Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Poses by Sari Sari-I ❤ books [#5-6 shown] *NEW @ Geeks’n’ Nerds//Available Nov 24th

Two new items that hit close to my heart were released in the last few days:  A belted pencil dress with tie (also without tie option) and high slit on the side, as well as,  a set of poses called I ❤ books.  Two items couldn’t be more appropriate to blog together.  Ugh. I love when the universe collides and offers small gifts.  A library picture was in my future and because of the dork I am, I got excited.  I did attempt to find an on-location spot, but I ended up resorting to my trusty G.O.D. Library.  I may or may not rez this and just sit and look at it.  Judge away.

Girl Thursday is a new brand, mainstore at The Deck.  However, my dress is their only current release available at The Attic, so make sure to stop by here to check this dress out.  Girl Thursday should be releasing more items throughout this month, and I hope continuing because I want more.  You can read about them at their website. Bravo to a great first release!

My poses are a new release from Sari Sari.  The store carries a myriad of couple poses, decor, and cute single poses like the one I using today called I ❤ books.  I really did enjoy coming up with a scene using these poses, and as soon as I did I was reminded of a series called The Cemetery of Forgotten Books by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, hence the title of my post. You can find this new pose release at Geeks’n’Nerds event! More info here!

I also chuckled when I decided on using Party Girl by Exile just because I found it pretty hilarious to use hair named this and a post about books and a library.  I know pretty silly, but it still entertained me.

“Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.”  –Shadow of the Wind by Zafón

Pink Fuel-Harley Lipstick-Beestung
Pink Fuel-Shimmer Eyeshadow-Steel Blue + Wing
Pink Fuel-Harley <Peach> – Lid 01 – (bwnbrow – B)
Mon Cheri-“Falsies” Eyelash – Upper
Ikon-Vanity Eyes-Azure
Exile-Party Girl-Natural Fusion 2 *NEW
Yummy-Boho Ring-Maroon
Kosh-Noda Ring
The Secret Store-Structured Blazer-Crow
Girl Thursday-Belted Pencil Dress-Red @ My Attic at the Deck *NEW
LaRoo-Khloe Pumps-Red- @ Shoetopia *NEW
Scene-Library from G.O.D.


Week Forty-Two: Cosmic

Poses-Focus Poses-99-1

Ladies and Gentlemen.  A First.  A Numero Uno.  I have an outfit for 52 weeks of color way before the deadline.   Wow.  Well, of course, this means I need to dish out some thank yous. *Saunters up to platform* Well, first on my list:

League: Seriously, I love you.   Thank you for not only coming out for one item, but coming out with an item that pretty much only needed me to add hair.  My boots to my jewelry thank you.

Pretty Island: Well, aren’t you fabulous.  I love your location.  You have made my life so much easier to photograph.

Focus Poses: How could I look all cute and innocent without you?  Thank you very much!

the Skinnery:  Seriously, you are the first skin that I love this much *extends arms wide as they will go*; I just seem not me without you.

Luna Jubilee: I wouldn’t be here without you.  Kisses.

*Bows and exits platform*

Pose-Focus Poses-104-2


D!va-Hair-Norma-Topaz-Type A
League-Boots, Outfit, & Jewelry *New
H+L-Liner Shades-Electricity
Candy Nail-#P055- Color French Pink
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
MG – Eyelashes -Assorted Mesh
the Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Location: Cafe Green Gables @ Pretty Island

Miss Understood.

Miss Understood loved flowers.  In fact, on any given day you could find her in the garden, tending to her purple roses.   Most of the neighborhood ridiculed and hated Miss Understood, throwing garbage in her yard and bottles through her window. Nevertheless, she would clean up everyday paying no mind to those that didn’t seem to see the world through her purple glasses.  

She never ventured out past her gates.  She never sought friendship beside her roses. She never bothered a soul, but the sheer fact that she was content with being herself, away from the light and dabbling in the dark, brought ridicule to her door.  Could it be it was her favorite color purple that scared those dwellers? All her flowers were purple. She only wore purple dresses. How odd?  

On a somber day, dwellers noticed but did not whisper, nobody had tended to her purple roses, which now withered in such sorrowful sadness that the skies darkened and rained for days, crying tears of solemn despair for the loss of their Miss Understood, who only wanted to bring some joy to the world in the form of her purple madness.  Some say they still see her, standing at her door, welcoming those that dare to enter her withered purple palace.  

I have no comment about this story.  But. I hear it is true.

Truth-Guiliana w/Roots-Elvira  *NEW
Pekka-Kathya V2 Eyes-Purple
MG-Eyelashes-Assorted Mesh
MG- Kizzy Gypsy Hoops-Silver
MG-Giselle Opal-Medium-Black
The Secret Store and Nyu – Fall Babydoll Dress – Iris  *NEW
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elagant
Izzes-Tights-Floral Lace
Gos-Equestrian Boot-Black
Lara Hurley-Snow White-Smokey Eyes
IKON- Kaleido Eyes – Night

Poses: Focus Poses & Everglow

Too soon to see if I’m happy in your hands.

Pose-Everglow-Girl Poses #60-592

Guess who released new hair?  Exile!  I picked up this short bob today, and I got all Julie Andrews and started running through fields and stuff. My dress can be found for 50% off at Bilo’s.  It is comfy and bright and just the right length so I don’t trip while running.  The sale at Bilo is extended ONE more day.  So, you better go get your sale items fast!


Exile-Sober-Chardonnay *New (this made me giggle)
Bilo-Lollipop-Orange and Blue *50% off
MG-Earrings-Love Heart-Black
Slink-Medium Height Barefeet-Rigged @ Vintage Fair
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-honey@ Vintage Fair


I Saved a Horse with No Name

I think I might have found the ugliest rockinghorse ever, but I felt the need to save him.  Who knows how long that thing has been in Second Life.   I call him the horse with no name.  While ugly, he is quite loyal and accompanied myself on a wild trip into a deep, dark scary forest.  Not really.  We pleasantly hung out on my platform together. I bought the horse with no name because everything needs a home.

My review of the items–I love–heart, want to kiss that hair.  I love–heart, want to kiss that skirt.  The accessories just make me giggle–no reason.  I just think they are so much fun!  They are well made too.  I bought the bandeau top to match the skirt, but I am really glad I found one from Elymode–it is perfect!  The horse with no name is not the prettiest of horses, but he just cracks me up.  Oh, and he plays music too.  I was actually looking for a rockinghorse (this wasn’t what I had in mind–I swear), but the poor thing just looked so desperate.  Sigh.  I am a sucker.

Hair-Shag *New

Skin-Al Vulo *Newish

Skirt-Milk Motion TDR Blue *Newish

Top- Elymode

Horse-[H]orribaubles – All The Pretty Horsies RockingHorse  (This store had some realllllly odd stuff).

Accessories-Teefy for Epoch

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Luck.  Is luck a state of mind? Perception is a matter of individuality.  I, for one, give myself a day o’ so to lounge around and feel sorry for myself, but then I move on, but I see others relish in negativity.  Some talk about how unlucky they are and how life just doesn’t give them a break.  From the outside it is so easy to say that one is obsessed with the bad in their life, but I know I read someone that thinking you are lucky actually manifests into reality.   I understand completely.  The lucky seems to pay attention to the small gifts that life brings to them.  This one friend I have just seems to enjoy every moment–and you can tell. She will tell me about how happy her coffee makes her in the morning–just the smell and the first sip. To her, that is all it takes.  I love coffee too, but I don’t soil myself at the thought.  So, my point…not really making one…but do I believe in luck? Yes–But I think I am in charge of how much luck I bring to my own life. 

Okay, I got a bit Picnik happy, but I couldn’t resist…hehe.  Below is a much more shopper friendly version of the above outfit–which I love!

Skin: Al Vulo Berta (yes, I am obsessed)

Dress: etoile

Shoes: Ingenue

Hair: Dernier Cry Dove

Bubblegum: Pink Fuel

I should be in bed…

…but I am not. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, then they might know why I can’t keep my eyelids propped open tomorrow.  Ugh, maybe I can’t sleep because I have this image in my head…yikes.

Hair: Boon

Pants: Line

Pose: Adorkable

Skin: Al Vulo Berta

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Absorbing as much information as possible, I stumbled across a veteran blogger, Strawberry Singh (http://strawberrysingh.com/ ). Beyond her conversational and approachable tone, her pictures are gorgeous.  What I like about her particular site is she has some really good suggestions about photo locations.  I kept wondering how all these people found the awesome backdrops to their photography!Thanks to Strawberry Singh I had the perfect location for photos, The Pixel Bean.

I had just got done battling the lag of the skin fair, awesome by the way, and I needed to unwind.  So, I dug into my poses and saw Adorkable’s kite series.  Well, that sounded perfect!  Let’s go fly a kite.  Here I am almost teetering of the edge of dock.  That darn kite almost got away from me!

Shirt and Shorts: Surf Couture

Shoes: Alpestyle

Pose: Adorkable

Location: The Pixel Bean