For Reals.

Shoetopia 2013 is coming! I am really excited for this event.  There are already a plethora of creators on the list (you can find here).  For those who do some blogging for events, Shoetopia will be hand selecting main bloggers for the event, but they also have an opportunity for a few bloggers to gain early access to the event.  Squeal…Right!!! To be one of those lucky few, the process is pretty simple: 1) Fill out an application 2) Submit your best shoe photos to this group.    My photo above is my first entry (you are only allowed to have two). Make sure to read the rules for this contest!  Name your photos correctly!  Also, you can use any shoe in your photo, so it does not need to be a new release or a certain brand, so get out your favorite shoes ever and snap some pics!

Speaking of events, The Black Fair is open until 8.23.13.  You can find my Black Viper dress and jewelry set from Pure Poison at the event.  I feel pretty sexy in this outfit.  It is definitely an I have boobs and I want you to look at them outfit.  The cinched waist adds to your curves as well.

I slipped on a pair of Hucci’s Manteo Heels (for Slink) in midnight to add a small pop of color.  I adored the shoes when I got them a bit ago, but I kept buying pastel clothing and such so I didn’t have any thing to wear with them until now.

Shoes-Hucci Slink Add-On-Manteo-Midnight
Dress and Jewelry-Pure Poison-Black Viper @ The Black Fair *NEW
Feet-Slink Medium Height Mesh Feet
Nail Applier-Black Liquid-Black Pearl
Skin-Pink Fuel Harley-Peach *NEW
Lip Tattoo-Pink Fuel Glossy Pout-Red
Eye Shadow Tattoo-Pink Fuel-Shimmer Eyeshadow-Pearl White
Hair-Truth Hair-Carrie-Light Blonde 01*NEW
Eyes-Ikon-Ascension Eyes-Blue
Poses-Diesel Works-Vixie 10 (top) Flowey-Came to Say Goodbye (middle) Le Poppycock-For Reals (bottom)



“Where should I go?” -Alice “That depends on where you want to end up.” Cheshire Cat

Have you ever been so excited by an idea…you forgot to turn your graphics up?  Enter this pic.  I forgot to turn up my graphics, so I had to redraw most of the freakin details.  I didn’t notice until I zoomed in…and honestly…you probably wouldn’t have noticed either, but I knew random eyeballs weren’t rezzed, so I just couldn’t leave it…and I didn’t want to start from scratch, so I’m sorry.  Weeping.  Hold on.  (you can see a bigger version on flickr…just click the picture)

Okay back.  This picture was just shot on black. I added the background stuff (if you know anything about photoshop that statement seemed obvious).   I hate…capitalize…clap with me H.A.T.E  cutting things out and trying to place them on a background.  Why? Don’t give me that evil stare.  I am just not good at it AND it takes forever.  Heck, I don’t even know how to use the burn and make me glow brush correctly.  Hmph.

So on to what matters.  My stuff.  I have a whole bunch of stuff. I am stalling. I don’t want to list it or talk about it anymore.  Me and my stuff are not talking. We are in an argument.

Okay, fine.  Stuff.  My hair is from the event Numberology.  I am going to start there.   It is darn cute, and by Mina. I t has a barret too, but I opted out of that arrangement (the colors in the hud didn’t match my dress).   I liked the poof at the back.  The dress is from Dolle at the the Funny Puppet fair.  I wore it without the jacket.  It was an odd pose and the jacket was arguing with the pose…it was horrible, so I just went without it.  There was also something missing from the the edges of the jacket. It was nice…just something was off.  The rest of the stuff, well it is from The Arcade.  I’m not going to introduce you all. You will have to meet them for yourself. I would like to say that KatatOnik’s necklace inspired this photo. It was the one RARE I wanted out of the whole bunch…and I got it…on the first try, so I bought a couple more just to say thanks for creating something I loved.  Thank you Arcade for another wonderful fun time.  Til we meet again.

XOXO Sophee


KatatOnik-Big Alice-Wonderland Pendant RARE @ The Arcade
Maxi Gossamer-Groomed Lashes
Mina Hair-Silvia-Natural @ Numberology
Dolle-Farthingale Outfit-Dress-White @ Funny Puppet Fair
Glam Affair-Cleo-Europa-01
Ikon-Eternal Eyes-Lagoon
Pose-Del May-Karma

Arcade items by:
Apple Fall
Anya Ohmai for O!
Standby Inc
Art Dummy
Intrigue Co.
The Secret Store
Second Spaces
Fashionably Dead

Truth Model Contest coming to an end.

Pose-Exposeur-Underwater (top photo)

So the Truth Model Search is coming to a close, and I just wanted to show off my entries.  I am proud of them!  My theme apparently ended up being bubbles.  Someone somewhere mentioned how those bubble wands children get at parties were such a pain because the soapy water gets everywhere, and I was like bubbles…did someone say bubbles?  Idea born.  I had some other ideas, but lack of time and inability to make those work sidelined those pictures.  I tried!  It has been fun filtering through the pictures in the pool and discovering new blossoming photographers and bloggers in Second Life!  

The Summer Fashion Festival started May 30th and I’m sporting Pure Poison’s release for the event-a bikini! The event runs until June 16th.  Here is a list of the stores participating, and the location!


Outfit 1
Truth Hair-Charlize-Light Blonde 02
Boom-Fearless Ankle Cuffs
Pure Poison-Emerald & Gold Poison Bikini @ Summer Fashion Festival
Glam Affair-Cleo-Europa 09
Ikon- Destiny Eyes -Clarity

Outfit 2
Truth Hair-Sadie-Light Blonde 01
Vika-Pin up dress-Pink
Glam Affair-Margot-Europa
Flair-Slink Nail Appliers
Earrings-LaGyo-Mother’s Pearl Earrings