Ice Cream Nightmare.

8f8 – 32. Vintage Ice Cream Machine @ the Arcade
8f8 – 4. Vintage Table @ the Arcade
8f8 – 22. Oops! Strawberry Peach Ice Cream @ the Arcade
8f8 – 33. Vintage Ice Cream Stand @ the Arcade
8f8 – 14. Ice Cream Delicious Toppings @ the Arcade
8f8 – 9. Chocolate Cookie Dough in a Cup @ the Arcade
8f8 – 20. IceDreams Table Menu @ the Arcade
8f8 – 15. IceDreams Popsicle Display @ the Arcade

*FTL* Eyelashes – C01- Natural
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Slink AvEnhance Feet High
Glam Affair – Summer skin – Asia 02 A @ Collabor88
the Skinnery- Lovers eye-Storm

Outfit 1:
Yummy-Anchor Necklace-Gold @ Collabor88
REIGN.- Liberty Wedges- (HIGH)- Aztec @ Hello Sunshine
Clawtooth: Under the Sea – @ Collabor88
Tee*fy Gianna Off Shoulder Top- Brown @ Collabor88
Tee*fy Layla Wrapped Skirt- Sunrise @ Collabor88

Outfit 2:
Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Cruise Dress[Coral]-S @ Collabor88
MG – Necklace – Beach Castaway – Long 3 @ Collabor88
MoDANNA [Baldaquin Collection] Wedge Sandal Grandma @ Hello Sunshine
TRUTH HAIR Oceana @ Collabor88

Poses are from Adorkable on MP and LAP-no longer available.

The Arcade
Hello Sunshine Fair


the arrangement.


Pose-Marukin- Filgree-Cartesier

Pumpkin released The Suit over the weekend. I must say I might have squealed with delight when I tried it on today.  It is unique and gorgeous.  I fell in love immediately.  It is not separates.  I loved this concept, even though I would have really enjoyed each of these pieces on their own. I would be lying if I didn’t want a chance to wear these high-waisted pants with a bunch of other items, but nonetheless this is a wonderful piece, and I highly recommend you check it out.  The jacket comes in solids and a wide array of floral and patterns to pick from.  I wasn’t planning on even blogging today, but this outfit made me!


Truth-Zendaya w/Roots-Seasand
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Groomed & Party
Ikon-Kaleido Eyes-Sky
Slink-Mesh Hands-Casual
Kunglers-Braclet & Necklace-Abaco-Copper
Mother Goose-Lip-C-7-Teeth
Pumpkin-The Suit-Floral White *NEW
Fanatik-Classic Pumps-Nude
Mother Goose-Josephine II-1

the woman was a dream I had.

Pose-Adorkable-Lean 3

So many, many ideas for a photo swarmed around in my head when I started out with this dress, Bowie, from Katat0nik.  And I took many, many different photos-in different places, with different hair, with more accessories, then less accessories, but this one seemed to be the picture I came back to, so this is the one you get.

I love Katat0nik’s clothing. It is so interesting and original and fun. It is perfectly crafted. It has great detail.  Just look at the ruffles and the texture. The price is more than I am used to spending, but it should be. The pieces are extraordinary, and I feel very much worth every penny. I often look at them as a bit of a splurge for myself. A luxury I get to enjoy every so often.

Pose-Adorkable-Lean 4

Katat0nik-Bowie Dress-Black
Katat0nik-Bowie Deep Toe Heel-Dark Gray
Adam N Eve-Disa T2-Bare/Freckles/Cleavage Enhancer/Wine Lipstick/Blonde Brows
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow

Location-World’s End Garden *Location found using SL Blogger Support’s wonderful resource

All Hallows’ Evening


Once every ten weeks evil comes to my home and life.  The skies darken eclipsing the sun and leaving nothing but a deafening silence.  This evil lurks around every corner and nothing can prevent it from passing through my life-it can not be avoided  This evil is the end of the grading period for this sad, tired teacher.  I’m sorry to build up to nothing, but wow, I have missed my blog.

Even though I still have five papers and a handful of projects still to sift through, I decided to stop and blog this outfit which I have been wearing since the Costume Ball started.   I tried out a few different looks, but this is the one I ended up going with because I really loved the skin from Izzie’s. I feel like Mia Sara from Legend, especially with the black lipstick.  Oh great, now I want a unicorn too.   I went ahead and bought the fairy gown from Valentina E Couture because a) it is so cute b) it had wings c) it is a gown.  I love the creativity behind Valentina E’s clothing.  It is different and in the world of mesh, everyone can understand that finding something unique can be a tiny bit hard.  Sometimes, the texturing for this brand is different than I am used to and it throws me off (at least I think that is what it is), but you can tell these items are made with a great deal of thought and care.

Happy Halloween!!!

Kyoot Makeup – Smokey (Dark Red)
Izzie’s – Lipgloss black
LOULOU&CO- Necklace :: NORA :: Red V.1
V.e. -Fairy Gown Evil and Fairy Wings @ Costume Ball
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Pomegranate)
N-core- COQUETE Platform “Dark Red”
Jamman-Ultimate Deluxe Fingernails Left Hand V1
Yasyn – Effervescent Chrysalis – Auntie Jay’s Smokestack
Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.) @ Costume Ball


Wandering in circles trying to find beautiful.

Pose-Everglow-Girl Poses-#54-538

The highs and freakin lows of blogging.  Always, always, I hit the mental block.  What can I do? Where should I go?  What should I wear? At this point, I  can go down two paths.  I can go skin shopping.  The fact that I have worn the same skin for I think like four blogposts is aaaaa-mazing. (Hi, my name is Sophee Mojo and I am a recovering skin addict.) Not a good path.  This pathway is dark, and then I start spiraling.  Welp, maybe I look better as a burnette again?  Oooo! Look at that skin-it looks great with red hair.  I can be a redhead. Most certainly can.  If I get a new skin, then I have to tweak my shape.  Frak.  I will not even mention all the eyelashes that need to be adjusted.  Shopping for skins ends up being all time-consuming.  Fast forward fifteen minutes later, I am back in my old skin and shape, still lost.  Still in the black hole of– what now?…Still wandering around trying to find beautiful.  Don’t be a deep thinker there.  I just like pretty.

So instead, I opted for pathway number two: pick a place in Second Life  and find something beautiful and just snap a picture until something happens.   This is much more dollar friendly and I don’t end up with a folder of red hair I will never wear again. Because I most certainly can not pull that off.  Tried and failed.


Pose-Flowey-In the Flash


La Malvada Mujer-II Verde #2
TokiD-Fur Pouch-Deer
Argrace-Straw Fedora/Chloe-Blonde
Severed Garden-accessories from TAMU outfit
Sn@tch-Tango Mesh Tulip Skirt-Black
Tee*fy-Basic Tucked Tank-Sand
Emi-Mesh Ballet Flats-Native
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Atelier Kreslo-Balloon from daydream chair
Mayfly-Deep Mesh Eye-Honey Brown

Location: Eiffel Tower

Sunshine on a cloudy day.


So yeah, I will probably just warn you ahead of time that these clothes mostly come from Collabor88, which you probably have seen a lot of lately, but the collection this go around is just so fabulous I feel the need to blog it all!

Clawtooth has crafted another masterpiece with this design.  Little tendrils and hair wisps surround the face while the longer strands fold delicately into a loose braid.  Drool.  Love. I really should just shut up, but this hair is amazing!  I have been wearing my Willow bodysuit for days now.  It is my new go to shopping outfit, so if you see me out and about, yes I will be half-naked in that bodysuit shopping ’til I drop.  My delicate and dainty pearl set is from Adore&Abhor.  It is the perfect set of vintage pearls for your jewelry box.  My beautifully tailored jacket comes from   The soft baroque pattern gives it a classy look.

In other news, see that cute little skirt there.  It is at Vintage Fair and is made by Nyte’N’Day.  You can visit the Classic Sim to pick it up for yourself!


Willow-Filigree Bodysuit-Gold @ Collabor88
Adore&Abhore-The Imperfect Pearl Necklace @ Collabor88
Clawtooth-Please and Thanks-Salty @ Collabor88 Jacket-Riches @ Collabor88
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
Nyte’N’Day-Floosh Skirt-White Plaid @ VF Classic
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey @ VF Classic



I have to be honest here.  I kept trying to take pics of me in this adorable outfit, but my butt got in the way.  Every single time I thought I had a good snap…boom. My butt.  In. Every. Shot. So, I have decided to roll with it.

Making these bootilicious shorts would be Lenox Co., a new brand.  I actually think they have a fantasy brand, but this brand is more mainstream. On my flickr, it told me these shorts were at Vintage Fair, which they might in all honestly be, but I couldn’t find them there, so I instead checked out their mainstore. They had the shorts there as well. It also said it would feature more menswear-I know the men need more stuff too!     The shorts were awesome.  The alpha was okay.  I actually had to make my own alpha for them.

The rest of my outfit comes from Collabor88.  I must say I am seriously lovin’ on the shoes from ISON–so  detailed.   I loved the colors and style of the jacket by Boom.  Elikatira did an outstanding  job with both hairs at Collabor88.  I finished off my outfit with a little lipstick from Adore&Abhor.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the Kyoot sale!  Almost everything is 50L!

…and just to prove that every shot was a booty shot.  Seriously.  Some love for those shorts.

Pose-Adorkable-Confident Leo-5


Je Suis-Turquoise Ring
Lenox-1972 Shorts Blue
Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Deep Ice
[e]-Found-Blond 04 @ Collabor88
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodsock-honey @ Vintage Fair
Adam and Eve-Eye Tattoo-Bedazzled
A&A-Silent Star-Baroque Cherry @ Collabor88
ISON-Miraya Open Toe Bootie-Dusty Rose @ Collabor88
Izzie’s-Teardrop Earring-Ocean
Kyoot-Lacey Little Top-Peach *Sale



Vive9 @ Vintage Fair.

Vive9 created an awesome dress available at Vintage Fair.  You need this dress. The dress has realistic texturing and uses standard sizing.  I tried my best to over accessorize to give me more of an 80s vibe.  Mons has some great accessories that can spice up your outfits.

Classic Sim


Retro Sim

Vintage Fair 2012 website


Izzie’s-Metallic Leggings-Silver @VF Retro
Pekka Candy Eyeshadlow and Flavour Lipstick
LOW-Lace Gloves-White
.+*AA*+. flashy earring and necklace
Vive Nine-Vila Leather Contrast Dress-Blue @VF Retro
Tea Time-Music Bag-Gray
Leverocci-Ava OTK Boots-Python Nero
Mons-Elegance Ring-Mush
Mons-Dore Ride Earring
Mons-Sweet Dreams-Blonde
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstuck-Honey @VF Classic
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Poses: Adorkable Confident Leo and
Everglow-Girl Poses-#61