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Um.  I’ve been playing with different headings and such for things, and yesterday, LOL, I saw that sometimes, even though it looks fine on my site, on the feeds they can look HUGE. Whoops. Sorry. Not really. Maybe. Just a little.

Steffen Garcia released this cute lingerie set at Collabor88.  While it is cute, damn the alpha that came with it.  So. Guess what. I am alphaless in the above picture.  I tried making my dimensions the same as the notecard (which was actually very nice of Garcia to include), but no luck.  Could I have fussed with it more? Probably. Could I have made my own alpha? Yes.  Did I want to? Nope.  So, you might want to try the demo first for this item.   I lacked the patience to get it to work today.   The texture and mesh work itself is absolutely perfect.

I had no issue with my boots from Baiastice, which are stunning.  I love the platform, the thin stiletto heel, the detail and and the fit.  To show them off, I decided to put together a quick scene which included items from Sari Sari and 22769.  I used 22769’s Northern Lights Ottoman in Sand and modified one of the existing poses included to show off my boots.  Behind me, you can find Sari Sari’s release for The Theme Park, an antique drawer.  The curtains are from+ER+ and the house is from Scarlet Creative.

-Clothing Credits-

Baiastice_Avani high boot-suede-brown @ The Boutique
MINA Hair – Silvia
PARISA by Steffen Garcia, Bra & Knickers Chocolata @Collabor88
-Glam Affair – Mokatana – Europa 01 A @Collabor88
IKON Promise Eyes – Apex

-Scene Credits-

22769-Northern Lights Ottoman-Sand @ The Garden
Sari Sari-Antique Drawer @ The Theme Park
Scarlet Creative-The Trilby Dacha




Beach Garden Party

Ugh, I miss the beach.  I decided to put together a little garden beach scene to pay homage to those relaxing ocean waves, sunsets, and salty sky air.  All pieces can be found at The Garden by TLC.  I am sooo looking forward to summer.

Home and Garden:
Second Spaces-English Garden table w/out pots – teal
Second Spaces-English Garden table w/out pots – teal
+ILO+ Weave Basket / OPEN
Cheeky Pea- Alice Croquet Set
Cheeky Pea- Alice Horseshoes
Cheeky Pea- Alice Pergola
+ILO+ Garden Canopy
fri.home – lantern
Clothing and Accessories:
Truth- Chynna w/Roots – seasand
22769 -Chefron pants black S
DRIFT -Bandeau [NONRIGGED MESH] Shabby Polka Dot
[Gos] FlipFlops – Colour Collection (must purchase the flat feet from GOS as well)
Glam Affair – Margot – America 01 – Blonde

Wrong Way.

So, I burned my finger.  The left index finger to be exact, and every time I use it, I cringe a bit.  So, realize that every letter is pain.  I had mentioned two things in my previous post: IKON eyes, at The Boutique, and Glam Affair’s Zara Skin, at Skin Fair Sim 2, but I didn’t really get into why you need these purchases in your inventory OR rather why I did.  You can make up your own mind.

IKON makes eyes that pop.  There has to be some sort of scientific calculations to get the right amount of each color and shading, and make these eyes stand out. but I feel my eyes just sparkle in them all the time.  I always mess around with other brands for bits at a time, but I also always keep coming back to IKON.  The eyes don’t come in mesh, but I don’t really see the difference between IKON and mesh brands.  It has to be the craftsmanship.   You can find an original design out for The Boutique.

I love Glam Affair’s newest Skin Zara.  So, what is so difference between Zara in comparison to previous skins: MAKE-UPS BABY!!!  Glam Affair has offered many, many choices, and these choices are bound to fulfill any SLers preference–from simplistic bare to BAM! glamour palettes. The nose is a tad different on Zara-with a smoother nostril that seems to me to be more rounded, and less pinched than her predecessor Amberly.    The eyebrows are a bit lighter, for blondes, on Zara as well.  Amberly has a more youthful, cute pouty mouth while Zara’s lips feel more adult, sexy, and sleek.  Zara also has a  more rosy blush on the face with variations depending on make-up. In all honesty, side by side, Zara feels like the trendy more sophisticated older sister to Amberly. When looking at the face considering shapes, angles seem to dominate Amberly’s face while smooth circular contours define Zara.  Granted, this overall review is based on my own shape, so you will have to demo and see what you think on your own too!  With every skin Glam Affair puts out, I wonder HOW they can make a skin that I will love even more than the last, but they do it every single time.

As for the rest of the items I wearing, I got them because I thought I looked pretty cute in them.  The weekend is near for me…I can see it on the horizon!


G-Field-Wedge Pumps-Adele-Coral @ FFL
Wasabi Pills-Ivette Hair-Rye
Noodles – Sakura Headband Hematite @ The Boutique
22769-Pleated Black Skirt @ The Boutique
Remarkable Oblivion – Motif Tote – Pink (modified-tinted darker)
Sugarplum– Macaroon blouse
Foppish-Pleated Liner Leather Jacket-Black/with Liner
Glam Affair – Zara – America 04 BL @ Skin Fair
IKON Ardent Eyes – Blossom (S) Skirt @The Boutique

Miss Hot Cinnamon

Miss Hot Cinnamon loved to dance.  In fact, on many occasion she would be the last “lady” on the dance floor.  She twirled.  She kicked.  She moved her hips.  Many of men loved Miss Cinnamon because she rarely wore undergarments.  They peeped.  They gawked.  They loved when she moved her hips.   Understandably, Miss Cinnamon was not a favorite among the women on the dance floor.  Husbands and boyfriends alike were snatched up by their wives and girlfriends from the floor.  Did Miss Hot Cinnamon care?  Nope.  She wasn’t interested in their men.  She was married to dance.

I must say, Miss Hot Cinnamon was born out of the dress I got on the Summer Harvest Hunt from 22769.  It is such a fun dress, and oh, it was free!  Immediately, I knew I wanted to do a post that was about dance.  I decided to add Truth’s new hair Carmen because I loved how the waves cascaded out.

Short and sweet blogpost for today!  If you are celebrating Labor Day, have fun!


22769-Nneka Dress-African Harvest
SLink-Illena Sandals-Brow
SLink-Mesh Feet
Synthetique-Ultimate French Series
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Pose-Del May-Strange Curtsey