Lose something every day.


[PXL] OpenMouth PRO
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Lower
/Wasabi Pills/ Ichigo Mesh Hair – Golden
Bilo – Lalla (Blue)
Cae :: Ascend :: Earring
Glam Affair – 50s EyeGlasses Black
IKON Spectral Eyes- Clarity
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Slink AvEnhance Feet High
Slink Ilse Heels Black
Glam Affair – Sylvia America


voyage of discovery

I decided to do Strawberrry’s Meme...it didn’t seem that intrusive, so this shy girl tried it out.

How do you deal with criticism?

Criticism is such a sensitive topic.  I know I need it, but my mood decides how I deal with getting negative criticism.   Sometimes it rolls of like butter other times I have to find a dark corner and just sit and reflect.   It depends on who, when, where, and what.

What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do?

Disregard of newer residents because we haven’t been around as long others.  Just like everyone else, I’m trying to find my place.  People talk about retention and why people stay and why people go in SL all the time.  A welcoming community will make people stay, so when I see so many people go,  it makes me wonder.  I’m very, very quiet, polite, and I just have stayed to myself these last two years. Part of that I seriously take a lot of blame for, but some things have happened that just make me always feel like I’m on my tiptoes waiting for danger.

Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why?

There are so many, but mainly cause I’ve never had the confidence to chat with them in world.  If I had to narrow it down to one person, I would say Harlow Heslop.  I met her once around two years ago.  A friend introduced us, and I just remember how much she reminded me of my friends from high school.  I remember chatting forever with those girls, so I guess Harlow simply because she reminds me of a good part of my past.

Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration?

I’m so far from perfect that this question is just too hard.  I see the good in everything and I see the bad.  I haven’t met anyone yet that made me believe that the bad was so bad that I couldn’t stand them any longer.  I’m a forgive and always remember type of person though, so time will tell.

What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you?

When I first started blogging I had no clue, I just wanted to find stuff that I liked no matter when it was released and no matter what it was. Now, I want to do the same, but I have some restrictions that I’ve willfully placed myself in.  I have taken some of the blog what you want when you want out of  my space.  I have no one person to blame.  I just like blogging for me sometimes, and I haven’t found that time in that for a very long time.

I used to enjoy exploring with my boyfriend as well, especially when we first started, but he left because people wanted him to take sides in drama.  He doesn’t do that stuff.  To him this game was escape, and they took that from him, and in a way took him from me because he no longer plays.

What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?

I’ve thought and thought and this question is beyond hard.  I’m not really embarrassed by anything I want to do with my life.

Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident? Yes.

Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for.

No one and no time. I just wish my boyfriend would find out how special this life can be.

What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?

Send me an IM to go do some dancing or something.  I never get out.  I see tons of things to do, but I feel a bit intimated to just go by myself.  It is always nice to know somebody is thinking of you and wants you to be there.

Sunglasses-Sorgo-Clubmaster @ TLC The Boutique
Necklace-Half-Deer-Savannah Necklach-Giraffe @ TLC The Boutique
Binoculars/Cronograph/Hat-Severed Garden
Hair-Wasabi Pills-Donna-Seafoam @Hair Fair
Pants-Maitreya-Leather Skinny Pants-Brwn
Shirt-Bilo-Wild Tunic-Cheetah @ TLC The Boutique
Hands/Feet-Slink-AV Enhance
Earrings-Handverk-Enamel Elephant-Carrot @ TLC The Boutique
Skin-Glam Affair-Margot-Europa-Blond
Pose Top: Fri.day
Pose Bottom: Everglow

Goth Fair 2013

So, yesterday I decided to try a relaxing adventure to World Goth Fair 2013.  I had a few brands that I saw items from that I really wanted to check out.  Wow.  I really need to read blogs more carefully.  For nearly 15 minutes I was trying to navigate Goth Fair using the wrong freakin map.  I was so frustrated.  Mind you, this is not anyone’s fault but my own.  I was tired. I was zoned.  I had spent 8 hours deciphering teen speak at work which can make the normal mind explode after 5 minutes.  I mean WOW.  I have never felt so stupid.   But, I managed to figure out where I was and for what I was looking for which leads me to *drumroll*  Half Deer’s release, the Necromancer headdress, Bilo’s dress and skin release, and Perception’s neck corset.

I’m kinda proud I was able to pull together a look after my debacle.  I figured I would give up, but I did and I like it.  If you know this blog, I don’t venture too much into Fantasy and such, so I tried my best to present my Goth look.  Bilo’s new skin is fantastic, and helped me quite a bit.  From as far as I can tell (not a skin expert), the shading just seems more complementary in this skin line, I love the lips, and there seems to be much more overall attention to detail.  The skin itself just screams tempress, at least to me.  There is also something so alluring about this face.  I love getting a chance supporting skin makers who continuously try to improve their lines of skins for their audience.  I have a few of Bilo’s previous skins, and I can say I approve of some of the changes and advances she has made as a skin maker.

Make sure to go over and check the World Goth Fair 2013 and check out these releases and others!


Perception-Neck Corset-Black Leather
Half-Deer-The Necromancer’s Headdress-Aqurius
Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner-no.03
Truth Hair-Abra-Black/White-01
Jalwa Skins-Jezebel-Vamp-Ethereal-White Brow
Ikon Vanity Eyes-Poltergueist
Poses by Marukin




A mystery unraveling.

Pose-Marukin- [frais] suave


Bilo released this beautiful gown a few days ago. I was working on a photo for it around that time…and accidentally deleted it. So, today I set out again to try to capture the beauty of this creation.  Not many can pull of such a feat–long dress, long sleeves– and make it fit so eloquently.  The fabrics on each dress offer a unique color palette -gem-like and well, shimmery, so I it didn’t take me by surprise that this particular gown was called Shimmer.

Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner-03
Truth-Crys w/Roots-Seasand @ FaMESHed
Bilo- Rani-Sabah-Shimmer
Bilo-Bling Ring-14k
Swallow-Earrings- Riflesso
Maxi Gossamer-Inverted Crown Mesh Eyelashes
Maxi Gossamer-Eden Sun Pendant
Maxi Gossamer-Solar Dream-Gold + Jade
the Skinnery-Lovers Eye-Jade
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elegant
Glam Affair-Lilith-America-Clean
Zaara-Illaida Mojri-Yellow





Poses: Focus Poses-Model 60-4  & Everglow-Girls-611

I have been trying to blog for two weeks.  Trying. Failing. Trying.  Failing.  Finally, I just took a break for a few days.  Sometimes, you just have to step away.  So many, many events and releases over the past few days, so I decided I needed to try to get back into the swing of things.  I started out with a dress from Bilo, and the dress must have been magic because my blogging spirit returned!  There are three different versions of this dress: a shimmery one, patterned, and plain.  I like that there were options.   I really was going back and forth between the shimmery colors and this pattern that I decided on.   The dress will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.  I decided I needed some red shoes.  I think I only have one other pair of red shoes in my inventory, and they are sneakers, so I was able to justify my purchase of these killer heels from Maitreya.  I needed them, but of course!

Once I had my clothes, I headed over to Collabor88 to see what I could maybe add to my outfit.  I picked up the necklace by Maxi Gossamer and hair by D!va.  I think I do that every round.


D!va-Asami-Moon Stone-Type B @ Collabor88
Maitreya Gold-Liaison-Lipstick
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Inverted Crown
Maxi Gossamer-Filigree Oval-Combo-@ Collabor 88
Slink-Mesh Hands-Relax
Deetalez-Dolly-V2-Glossy Winter-Lips No. 6
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon


So, it is pose appreciation time.  I use tons of poses, and I kinda horde them all.  I tried just shopping for poses as needed, but that never worked for me.  So, if I see a pose that looks cool or looks useful, I buy.  One pose shop that always has such interesting poses is Del May. Yes, Del May produces some of the most artistic poses on the grid, but you will also find other poses as well that are more blogger friendly-all of which have delightful or giggle-terrific names.  I am so glad Del May is out there because many people do such beautiful pieces of art with them.

Zodiac is underway as well.  I am wearing a cute cardigan made by Bilo for the event.  I tried to so some different color combinations, and well, I am not so sure I did the cardigan justice. I paired it with the Erratic tops that were on sale for Fifty Linden Friday.  I heart these tops.  It is been hard to find new layers to put under items, and these are perfect.

I also decided to purchase new mesh nails from Jamman!  I am really liking them.  I can change them to pretty much any color or design, and I also can change the length of the nail.  It even lets you change specific fingers.  How awesome is that.  I think I played around with the options forever.

Erratic-Basics-Longshirt-Dark Purple
Bilo-Munira Cardigan-Pine@ Zodiac
Eclectic Apparel-Spirit Mini Skirt-Plaid-Night
Izzie’s-Heart Necklace
Yummy-Boho Ring-Maroon@ Collabor88
Maubray-Marijen Wedge w/Sock-Black
Truth Hair-Nyx/w roots-Seasand
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lake
Jamman-Mesh Fingernails
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Groomed & Swallow Wings
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare//Blonde Brows, Freckles, Plum Lipstick
Poses: Del May-Serenade, Obviously, Id

Time passed makes it plain

Flowey Poses-The Big Black Sky

Whew, my life appreciates these moments of balance that whisk me to a place of calm. For awhile there, I thought I was going stark raving mad with restless nights and stressful days.  It is nice to have a day of nothingness among them.  So, what to do on a day with no expectations?  So easy.  Dress up in fall colors and lounge about I say.  Some new items made my escape a bit easier: the Hiba dress by Bilo for Zodiac, the set by Baffle! called Time is running out for Fair, and Rebel hair by Truth for hair lovers every week.

Once again, this was an outfit I wore out this past week, but didn’t have the time to blog it.  I loved it so much that I didn’t want any one of these pieces to end up in my invy dungeon of catastrophic confusion and messiness, so I present them all to you now.

Taxi to Fair: October Cycle is open until November 16Chic Management Event

Taxi to Zodiac:  Scorpio Cycle is open until November 16Hottie Cooterati Event

Taxi to Truth Hair: New hair released every FridayTruth Hawks

Mijn-Sheer Tights (from a previous TDR item)
Atelier AM-Rain Drop Necklace-Blue Green
Bilo-Hiba-Tiger’s Eye
Maitreya- Radical Boots- Suede Chamoisee
Mayfly- Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Spring Night
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes -Wild Full Thick
Glam Affair-Roza Basic-America 02
Baffle!-Time is running out Set *Baffle will be closing the middle of November. Final sale will take place from Nov 1st, 12PM – Nov 11th. Everything will be 55L in store, including prefabs.


Bilo for Harvest Hunt.

Fall is coming.  It surely doesn’t feel like it! As I write this, the temperature is rising, and will more than likely flatline at 90 degrees.   For those that don’t know, I am a teacher by trade.  My classroom on Friday was 95 degrees–add 25 bodies to the mix and some high humidity and you have what would be known as cruel and unusual punishment.  A poor student, bless his heart, wrote furiously in his notebook which was slowly soaked by droplets of sweat.  There is no doubt in my mind that the only thing learned on this day was that it is really, really hard to pay attention when you feel like you might pass out.

Where was I?  Oh, the Summer Harvest Hunt.  The Summer Harvest Hunt starts today, presented by the Ego Co.   Bilo will have a beautifully embroidered pencil skirt available.  Of course, the shade is Autumn inspired–sepia, yellow, and a speckle of orange flavor the skirt.   Say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall by going hunting!   Good Luck!


Bilo-Embroidered Skirt-Harvest Hunt
Dark Mouse-A Daisy for you-Necklace-Marketplace Only
Erratic-Amy-Silk Blouse-White
Donna Flora-Lia-Ring
SLink-Vintage 2-strap Pumps-Cream
SLink-Womens Medium Height Barefeet
The Skinnery-Emma-Midnight-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Poses: Label Motion-Rose-3 and Marukin-Filgree-Delicate