Throwing shadows on your eyes

Hi folks!  Just showing off some more of the items available at Rhapsody!  I have loved putting together different outfits based on the music genres there.  It is a big event, so even if you have been once, I have found more stuff on a second or third visit!  I hope you are having fun creating looks too!

Reckless-Wonderland (Faded) with Slink Appliers
ZOZ- Piano Keys Gold Polish Huds – Slink Nail Applier @Rhapsody
Mina-Sid with hairbase Punk @Rhapsody
Cracked Mirror-Torn Tube Top-Black @Rhapsody
Epoque-Redemption Frames-Black
Mandala-Simple Ears-Hutuu
Adore&Abhor-Punk Waist-Tied Shirt-Punk’s Not Dead @Rhapsody
Maxi Gossamer-Earrings-Lost Eden-Rebecca-Silver/Jet
Mandala-Simple Bracelet-Sitennoah-Black
ANE-Chicago Bag-Herringbone-Feathers @Rhapsody
Slink-Hands and Feet
L. Warwick-Aurora Platform Heels-Spiked Patent Noir @Rhapsody
QE Designs-Mariah Jeans-Black Stripe @Rhapsody
Glam Affair – Candy – America – 03 A
IKON Spectral Eyes – Clarity (XS)
Poses by
Location: PSY City



Sunshine on a cloudy day.


So yeah, I will probably just warn you ahead of time that these clothes mostly come from Collabor88, which you probably have seen a lot of lately, but the collection this go around is just so fabulous I feel the need to blog it all!

Clawtooth has crafted another masterpiece with this design.  Little tendrils and hair wisps surround the face while the longer strands fold delicately into a loose braid.  Drool.  Love. I really should just shut up, but this hair is amazing!  I have been wearing my Willow bodysuit for days now.  It is my new go to shopping outfit, so if you see me out and about, yes I will be half-naked in that bodysuit shopping ’til I drop.  My delicate and dainty pearl set is from Adore&Abhor.  It is the perfect set of vintage pearls for your jewelry box.  My beautifully tailored jacket comes from   The soft baroque pattern gives it a classy look.

In other news, see that cute little skirt there.  It is at Vintage Fair and is made by Nyte’N’Day.  You can visit the Classic Sim to pick it up for yourself!


Willow-Filigree Bodysuit-Gold @ Collabor88
Adore&Abhore-The Imperfect Pearl Necklace @ Collabor88
Clawtooth-Please and Thanks-Salty @ Collabor88 Jacket-Riches @ Collabor88
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
Nyte’N’Day-Floosh Skirt-White Plaid @ VF Classic
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey @ VF Classic



I have to be honest here.  I kept trying to take pics of me in this adorable outfit, but my butt got in the way.  Every single time I thought I had a good snap…boom. My butt.  In. Every. Shot. So, I have decided to roll with it.

Making these bootilicious shorts would be Lenox Co., a new brand.  I actually think they have a fantasy brand, but this brand is more mainstream. On my flickr, it told me these shorts were at Vintage Fair, which they might in all honestly be, but I couldn’t find them there, so I instead checked out their mainstore. They had the shorts there as well. It also said it would feature more menswear-I know the men need more stuff too!     The shorts were awesome.  The alpha was okay.  I actually had to make my own alpha for them.

The rest of my outfit comes from Collabor88.  I must say I am seriously lovin’ on the shoes from ISON–so  detailed.   I loved the colors and style of the jacket by Boom.  Elikatira did an outstanding  job with both hairs at Collabor88.  I finished off my outfit with a little lipstick from Adore&Abhor.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the Kyoot sale!  Almost everything is 50L!

…and just to prove that every shot was a booty shot.  Seriously.  Some love for those shorts.

Pose-Adorkable-Confident Leo-5


Je Suis-Turquoise Ring
Lenox-1972 Shorts Blue
Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Deep Ice
[e]-Found-Blond 04 @ Collabor88
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodsock-honey @ Vintage Fair
Adam and Eve-Eye Tattoo-Bedazzled
A&A-Silent Star-Baroque Cherry @ Collabor88
ISON-Miraya Open Toe Bootie-Dusty Rose @ Collabor88
Izzie’s-Teardrop Earring-Ocean
Kyoot-Lacey Little Top-Peach *Sale