Photography Locations

Created May 13, 2011.  Last updated December 30, 2013.  Click on images to make them larger.  Once enlarged, windlight setting used can be found in url. This is not a complete list at all.  You can also find new places in Second Life through the Explore Second Life Flickr Group.

Crossing Currents

Crossing Currents-TrinettySky-Midday Vivid._001

Las Rocas

Las Islas, Las Rocas. Annan Adored-Red Moments._003

Dimrill Dale

Dimrill Dale, Annan Adored-Light Explosion_001


Innsmouth, Euphoria-fin de siecle.

Ursa Major

Ursa Major, Annan Adored Dusty._001


Carnivale, Phototools, Moonlight-modified.

Immersiva-Currently Closed; Visit Byrn Oh’s Website to keep up to date on his virtual art.

Rem City Combat Dark Urban Roleplay *Visitor’s tag needed*

Combat roleplay, Tor-That spells moon 3

Lost World *City of Ar, Gor

Lost World, City of Ar, Places Bentham_001


Alirium, morganite-SS, water atomist_003


Heart, Places Kunming_003

The Dark Swamp

The Dark Swamp, TOR-Moon berries

It all starts with a smile

it all starts with a smile, TOR BIG SUN-slastleva_002

Mad City

Mad City, Region Default

Annwn Willows

Annwn Willows, Big Sun-Impires_001

Paradise of Eden/Imaginaria Winter Sim

Imaginaria, Annan Adored Darkness_005

“Yuki No Yume”-A Dream of Snow

Yuki No Yume- A Dream of Snow, Trinettysky, seasonal Winter blue_001

Neva Sky Villi 

Neva, Sky Villi, TrinettySky, Midday Vivd_001

Memento mori

Memento Mori, Chouchou V, Phototools, Thalia Light 0_001


vespertine, annan, dusty

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