Week Forty-Eight: Tangelo


I am going to have to mosey on off and get a massive list of things accomplished today, but I wanted to take a moment to show you my 52 Weeks of Color  for Luna’s Challenge.  I have slacked majorly with this, and I have to give props to those that can accomplish putting an outfit together every week.

My dress comes from House of Torn, which I stopped by because I hadn’t heard much from them in a while, so I was curious if I just missed some stuff.  While there I saw something orange, so I decided to go for it.  The dress is adorable.  I love halter styles.  The tips of the collar disappeared a bit when I tried to photograph it from certain angles because it was so thin (I guess).  But, I do love that House of Torn offers standard sizing, but also plus sizes.

Next, I stopped by Lelutka and got this adorable bob, Effect.  If you know anything about me, you know I love short hairstyles.

I added a hair accessory from the Bees Through the Seasons event. The event is lovely, and for sure sent me down memory lane.   My father was a beekeeper.  We had bees in our backyard as kid.  I never thought it was odd. I thought everyone went to the kitchen to fill up mason jars with honey. Funny, I didn’t get one bee sting during that time.  It wasn’t until years later that I got my first bee sting, walking through a field in sandals at soccer camp.  Well, anyway the hair accessory is by Noodles and is called Collect Some Honey Hair Clip.  You can find many more cute items at this event.

Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Groomed & Swallow
Noodles-Collect Some Honey Hair Clip @ Bees Through the Seasons
Lelutka-Effect-Blonde Fun * Now available in Natural Packs
House of Torn-Rizzo-Orange
Adam N Eve-Disa-D2-Bare/Freckles/Blonde Brows
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Lake






Miss Hot Cinnamon

Miss Hot Cinnamon loved to dance.  In fact, on many occasion she would be the last “lady” on the dance floor.  She twirled.  She kicked.  She moved her hips.  Many of men loved Miss Cinnamon because she rarely wore undergarments.  They peeped.  They gawked.  They loved when she moved her hips.   Understandably, Miss Cinnamon was not a favorite among the women on the dance floor.  Husbands and boyfriends alike were snatched up by their wives and girlfriends from the floor.  Did Miss Hot Cinnamon care?  Nope.  She wasn’t interested in their men.  She was married to dance.

I must say, Miss Hot Cinnamon was born out of the dress I got on the Summer Harvest Hunt from 22769.  It is such a fun dress, and oh, it was free!  Immediately, I knew I wanted to do a post that was about dance.  I decided to add Truth’s new hair Carmen because I loved how the waves cascaded out.

Short and sweet blogpost for today!  If you are celebrating Labor Day, have fun!


22769-Nneka Dress-African Harvest
SLink-Illena Sandals-Brow
SLink-Mesh Feet
Synthetique-Ultimate French Series
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Pose-Del May-Strange Curtsey


I have not forgotten about you 52 weeks of color!  I kinda have been ignoring my color entries since I missed out on doing them while I was gone for the month of July, so here is my attempt at getting back into the groove.  The color this round was Jonquil which is the color of a type of daffodil.  When I stumbled upon this top from Tulip at Vintage Fair, I thought it would be perfect for the color challenge but it  also had that tugged in style, so I knew it would work well with  Tee*fy’s high-waisted shorts available at FaMESHed.  Win. Win.  While at Vintage Fair, I picked up a beautiful necklace from Magic Nook–such a stunning piece of jewelry.  I also added in Exile’s release from Hair Fair because I haven’t gotten around to blogging it yet.   Voila.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at The Skinnery’s newest release, Sophia,  available at Vintage Fair.  She is a beauty.

Vintage Fair: SLURLs & Map


Magic Nook-Cameo Necklace-Modern @ VF Chic
Tulip-Cropped Tube Top-Sunny @ VF Classic
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey @VF Classic
Tee*fy-Abbey High-Waisted Basics-Black @ FaMESHed
Exile-Silent Wings-Chardonnay
Mayfly-Deep Mesh Eye-Rising Spring
Pose-Diesel Works Baasha


Air Dry. for Luna’s 52 Weeks of Color: Deep Pink

Air Dry.

Oh what?! It is week 20 in Luna Jubilee’s Color Challenge?  Hmmm, well isn’t that a conundrum.  I had no idea.   Well, I guess I should stop this painting and go shopping for an outfit.  Wait.  I think-I think this just might work.  Phew, that was way tooooo close.

Fellow Plurkster and Color Challenge member,  Kaiden Diavolo, recommended roaming Culture Shock for inspiration.  So, I did.  There, I found a one-piece by Ninia that I found quite suitable for Deep Pink.  It is quite fun don’t you think?! Okay, so maybe the stool fits the color better, but nevertheless, another Color Challenge accepted and completed! You can find Ninia at Culture Shock along with other fabulous designers! …Back to painting.  Be. The. Painting.


Ninia- Neon Pink
Chaisuki-Lashes 54
Pekka- FLAVOUR Lipstick (Naturals 1)
Magika- Electricity
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Rainshower Shadow, w4)
Pixel Mode- Baby T’s Plain (Black)
Illusory Skin- Love Milk @ Culture Shock 2012

NuTec- Rainbow Paint Spatter Wall Art
Atelier Kreslo- Daydream Stool (hot pink) created by Gala Charron of Art Dummy! and Elle Kirshner of Pulling Strings.


52 Weeks of Color: Bright Turquoise

Well, I sucessful coordinated my catch-up plan. I have the ZombiePopcorn items to thank for it. This dress can be found at Quarantine through that event. It was the perfect mix of colors and had that hint of bright turquoise I needed! I paired it with items from Izzie’s. If you ever need something, Izzie’s is a great place for clothes, but also accessories (any pretty much anything–skins, eyes, etc.). They also have a great wall of tights! I also saw the heart necklace at Izzie’s and thought it went perfectly with my outfit. Lastly, I am wearing the new hair from exile–Take it off– you can’t go wrong with Exile hair. I almost forgot–I got that purse at Izzie’s too! See–told you–great place to find what you are looking for (even if you are like me and usually have no idea what I am looking for).

I will keep it short today folks!

Enjoy your Sunday,



Izzie’s – Tights ocean
***Chaisuki*** lashes 34
*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -metallic blue
– Quarantine – Flutter Dress – Mint M
::Exile:: Take it off:Teak
Izzie’s – Heart Earrings
Izzie’s – Heart Necklace
Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_BurgundyManicure
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Viridian)
*League* Jen Medium Feline
Poses: Everglow 522 & Label Motion Barbara

Location: Cheesecake near the entrance to Kookie

Timid. 52 Weeks of Color, Part 2: Tea Green

I really do love this dress from The Sea Hole.  I was planning on purchasing only the new realeases, but I saw this dress and thought Tea Green immediately.  It might have a bit more yellow than I would like, but I went with it.  By the way, I did get the new Sea Hole releases, and you should go check out the store if you haven’t.  I hope I get around to blogging them too.  This dress is not a new realease, but it is a must have dress-perfect for a formal outing.

I paired this dress with Donna Flora jewelry (earrings and necklace) and Dark Mouse ring.  I can’t tell you how many times I have used this series of rings from Dark Mouse.  It is called the Statement Rings, and it comes it a package of three–all unique.

Last, I got the new Glam Affair Skin Leah.  OMG. I do love it. Please at least go demo this skin.  I was blown away by it.  Glam Affair skins are known to be…well, glamorous, but this skin can function in high fashion or girl next door posts.  I really liked make up choices #2 and #9, but you should go check out which ones fit you!

In advance, sorry for the early posting, but I have grades due soooon, so I will be grading most of the day! I wasn’t sure if I would have the time later.

Enjoy your Saturday,



The Sea Hole – Nouveau Silk Dress- Dandelion
***Chaisuki*** lashes 34
::Exile:: Nomi:Wedge
Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Romance
DF: EDEN emerald earring L
DF:EDEN EDEN necklace emerald
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Viridian, w4)
-Glam Affair- Leah MedTan –  D

*New release shown in green. Surls can be found at Blogging Second Life–I have a link on my sidebar.

Location: Misali

52 Weeks Of Color: Aquamarine

Enjoy your Sunday.  I am feeling a bit under the weather today.  😦  I blame the time change.

I really liked the new skin from Dutch Touch–you should go and check it out.  The hair is new and from Truth.  Make sure to demo it.  It is mesh, and from what I hear, it may not be one size fits all.  I found my shorts at the Whore Couture Fair.  Not sure if they were new or not.  I just thought they would be perfect for the color challenge.


*T.Whore*- Slouchy Tee Scibbles NY
Candydoll Tennis BabyBlue Underpants
::dUTCH tOUCH:: ::eSmEE:: pEACH – Pink Lips
::DT:: MakeUp – EyeLiner – nr 1
>TRUTH< Lykie w/Roots (Mesh) – platinum
Eyelashes -16- Gentle *REDGRAVE*
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deep Shadow)
::DT:: ::eSmEE:: pEACH –

Been a while

So, I haven’t been around in a bit.  Oh life, why do you have to be so full of other stuff!? LOL  I still love Second Life, but I wish I had more time for the social aspects.  I try, but because I kinda come and go mostly on the weekends I feel a bit out of the loop.  I adore my classes this year and have had a blast teaching.  Though, I miss my 52 weeks of Color group.  I am random, shy, noobish, and awkward at times, but don’t let any of that stop you from saying hi! I have noticed a bunch of new people to the challenge, and I am so glad to see the new faces in the group.

Onward into blogging for fashion! Every single piece I am wearing are  from notable designers in SL–they stand the test of time. You could buy something from anyone of them and be able to pull it out of your invy in 6 months and still look current.  That is all I have to say.  The pants are somewhat new and the hair by [e] is very new.  The shoes are kinda newish too.  Everything else just sits in my invy waiting for a day to come out and play.  Bye now!


/artilleri/ beatrix shirt *pink*
(Black)Push up Jeans Pants
*Fishy Strawberry* Lingerie – Summer Garden –
[e] Hair Alpha – Abbey Brown 08
[PF] Elly Juicy Gloss (Raspberry)
Donna Flora MARIA necklace
MARIA ring L
MONS – Elegance Ring Series – NIHA
Slink Glitter Peeptoe
[e] Abbey – Brown 08
~Pepper~ Hip Belt – MULTI (TOUCH)
09 Pale Skin -Bella- /*wedding *REDGRAVE*

Location: Route 666, Highway to Hell

Bluehoo 52 weeks of Color

After the horrible global disaster in Japan, I just was stuck in this funk.  In the states, there was a horrible bus accident in NYC around the same time.  As always, the news seems so melancholy.  So, without even thinking about it really, my mind just seemed to keep going to these images of sadness even though our color for the week was actually quite cheery.  I posted my final product on flickr, and really I am very proud of it.  Not because it is this amazing photograph, but because it represented how I felt about everything.  I had initially wanted my photography to include a vanity, and I struggled to make that happen because well, it seemed so vain considering the times, but just for fun I will post both.  They are both in a way quite sad to me.  It is amazing how when we create, our emotions seem to transcend into the photograph. Oh, I also uploaded some new windlight settings, um wow, love playing around with those–they can totally change a whole photograph!

Photo 1:

Dress: Couverture

Hair: Truth Betty

Skin Al Vulo Berta

Pose: Glitterati

Photo 2:

Dress: Couverture

Hair: Magika Nayla

Skin: Rozena Ginta

Vanity: H&S Village

Pose: PLC Couture

On a side note, I tried forever to use a globe in SL to get this shot, but seriously I was pulling my hair out to get it to work.  I couldn’t get the dress to flow the right way…the globe would disappear, so I opted to put in the earth afterwards…sigh. As I stated before, I just saw the finished product above, and I thought it captured what I was feeling more so then this one, but just because I played around with this idea for days, I am posting it…lol. 

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