Azuchi Military Coat & Outfit for Uber


Three-word phrases for coffee:

[steaming hot cup
sweet with sugar
wake me up
hands grasping mug
comfort in sips
bring to life
makes me work
fuels my body
Syrupy sweet scent
Savour first sip
Jolts my system
crashing down quickly
inhale a dream
pushes me forward
bouncing around you
energy sifts in
milky spoon swirls
gone in seconds
fights cold bones
warms inside out]

(Yummy) Alchemy Charms Necklace – Gold
+elua+ Brenda_Blonde
.euphoric ~Tropic Mesh Eyes
REIGN.- CHELSEA HEELS (Maitreya-High) *New
[Azuchi] Military Coat Forest *Maitreya Exclusive* @ Uber
[Azuchi] Military Pants Brown *Maitreya Exclusive* @ Uber
[Azuchi] Military Top White *Maitreya Exclusive* @ Uber
Glam Affair “Nancy” Catwa Applier *New
Regin Traveller Cup @ Epiphany


Holding On

Greeting and happy Sunday,

I have been a little bit on the grouchy side of life lately, and today, I am going to try to be positive and appreciate the many, many blessings in my life.  I hate funks.  And my funk has to do more with my real life, but the real life stuff that makes you forget to stop and enjoy life.  So, as the title suggests, I am holding on to my zen.

And that leads to my little run out to my garden house in SL.  I recently acquired new land and I love little glass garden houses.  You can find some of the items I used down below in the credits.  At the time, I was also sifting through my inventory and I settled on this outfit–it was so comfortable looking.

See my cute shorts–They are by Paper Arrow who debuted I believe around the summer time, and I have been impressed with their releases for many reasons.  They release footwear, accessories, and clothes.  Their clothes also include fittings for Maitreya, Slink Original and Hourglass, Belleza Isis, Freya, and standard sizes.  I mean–I know that takes lots of work, so I am very appreciative to any designer that includes so many options.  As a shopper, I tend to gravitate to those brands, which is why I also have a Blueberry item on.  Both brands think of all shoppers and the mesh bodies they wear when they create, and that is pretty cool.  You don’t have to worry–will it fit me?  You can find the cute shorts I’m wearing at The Season Story–they come in a plethora of patterns that connect to that winter theme.  The fit is amazing.  You will absolutely adore them.   Is anyone else really excited to see more and more Slink Hourglass items!?  I am.

The minute I demo’d the Tableau hair, Shocking Hair, I knew I wanted it.  Lots of attitude and I love their blonde shades.  I loved the bangs, the way it parted, and the profile of the hair is also pretty killer.  You can find it at Collabor88.  And I am obsessed with mesh heads, so seeing that Glam Affair made appliers for LOGO and Catwa  for Collabor88 made me squeal–another brand who keeps the shoppers in mind and always releases mesh head appliers mixed with system skins.  Glam Affair Lia for Catwa is so soft, with some pouty lips that she fit my mood perfectly, especially for my picture.

Not normally so chatty, but I felt like writing something this morning!  Cheers to keeping yourself in zen mode this coming week.

Sophee Mojo

paper.arrow pj.shorts floral [s-hourglass] @ Season Story is OPEN  [also available for Maitreya, Slink Original, Belleza, Standards]
Tableau Vivant \\ Shocking hair – Blonds @ Collabor88
Glam Affair-Catwa Applier-Lia @ Collabor88

 Other Credits:
BentBox Sylvan Ears – Small
Blueberry – Shyla – Knotted Tops – Slink Hourglass    [also available for Maitreya, Slink Original, Belleza, Standards]
IKON Triumph Eyes
paper.arrow heart.necklace.rose
Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
Pose by An Lar-Being Miss Read series

Other Credits:
[PM]Pixel Mode – THG – Seed Box RARE (gacha item)
Shutterfield-LD  jug with flowers – country white
*MC* Last Summer Days / Flowers in a bottle #17 (gacha item)
Soy. Old laboratory table (white metal) *worked well as a garden house table
[PM]Pixel Mode – THG – Small Clay Pots  (gacha item)
dust bunny . lily greenhouse  (gacha item)

Dawn through Dusk.

Any evening can turn into a story. This one just adds to the list of sad ones.
A friend sent word of a party the day before, and although swamped with a billion chores, I decided to accept the invitation. I inquired of other guests considering his dwelling passed through a marsh, a particularly eerie marsh once the sun set. Nobody could join me. I thought nothing of it. I had lived in this area my entire life, thus increasing that unreasonable comfort gained from the familiar. This marsh may have cast large shadows, but I had been through it often at dusk, and I truly needed to escape the daily drum of life.


The day of the party I grabbed my purse, stuffing it with my favorite red, a Bordeaux, lipstick, my powder, and my invitation. Upon entering the placid marsh, I realized a pertinent detail forgotten– It had rained. The marsh resembled an ocean with specs of grass downing in their normal home. It was too late to turn back. My absence would be noted and cause me much grief to explain. The sun lowered his head in ominous amusement as I hopped from floating deadwood to floating deadwood, trying to keep my lovely gown from slipping into the edges of the solemn, dark waters.
I am unsure how it all happened, but I vaguely remember the path becoming precarious. I must have lost my footing somehow, and down I went. On the way down, a last thought lingered: How would I explain my appearance to the guests of the party?
When my eyes opened, I first recognized a metallic taste upon my lips. My finger glazed over them. They were dry and crusted. I glanced to find my purse and my lipstick within it, but it was no where in sight. I figured it must have been swept away by the waters. The moon emitted a harsh halo, blinding me temporarily. Dizzy, I finally decided to pushed myself up.
My eyes followed my hand down into the waters, but they stopped upon a reflection: Hair, deep and black, flowed over a shoulder, and skin, gray and translucent, gleamed in the night. I pooled the water with my fingertips, grasping at the figure below, dispersing the image into fragments. This could not be. My blonde hair. My pink skin. My beautiful gown. The reflection slowly formed again, and I starred deep into the eyes. My eyes. A deep red covered my mouth and bled into the rest of my face. A hunger bellowed within me I had never experienced, and my surroundings shriveled until I could only see distorted images.


This was ages and ages ago.  As I roam the night  looking for lost souls, I often think of my days before when all I wanted was to deviate from my mundane, trivial life.   How I yearn for those days again.


Dress: Junbug @ We ❤ RP

Skin #1: Glam Affair-Neva-Artic @ Collabor88

Skin #2 The Skinnery @ We ❤ RP

Hair (both): Calico; Clara on sale @ We ❤ RP & Pearl

Purse-Glow Studio-Sheep wool clutch bag


Place: Annwn Willows