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Pose-Marukin-Filgree-Porceline Goodness

So, I am not really that great at layering things.  A few months ago, I drove myself nuts trying to find a oxford type shirt to wear under a sweater.  I was so excited to see another blogger, Carolina Sautereau (layering and outfit extraordinaire), blog an outfit with the little tails of the shirt out.  So, I can’t take credit for coming up with this layering technique, but I like it.  It really doesn’t function all that well when you are moving around though.  I hope someone makes an oxford type mesh shirt that goes under mesh sweaters.  I have tried combining what I have, but unless I wear an XXL sweater with an XXS (which doesn’t look proportionate) it can’t be done. If you have suggestions, I will take them of course!!!

I really love this outfit, and I am so glad I picked up this scarf by Apple May. At the time, I had no idea how I was going to use it, but it works perfectly with this outfit.  Lately, I’ve been in the mood just to create an outfit from items that I liked but never had the chance to blog, so excuse me if I am not presenting all the new stuff!  Cece by Truth Hair is however one of the newest hairstyles by Truth, and you can also pick up my skin, Iris by the Skinnery, at The Arcade (which closes December 31st).

Izzie’s-Tights-Dark Beige and Rose
Crazy-Charro Boots
Truth-Cece w/Roots-Seasand *NEW (…er)
Apple May Designs-Boho Scarf-Autumn
Bliensen + MaiTai-Samedi-Sequins-Gold-Earrings
Has Been-mod Mini Skirt Suede Edition (Color Hud for buckle/belt/skirt)
Maitreya– BF Shirt – Champagne (Bottom only)
MG – Eyelashes
Slink– Mesh Hand- Casual
So Many Styles– Jewel Sweater Lounge
the Skinnery-Iris-Sushi(champagne) LB CL1 *The Arcade Gacha
IKON– Eternal Eyes – Lagoon

Location: Petit Pas