see a light where there is none


Mon Tissu-Coquette Blouse-Blue Polkadot
Decoy-Caleigh Shorts-Dirty
Zenith-Peony Corolla (Hairband) @ Forest spring concert Mini event
Just Design-Sydney w/Socks @ The Men’s Department
Izzie’s – Nomi Eyeshadow rose
.Birdy. Simple eyeliner
Izzie’s – Lipstick rose
*FTL* Eyelashes – C01 Natural
IKON Spectral Eyes Clarity
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands -Casual
Izzie’s – Nomi Skin pale
Pose-Sari-Sari– Ground Sits Pack-(01 shown) available for April’s Kustom9 event



in search of fairer weather

Good afternoon!  There are tons of goodies that are so cute out there waiting for you!  Mon Tissu is back!  I really do love their denim, and the cuffed jeans are no exception.  The top by Tres Blah at Collabor88 fits perfectly over the jeans.  I love it when items just work together.  The top by Tres Blah allows for some room to fit with other pieces.  I am a lover of clunky platform shoes.  Renegade has put out some amazing ones at Kustom9 that come with a hud to change the base color.  Argrace has put out a whimsical pony tail style. I love the whispies on the hair that give it some movement. The bottom is detachable, so you also go for a shorter hairstyle as well.  Glam Affair will have another amazing skin available the Cutie Moon Fair April 1st.  While I opted for more neutral combinations for this post, the skin adds a Cutie Moon flair by offering some wild and fun color palettes as well.

Glam Affair-Brandi-Artic 01A-Lipstick 04-Nose O2-NEW @ Cutie Moon Fair
Yummy-Quinn Frames-Pink @ Collabor88
Tres Blah-Blazer with Tank-Grey
Mon Tissu-Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans-Dark Wash-NEW
Renegade-T-Strap Platform Sandals-Black (Slink)-NEW @ Kustom9
Ikon-Spectral Eyes-Glass
Pink Fuel-Eyelashes-Dolly
Mon Cheri-Falsies Eyelashes
Slink-Mesh Hands (Casual/Relaxed) and Feet (Medium)
Poses: dfo! [penelope] silly girl. i love you, you know that, right?; Label Motion-Blair Pose 2

Wandering in circles trying to find beautiful.

Pose-Everglow-Girl Poses-#54-538

The highs and freakin lows of blogging.  Always, always, I hit the mental block.  What can I do? Where should I go?  What should I wear? At this point, I  can go down two paths.  I can go skin shopping.  The fact that I have worn the same skin for I think like four blogposts is aaaaa-mazing. (Hi, my name is Sophee Mojo and I am a recovering skin addict.) Not a good path.  This pathway is dark, and then I start spiraling.  Welp, maybe I look better as a burnette again?  Oooo! Look at that skin-it looks great with red hair.  I can be a redhead. Most certainly can.  If I get a new skin, then I have to tweak my shape.  Frak.  I will not even mention all the eyelashes that need to be adjusted.  Shopping for skins ends up being all time-consuming.  Fast forward fifteen minutes later, I am back in my old skin and shape, still lost.  Still in the black hole of– what now?…Still wandering around trying to find beautiful.  Don’t be a deep thinker there.  I just like pretty.

So instead, I opted for pathway number two: pick a place in Second Life  and find something beautiful and just snap a picture until something happens.   This is much more dollar friendly and I don’t end up with a folder of red hair I will never wear again. Because I most certainly can not pull that off.  Tried and failed.


Pose-Flowey-In the Flash


La Malvada Mujer-II Verde #2
TokiD-Fur Pouch-Deer
Argrace-Straw Fedora/Chloe-Blonde
Severed Garden-accessories from TAMU outfit
Sn@tch-Tango Mesh Tulip Skirt-Black
Tee*fy-Basic Tucked Tank-Sand
Emi-Mesh Ballet Flats-Native
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Atelier Kreslo-Balloon from daydream chair
Mayfly-Deep Mesh Eye-Honey Brown

Location: Eiffel Tower