabor88
[e] Hair-Jennie-Light Blondes
the Skinnery-Lover’s Eye-Carribean Blue
Slink-Hands and Feet
Donna Flora-Julia-Earrings @FFL Wander Sim
Donna Flora-Julia-Ring  @FFL Wander Sim
Mon Cheri-Sachi Flare Dress-Choco Mint  @FFL Trek Sim
Pose-DelMay-Walk the Line (it said it was for males, but I liked it, so yeah!)

That’s what friends are for…

Do these little furry creatures really need an introduction? Anya strikes again with these cute little squirrel fur-balls.  I added UFO’s coat and Fri.days shoes from Collabor88 because they are quite cute too.  I hope everyone has a terrific and delightful Monday.  Make sure to stop by Collabor88 for all the fun stuff.  

Ohmai-Steampunk Squirrels
U.F.O-Ponpon Cape Coat-Gobong
Fri.-Amelia Heels-Tarnished
Baiastice Stefani hair – Marilyn
Glam Affair-Elvi-Europa-05a
Ikon-Vanity Eyes-Azure

Fly Away


New eyeliner available at Birdy [photo is gif] for 1L if you are willing to spend money on a VIP group. You can check these out and their new location here. It only costs 50L to join the group…and oh, Birdy is also having a 50% off sale on select items in store.


Birdy-Gloss Raspberry
The Skin Shop-Iconic-Rose *changes lip shape drastically
Epoque-Tied up-Grain
Birdy-Delilah-Pure-Blonde [50% off]
Ikon-Vanity Eyes-Dew
Pose-Fri. Model Pose 6

Port Hope

So much is happening right now! I felt a boat, a sail, and some wind would be the perfect backdrop for my life.  In real life my sister moved across the country, my boyfriend of the past three years came to stay for a few weeks and then had to go bye again, and the new school year is coming up soon, so my summer vacation was filled with so much, and I’m left at this point just letting the wind carry me on.  Add to that a death of a dear friend in my real life, and a loss in the second life community, I’m left feeling exhausted, but grateful for the blessings I’ve been given.

It is amazing how much can happen in SL even if you are only away for a few weeks.  It is a reminder that the world moves on with or without you.  There were tons of great releases I missed, but I remembered loving this blazer by Steffen Garcia shared on plurk, so this is where I decided to start.  I have likes and dislikes with blazers.  I’m really not a style diva, and I question my own layering ability on quite a numerous of occasion, so I have to really love a blazer to even make the attempts to layer it with something else.  This jacket has wonderful texturing, and I loved that it had a shorter sleeve, gathered at the elbow.   I really like to find items that will fit underneath a blazer, not the this-looks-great in-the-front, but my undershirt is hanging out in the back.  I found the best I could find in this lovely Tulip top.  On occasion, yes it peeps out a bit, but I found it to complement and work with the blazer quite well.

Ricielli had some newish pants released (at least it said new in the store).  These fit nicely under my Tulip blouse and Steffen Garcia blazer.  I wanted a pop of color, so I decided to go with the complementary colors of a deep orange–tangerine!   Belgravia had a beautiful patent leather heel that shined perfectly.  Too carry the deep orange throughout I added a purse by Boom, and a jewelry set by Je suis.  I adored the new Monso hairstyle at Fameshed when I stop by yesterday, so I added it to finalize my outfit.

I think I did a pretty good job for being absent so long.  I will politely pat myself on the back and sail on.


Monso-My Hair – Lizzy/ Light Blonde
Pink Fuel-Shimmer Eyeshadow-Peach-Light Smoke + Wing
The Skin Shop-10-Lipstick-Fashonista-Coral
Boom-Canvas Bow Clutch-tangerine
Belgravia-Patent Leather Slingbacks-Tangerine
Je suis-Turquoise Jewelry
Poetic Colors-Jaded Eyes-Jade
Ricielli Mesh-Highwaisted Leather Pants-White
Steffen Garcia-Tendance-Turquoise
Tulip-Bottoned Tank-Cream
Birdy-Lana Skin-Kitty-Peaches-Blonde
Poses by Marukin and
Location-Pixel Pot Restaruant and Cafe

voyage of discovery

I decided to do Strawberrry’s didn’t seem that intrusive, so this shy girl tried it out.

How do you deal with criticism?

Criticism is such a sensitive topic.  I know I need it, but my mood decides how I deal with getting negative criticism.   Sometimes it rolls of like butter other times I have to find a dark corner and just sit and reflect.   It depends on who, when, where, and what.

What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do?

Disregard of newer residents because we haven’t been around as long others.  Just like everyone else, I’m trying to find my place.  People talk about retention and why people stay and why people go in SL all the time.  A welcoming community will make people stay, so when I see so many people go,  it makes me wonder.  I’m very, very quiet, polite, and I just have stayed to myself these last two years. Part of that I seriously take a lot of blame for, but some things have happened that just make me always feel like I’m on my tiptoes waiting for danger.

Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why?

There are so many, but mainly cause I’ve never had the confidence to chat with them in world.  If I had to narrow it down to one person, I would say Harlow Heslop.  I met her once around two years ago.  A friend introduced us, and I just remember how much she reminded me of my friends from high school.  I remember chatting forever with those girls, so I guess Harlow simply because she reminds me of a good part of my past.

Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration?

I’m so far from perfect that this question is just too hard.  I see the good in everything and I see the bad.  I haven’t met anyone yet that made me believe that the bad was so bad that I couldn’t stand them any longer.  I’m a forgive and always remember type of person though, so time will tell.

What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you?

When I first started blogging I had no clue, I just wanted to find stuff that I liked no matter when it was released and no matter what it was. Now, I want to do the same, but I have some restrictions that I’ve willfully placed myself in.  I have taken some of the blog what you want when you want out of  my space.  I have no one person to blame.  I just like blogging for me sometimes, and I haven’t found that time in that for a very long time.

I used to enjoy exploring with my boyfriend as well, especially when we first started, but he left because people wanted him to take sides in drama.  He doesn’t do that stuff.  To him this game was escape, and they took that from him, and in a way took him from me because he no longer plays.

What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?

I’ve thought and thought and this question is beyond hard.  I’m not really embarrassed by anything I want to do with my life.

Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident? Yes.

Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for.

No one and no time. I just wish my boyfriend would find out how special this life can be.

What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?

Send me an IM to go do some dancing or something.  I never get out.  I see tons of things to do, but I feel a bit intimated to just go by myself.  It is always nice to know somebody is thinking of you and wants you to be there.

Sunglasses-Sorgo-Clubmaster @ TLC The Boutique
Necklace-Half-Deer-Savannah Necklach-Giraffe @ TLC The Boutique
Binoculars/Cronograph/Hat-Severed Garden
Hair-Wasabi Pills-Donna-Seafoam @Hair Fair
Pants-Maitreya-Leather Skinny Pants-Brwn
Shirt-Bilo-Wild Tunic-Cheetah @ TLC The Boutique
Hands/Feet-Slink-AV Enhance
Earrings-Handverk-Enamel Elephant-Carrot @ TLC The Boutique
Skin-Glam Affair-Margot-Europa-Blond
Pose Top:
Pose Bottom: Everglow

“As far as I can tell there are only two emotions that keep the world spinning year after year…One is fear. The other is desire.”


Recently, I had time to read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, and I am currently on the second book A Shadow of Night--hence the quotation for the blog title. I am loving the series so far, and so I decided to go for more of a different look for me.  I wanted something a bit more mysterious and opposite to my daily pink and ruffles. I found the Alchemy skin for a discounted price at the I Love Role Play event along with the necklace by Bliensen + MaiTai.  I decided to be a shape shifter for this post and used the shape that came with the skin.  I did however undo my sad, sad smile.  I just don’t prefer the REALLY angry face, so I tweaked the lips just a little.  I am really not all that familiar with fantasy skins.  I think I know of like two brands that consistently put out these types of skinlines, so if you have any other suggestions feel free to go a commenting below.  I remember seeing Alchemy at Skin Fair (Elfin skin release) and I tried on a skin there just because but with all the other options (and the fact I don’t really RP at all) I passed.

My dress is from Sn@tch.  I felt like this dress called to me everywhere I went-first plurk, then flickr, then I saw it on a few different people inworld.  I had been meaning to demo it, but man, it really just kept popping up all over.   It is gorgeous.  I thought it is just going to be  another evening dress. I don’t really wear them all that often, and I tend to buy items I can use on a daily basis, but this dress captivated me.  It fits snug and I love that it has hips! I am curvy or at least I feel curvy in this dress.  The plunging neckline is oh so sexy, and I loved the sparkling details down the bottom and the detailed straps on the back.  I just wanted to float around in it.

I would have to give a shout out to Ziki’s Blog for helping me with a location.  I have a few places I go for suggestions: SL Blogger Support and also Carol’s Style, but today, I opted to use Ziki’s because I hadn’t checked out her newest posts. Ziki does an incredible job capturing every place she visits!   Within a few posts, I saw World’s End Garden, which I was familiar with,  but had forgotten about. The images there were amazing as usual, and I had a location for my photo!

LeLutka-Salome-Blue Night
Sn@tch-Helena Gown-Teal *NEW*
Bliensen + MaiTai-Moonchild-Gold @ I ❤ Role Play event
Dead Apples-Thunder-Murder @ The Arcade
Slink-Mesh hands-Relax
Gos-Mesh Feet-Arched
Alchemy-Demon Skin-Female-Fallen @ I ❤ Role Play event * discounted
Poses by
Location-World’s End Garden


Slide through my hands.

Cleo is the newest release from Glam Affair, and I think she is a beautiful addition.  I was curious how lines evolve and change, so I decided to try out the gif thing and put Cleo up against other releases from Glam Affair.   I have no idea if it will actually play.  It doesn’t in preview, but when I open it up in another window it does, so I just gonna go with it…cross my fingers, and then hide if it doesn’t. I know, extremely ladylike.  Sidenote: My apologies for not using the same tone throughout.  I changed to Europa over America for the last few releases. Also note, wordpress still hates me and is messing with the format of my posts, so sorry!  

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Foppish Free Group Gift

Pose-Izzie’s-Snowball Fight

Well now, isn’t that the most adorable coat you have ever seen?  So, after I stuffed myself, I came home and decided to do some feed shopping.  Yes, I read them. Don’t you?

I noticed that Foppish had a new group gift out.  Honestly, I bought a different version but decided to show you the group gift because it is so cute, and FREE. All you have to do is join the Foppish group and voila-this adorable jacket (and a cami) can be yours. I had a bit of a problem actually fitting the two items together, but I really can’t argue with them because it is a gift and both items are quite adorable.

If you don’t have these links to keep up with releases for Foppish you should:

Foppish Flickr

Foppish Webpage

Foppish In-world

I have been  impressed with the items I have bought from Foppish and I can’t wait for more items!

Izzie’s – Baby it’s Cold Outside-Redness Tattoo & Frosty Eyelashes
Chemistry Hair – Lyric – Blond – Platinum w/ Brown Beanie
TokiD-Mari top-Cream
FATEwear– Scarf – Harry – Quagmire
Fri. – Revenge.Pants
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
Uma-Mesh Mittens Gloves Rigged from Iren Winter Set
Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Foppish-Bicolor Coat-Penguin
Adam N Eve – Disa T2 Bare//Blonde Brows//Coral Lipstick