fine where I am

Collabor88 has some really cute housing items for all my decor aficionado out there who love to change up their homes  I am personally quite attached to desks…some people like to collect homes, I am a desk collector.  Standby’s Huckleberry desk [not sure if it is named after the book but a desk named after a book is practically perfect in every possible way] really just made me do the oooo and ahhhhh.  I love how it is packaged too. If you get the fatpack, all items come separately, but also linked together.  This is perfect.  As a blogger, I just want to say thank you.  The shelf compliments this desk and was  no-brainer purchase. I am always looking for items to put up on my walls other than prints.  Both items are beyond realistic and expertly crafted. I also enjoyed the Mudhoney furniture set for its versatility.  It comes in sections with makes room arrangement a creative palette of fun.  

Everyone needs some items that add personality. The little mason jars with a notepad, and the books on top of the scale from Sari-Sari really do make a house a home.

I also bought some clothes at Collabor88 [suprise].  I would have to say Auxiliary’s sweater at Collabor88 is quite possibly my favorite piece of clothing in my inventory right now. It fits perfectly and the texturing and detail send this piece over the top.  It gets marked in my “you must buy it” category for sure.  The leather pants from House of Fox worked well with my top and have enough detail to be interesting and real without a bunch of zippers and embellishments to make it less functional, making it a perfect buy to wear again and again.  The pants give you so many outfit options.  I really like the clean structured fit.

To stand out from the crowd, I recommend the small and delicate nose bridge and septum ring from Stories & Co at Collabor88.  I haven’t taken this piece off yet, and it just may never come off.  

Standby Inc.-Huckleberry Desk and Shelf (linked) @ Collabor88
Standby Inc.-Buncha Books @ Collabor88
Sari-Sari-Mason Jars & Notepad
Mudhoney-Eva Chairs & Ottoman-Leather @ Collabor88
Tia-Mona Lisa-Clock Sidetable-White Wood
Sari-Sari-Scale with Books
BB-Wizarding Desert Rain Frog
Lisp-Charlotte Nerd Print 1 & 2

Dela-Kesha-Blonde 5
Mon Cheri-Falsies
Ingenue-Lydia Slingbacks-Cherry
Slink-AV Enhance Feet and Hands
Stories & Co/Celine Septum Ring #1-Silver @ Collabor88
Stories & Co/Olga Nose Bridge Ring-Silver @ Collabor88
Aux-Studded Sweater-Mint @ Collabor88
Glam Affair-Elvi-Europa-06
IKON-Vanity Eyes-Azure
Marukin Poses

What do you mean it doesn’t really fly?

I stepped into the cockpit, turned the key, and let the engine roar.  This plane was powerful.  I had always wanted to fly.   This was my chance.   Behind me a little kid yelled, “Get on with it grandma-there is a line back here.”  I turned my head, scowled, and told him I was not moving until it would fly.  The crowd around me erupted in snickers and howls.  One particular guy stopped convulsing long enough to tell me that it was just a ride.  It would not fly.

“What do you mean it doesn’t fly?  I put a quarter in this plane. I paid to fly!”  I screamed and then clenched the stirring wheel in disbelief.  My dream.  My dream dissolved into the last remaining chuckles of the people around me.

 I moved to get up, but the plane started moving forward.  Wtf.  Before I could react, I stumbled back down into the seat and my legs flailed into the air.  I was going up.  I was in the sky.  I was flying.

You can find Culprit’s Pilot Trainer Ride at TLC’s The Garden.  Culprit has three different items out,  and all of them have hilarious animations and facial expressions.  You have to go try them out!

The Garden [theme: Area 51] allows you to be a kid again, so don’t miss it!  Just watch out, a few poor souls were abducted by aliens while shopping.

Now, I need to figure out how to land this thing.

Birdy-Delilah Skin-Pure-Blonde
Ikon-Vanity eyes-Dew
Aux-Studded cocktail-Sky @Collabor88
LaRoo-Alice Knee High Pumps-Black
Epoque Hair-Tied Up-Grain
Slink-Avatar Enhancement Mesh-Hands
Culprit Pilot Trainer Ride @ TLC’s The Garden [includes facial expressions, music, and animations]

I want to help, but I keep asking myself how.

Tableau Vivant-Top- Scarborough   Left to Right  Boccaccio, Teichmann, Harlow 

We all make choices in our lives. Some take hours while others not even seconds. I am asking you to make a decision to donate your time and energy to a great cause: Wigs for Kids by Hair Fair 2013. We cry to the rivers, to the trees, to the streets about pain and suffering everyday. I know I have. But, I know not the pain of the eight year old undergoing treatment for cancer. I know not the pain of the parents or the siblings or those young friends. So, all I can do is bring a bit a hope.

Yes, this is a shopping event. It is one I am particularly excited about. I love the creativity, the love and passion that drips into the work that you will get to experience as you pass by each designer at Hair Fair 2013. But also, as a SLer, it is an event I am seriously proud to be a part of even if only as a shopper.

I hope you find time in your day to purchase and enjoy your item knowing Wigs for Kids can benefit from your generosity.

Hair Fair 2013 opens on July 13 (SLT//Pacific). I hope to see you there.  You can find Tableau Vivant’s booth among them the many sims here.

All Hair from ~Tableau Vivant~@ Hair Fair 2013
Skirt-Baiastice-Sissy Pessoa-Didi skirt
Top-Aux-Tyr Rozenblum & Crushed Clarity-Summer Tide
Jewelry-MG-Maxi Gossamer-Positano Night Jewel Necklace and Ring (Silver) @ Collabor88
Skin-Glam Affair-Aida Ewing-Lulu Europa 3A
Tattoo-White Widow-Julie Hastings-Two Moons

Hair Fair 2013:
Hair Fair – Sand
Hair Fair – Garden
Hair Fair – Flower
Hair Fair – Water

Slide through my hands.

Cleo is the newest release from Glam Affair, and I think she is a beautiful addition.  I was curious how lines evolve and change, so I decided to try out the gif thing and put Cleo up against other releases from Glam Affair.   I have no idea if it will actually play.  It doesn’t in preview, but when I open it up in another window it does, so I just gonna go with it…cross my fingers, and then hide if it doesn’t. I know, extremely ladylike.  Sidenote: My apologies for not using the same tone throughout.  I changed to Europa over America for the last few releases. Also note, wordpress still hates me and is messing with the format of my posts, so sorry!  

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Ruffles and Eyes. Oh my.


If someone has not put together this outfit yet, I will be shocked.  They are adorable together.   You can find the Fashionably Dead Maxi Skirt and Just Frills top by Aux at Collabor88.  You can also pick up D!va’s new hair, Sayaka3, and Glam Affair’s  new Europa skin tone, Margot, there as well.

My eyes are a new release by Ikon, and I really loved the color Starfall in his new series Vanity Eyes.  Finally, Ison released a new Scout Boho bag not too long ago that I think finished off my outfit perfectly. The bag comes in all sorts of colors.  I picked up a chocolate brown one as well.  Three pose options are included with the purse.  Sorry to be all choppy and on the fly, but life happens!


“D!va”” Hair “Sayaka3” (Type A)(Moon stone) @ Collabor88
(fd) Maxi Skirt w/ Belt – Tan @ Collabor88
ISON – scout boho bag -right hand *NEW
Slink Mesh Hands Casual
[Aux] Just Frills – short  – Anchor – pink @ Collabor88
[Gos] Marilyn Sandals – Hazel & Calf –
Glam Affair – Margot – Europa 01 – Blonde @ Collabor88
IKON Vanity Eyes – Starfall *New

The Arcade: Revisiting Childhood

Me, as I unpack my Arcade stuff…I just snapped a quick picture using DOF with my wand and footie pajamas.  Um, if I had all the money in the world, I would still be at The Arcade trying to collect every single wand and jammie out there:

The Arcade

So, as I started to unpack, I realized I had tons of stuff. I just cleaned out my inventory a couple weeks ago, and this gacha thing made a serious mess. But, I had so much fun in the process that I didn’t care.  I don’t think I got one thing that I set out to get, but it didn’t matter, and I ended up loving the items I did get.   In a few months time I won’t remember any of that, but I will remember how The Arcade made me feel like a kid again.


On Me:
Cracked Mirror-Footie Pajamas-Sprinkles @Arcade
Truth-Skai w/Roots-Seaspray
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Assorted-Mesh
Noodles-Purest Snow-Tiara-Silver/Ruby @Arcade
Pididdle-My Special Treasures-Unicorn Tears @Arcade
Curio Obscura-Stellar Fairy Wand @Arcade
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Patina

The Arcade Items:
Sway’s-Spirit Pendumlum Clock
Katat0nik-Green-Art Bunny
ADD-Assorted Snowglobes
The Secret Store-Tiny Satchel-Mint
Curio Obscura-Assorted Wands
Standby Inc-Retro Headphones
Aux-Fly Free-Slate
Pilot-Assorted Christmas Village (or trees because I only got trees. lol)
Noodles- Assorted Tiaras
LaRoo-Shearling Boots-Violet
Monso-My Fancy Flats-Round Cat
Tres Blah-Pastry Mania-Macarons
Miamai-Deer Pink Hat
Schadenfreude-vouboo: mewbit
Olive-I’ll Fix your harddrive Techi Pet Rock
Floorplan-Gumball Machine, Species Silohoutte/Ostrich
Glow-Studio Birdy Glasses-Gold
HANDverk-Dormouse Chair
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Paris the Chicken
Art Dummy!- for winter conversations-chair one-pink

Other Items:
Cheeky Pea: Sweetwater Room
Floorplan-Assorted books
Y’s House-Rug- Linen
North West-Cushy Pouf-Blue (no longer available)
LISP-Cloche Lantern, Hot Chocolate, Window Mirror, Twinkle Hanging Stars, Pansy Puff
Art Dummy!-Once-Bookends, Once-Cabinets with Lanterns
Fatewear-“Friendship Bear”
MMG-mesh: Wall decoration-Picture Frames