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Glam Affair-Mokatana-Moles2
Glam Affair-Sylvia-Lipstick 01D
Glam Affair-Sylvia-Eyebrow G
FTL Natural Lashes
MC Falsies Eyelash Upper
Pixicat-The Dark-Dress (Shiny) @ Rhapsody
Truth-Video Games-Light Blonde
Ikon-Spectral Eyes-Clarity
Reign-Alloy Heels-Grunge Edition
Slink Hands and Feet
Tea.S- Fallen Stars Cuffs-Silver
Glam Affair-Sylvia-America
Location-The Electric Monocle
Poses by Marukin (store down for rebuild…I think)


Throwing shadows on your eyes

Hi folks!  Just showing off some more of the items available at Rhapsody!  I have loved putting together different outfits based on the music genres there.  It is a big event, so even if you have been once, I have found more stuff on a second or third visit!  I hope you are having fun creating looks too!

Reckless-Wonderland (Faded) with Slink Appliers
ZOZ- Piano Keys Gold Polish Huds – Slink Nail Applier @Rhapsody
Mina-Sid with hairbase Punk @Rhapsody
Cracked Mirror-Torn Tube Top-Black @Rhapsody
Epoque-Redemption Frames-Black
Mandala-Simple Ears-Hutuu
Adore&Abhor-Punk Waist-Tied Shirt-Punk’s Not Dead @Rhapsody
Maxi Gossamer-Earrings-Lost Eden-Rebecca-Silver/Jet
Mandala-Simple Bracelet-Sitennoah-Black
ANE-Chicago Bag-Herringbone-Feathers @Rhapsody
Slink-Hands and Feet
L. Warwick-Aurora Platform Heels-Spiked Patent Noir @Rhapsody
QE Designs-Mariah Jeans-Black Stripe @Rhapsody
Glam Affair – Candy – America – 03 A
IKON Spectral Eyes – Clarity (XS)
Poses by
Location: PSY City


With an edge and a charm.

Pose-fri. – model.pose 26

Pose-fri. – model.pose 7

.Birdy. Simple eyeliner
*FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural
Tres Blah (-tb-) Fluffy Dress (S) – Watercolors @Collabor88
Clawtooth: Hang it up – Bombshell Blonde @Collabor88
IKON Spectral Eyes (left) – Clarity
Just Design (JD)- Lucy Shoes @The Seasons Story
JD – MyFeet Tip Toe
Maxi Gossamer (MG) – Necklace – Sedona Valley Gypsy – Short
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Izzie’s – Nomi Skin pale//Eyeshadow Rose//Lipstick Rose
Location: The Trace

see a light where there is none


Mon Tissu-Coquette Blouse-Blue Polkadot
Decoy-Caleigh Shorts-Dirty
Zenith-Peony Corolla (Hairband) @ Forest spring concert Mini event
Just Design-Sydney w/Socks @ The Men’s Department
Izzie’s – Nomi Eyeshadow rose
.Birdy. Simple eyeliner
Izzie’s – Lipstick rose
*FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural
IKON Spectral Eyes Clarity
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands -Casual
Izzie’s – Nomi Skin pale
Pose-Sari-Sari– Ground Sits Pack-(01 shown) available for April’s Kustom9 event


for the thrill of it

                      TP to ANE           TP to Lark          TP to The Dressing Room Fusion

Well, I guess it is another year gone.  Last year I spend NYE on a rooftop in NYC, so spending this NYE on my couch didn’t really compare.  For some strange reason, I didn’t feel like travelling around this year, which is odd for me.  Sometimes being home and having nothing to do comforts the soul, and maybe that is what I needed-a soul refreshment.  That being said, I’m already planning my escapes for the coming up months.  Wow, I feel a bit off track since I haven’t been writing much here lately.  Sorry.  Not really. Maybe I should just move on to what I am wearing.

I decided I needed a party look for NYE, so I put this ensemble together.   The dress I got on sale at Lark (for The Rack).  I will never be able to buy and blog stuff for that event.  It goes so fast, but you can always check out the store to see if it is still up at sale price. I have found some designers don’t take down these items right away.  My shoes are a new release from ANE.   I would have to say a metallic shoe was the perfect release around this time of year, and there are many other shiny and beautiful colors.   I  decided to change up my shape a bit, and the Swallow skin at The Dressing Room Fusion fit my new shape nicely.  I liked the freckles layers and lips most on this skin.   That is pretty much all the newer items, but you can see all my other items in the credits below.

Oh, I also updated my Photography Locations page.  I started the page a long, long time ago and had an itch to redo it.

Happy New Year,

Sophee Mojo

AE Pantyhose for SLINK Appliers Blue Sheer
Swallow Ashley Freckles Medium @TDR Fusion
.Birdy. Simple eyeliner
.Birdy. Blair moles (Tintable)
(Kunglers Extra) Nightingale – L earring
(Kunglers Extra) Nightingale – ring
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelashes
-LaViere- Eva/PaleBlonde
ANE Aura Shoes for Medium Height Barefeet GOLD  *NEW*
IKON Spectral Eyes- Glass
Lark – Fete Sapphire w/ Bow Attachment *NEW*
MG – Necklace – Kalistar Collar
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual & Elegant
Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium
Tee*fy Faux Fur Coat Noir
Swallow Ashley Porcelain Gold Blonde E. @TDR Fusion
Pose by Marukin (Cartesier)

Winter Essentials

Izzie’s has showered us with some winter essentials.   Previously, the store released a pose set called Snowball Fight, and I’m highlighting it again because it is a great set to use for winter, especially if you have some friends to group up with too.  Izzie’s also released a Snowball Hit series at The Dressing Room Fusion for cheap. It includes snowball hits to the face and body; some of which have animated expressions of worry or crying.   This series in conjunction with the aforementioned pose series ends up creating a series of hysterical pose sequences.  Also, if you are out playing in the snow, don’t forget your earmuffs.  Izzie’s has released a brand new set of fuzzy earmuffs to keep the frostbite away.  

I finally got around to Geeks’n’Nerds and found a few things to stuff in my inventory.  I personally loved Ison’s sweater and shirt combination.  It can be worn as a dress or over some pants.  The dress comes with a hud to change the color of the shirt underneath the sweater too. I also picked up the glasses available because they were cute and nerdier than any other glasses I own already.

Villena has put out  plethora of new items recently, but I just needed some pants, and their newest pair sports a high waist, skinny leg, and an optional plus size butt version.  You can’t see my butt here because this version wasn’t functional with my long top, but you really do need to go demo them to see the booty.

Finally, I finished off my outfit with a pair of shoes that is completely inappropriate for a snowfight by LaRoo.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with their shoes recently.  I love how super high they are, and this pair, although not that great in a snow fight, works well for the winter months because of the closed toe and overall design.

Belleza-Leila-Medium-Blonde Mainstore
Birdy-Liner 5 Mainstore
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Azure Mainstore
Izzie’s-Mesh Earmuffs-Black *NEW* Mainstore//MP
Izzie’s-Snowball Hit *NEW* TDRF
Villena-H/W Leggings-Spliced Black V2 *NEW* Mainstore
LaRoo-Kim Pumps-Black *NEW* Direct Link @ Shoetopia 2
ISON-Pegley Glasses-Black *NEW* Nerds’n’Geeks
ISON-Solid Sweatshirt-Black *NEW* Nerds’n’Geeks
Truth-Winter w/Roots-Seasand  Mainstore
Poses by Izzie’s-Snow Fight Mainstore//MP
Coco-Leather Gloves-Black Mainstore


Loud Mouth

Loud Mouth has released the newest mesh attachment, mesh lips.  We now have a long list of mesh attachments to cover up every single part of our avatar.  We have hands, feet, ears, eyes, boobs, and the list seems to be growing.  Just when I think we have covered everything, another attachment pops up.  Recently, the mesh butt surprised me.  I don’t know why because at this point nothing should, but it did.

Loud mouth’s lips do improve the overall profile of the existing avatar’s face.  They add a bit more realism and get rid of the flat feature from the side of lips that exists when you only use a normal skin.


I had to play with my shadows to get it to look okay, but there are still noticeable lines surrounding the attachment.  That, unfortunately, seems impossible to avoid.


I tried and tried to match my skin color without an applier, and while I got close, it never did look great to me.  The appliers are a must in my book.   As of right now, only a few places offer the appliers, tSg [The Sugar Garden] being one of them.  She is the queen of appliers.  Part of me feels horrible that the skin makers have to go through all his or her products to make these appliers, and part of me is selfish and impatient…I want…I want.  That being said, the mesh lips seem to be more of a photography prop similar to the eyelids from Slink.  I don’t know if they will be something I wear as religiously as my hands or feet right now or if they will end up collecting dust like my mesh boobs.  I haven’t really kept up with who else has appliers, but in Loud Mouth they have links to stores who have them or have them in the works.  I only knew TSG had some from my plurk timeline…(coughs, great place to advertise your products or keep in the know).

As the mesh mouth grows in popularity, I can see other shapes and styles coming out.  I believe one is currently in the works–much bigger and puffy.  Some have criticized the shape of the current releases, saying the frown is too pronounced.  So, I do hope all these requests are being heard.  As far as the hud is concerned, I found it way too big and bulky visually.   That being said, I found it simple to use.  It will get the job done, but as I said before, the appliers just work better and the lips seem to be made more with that in mind.  I did like that I could tint the lips of an existing applier though.  Final note, when I tried the demo, no teeth were included, which really made me pause. I hope that has been fixed.  I think seeing the lips with teeth is essential. For a more comprehensive tutorial on how to modify the appearance visit here.  This was really informational to me!

Loud mouth hud

Have a great Sunday!

Sophee Mojo


Mesh Lips-Loud Mouth-Alli-Parted & Closed
Hair-Truth-Storm-Light Blondes 01
Jacket-Erratic-Laney-Tweed Jacket
Eyes-Mayfly-Dusky Hazel Shadow

The Boutique is open.


Happy Sunday everyone!  First up, my picks from The Boutique-Fifth Avenue: My dress comes from Valentina E.  I think it is beautiful. I love the shape and the high slit up the side.   I paired it with the LaViere hair; it is a short do, and yes, I’m obsessed with short hair, so I had to snag it.  I am such a grown up.  My necklace is from Pure Poison, and although I might be a bit scared of bugs in RL, this one is absolutely delightful.  Last, I stopped by Has Been to pick up a pair of newly released SLink add on heels.  They had me add the bow, but the hud and the amount of mix and match that can happen, that sold me second.


The Skin Shop-Lipstick-Iconic-Blush-10
Birdy-Simple Eyeliner
LaViere-Eva-Platinum* The Boutique
:V.e.-Anna Dress-Pink* The Boutique
Pure Poison-Lady Fly Necklace* The Boutique
Has Been-Betsy Bow Pumps-Dark* NEW
Slink-Mesh Feet and Hands (AV Enhance)
Birdy-Delilah Skin-Pure-Blonde
Ikon-Vanity Eyes-Azure
Poses by Marukin