Truth… I kept believing it falls always from the lips of the one you love and trust the most.

“Love … I put so much faith in it. Truth … I kept believing it falls always from the lips of the one you love and trust the most. Faith … it’s all bound up to love and trust. Where does one end and the other start, and how do you tell when love is the blindest of all?”
― V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic

Shiny Shabby is back for October. You can see the gallery over at Seraphim of all beautiful items to preshop. Zenith released an ornate dress that falls just above the ankles at Shiny Shabby that immediately grabbed my attention.  The Vintage Corset dress is offered in standard sizing.  I decided to rock the Just Design Friday heels (socks included) with the dress. Just Design fits their shoes to Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya feet–since I change my body daily it is nice to have such a myriad of options.  These shoes are available at the Pastel Goth Event. Glam Affair also released new head appliers for the LeLutka mesh heads in celebration of the new added expressions to Lelutka’s mesh heads. I chose to mix and match Eline and Laura.  Make sure to look for an update or revisit their delivery system in store.  You can pick up your new Glam Affair appliers while you do so!

For those that do not know, I did update my earlier post about Maitreya to reflect their response.  I am not sure how or why so many people close to the situation were confused.  I know that designers were in a panic, no notice stated why weights were not included in these specific kits, and no one was responding to inquiries from Maitreya to resolve the situation.   Maitreya’s statement makes it clear that these issues were isolated.  I will let time tell the rest of this story and look forward to Maitreya supporting other content creators.

Slink has released a curvier version of her mesh body.  Since I collect mesh bodies as a side hobby, I am sure this one will be added to my inventory as well.  With the success of mesh bodies, I can only see more and more bodies on the horizon

Monso-Minju @ Shiny Shabby
Zenith-Vintage Corset Dress @ Shiny Shabby
Just Design @ Pastel Goth Event
Glam Affair Mesh Head Appliers-Eline & Lauren
Ikon Eyes
LeLutka Aria Mesh Head *UPDATED* with expressions
Location: L2 Studio


What do you mean it doesn’t really fly?

I stepped into the cockpit, turned the key, and let the engine roar.  This plane was powerful.  I had always wanted to fly.   This was my chance.   Behind me a little kid yelled, “Get on with it grandma-there is a line back here.”  I turned my head, scowled, and told him I was not moving until it would fly.  The crowd around me erupted in snickers and howls.  One particular guy stopped convulsing long enough to tell me that it was just a ride.  It would not fly.

“What do you mean it doesn’t fly?  I put a quarter in this plane. I paid to fly!”  I screamed and then clenched the stirring wheel in disbelief.  My dream.  My dream dissolved into the last remaining chuckles of the people around me.

 I moved to get up, but the plane started moving forward.  Wtf.  Before I could react, I stumbled back down into the seat and my legs flailed into the air.  I was going up.  I was in the sky.  I was flying.

You can find Culprit’s Pilot Trainer Ride at TLC’s The Garden.  Culprit has three different items out,  and all of them have hilarious animations and facial expressions.  You have to go try them out!

The Garden [theme: Area 51] allows you to be a kid again, so don’t miss it!  Just watch out, a few poor souls were abducted by aliens while shopping.

Now, I need to figure out how to land this thing.

Birdy-Delilah Skin-Pure-Blonde
Ikon-Vanity eyes-Dew
Aux-Studded cocktail-Sky @Collabor88
LaRoo-Alice Knee High Pumps-Black
Epoque Hair-Tied Up-Grain
Slink-Avatar Enhancement Mesh-Hands
Culprit Pilot Trainer Ride @ TLC’s The Garden [includes facial expressions, music, and animations]

voyage of discovery

I decided to do Strawberrry’s didn’t seem that intrusive, so this shy girl tried it out.

How do you deal with criticism?

Criticism is such a sensitive topic.  I know I need it, but my mood decides how I deal with getting negative criticism.   Sometimes it rolls of like butter other times I have to find a dark corner and just sit and reflect.   It depends on who, when, where, and what.

What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do?

Disregard of newer residents because we haven’t been around as long others.  Just like everyone else, I’m trying to find my place.  People talk about retention and why people stay and why people go in SL all the time.  A welcoming community will make people stay, so when I see so many people go,  it makes me wonder.  I’m very, very quiet, polite, and I just have stayed to myself these last two years. Part of that I seriously take a lot of blame for, but some things have happened that just make me always feel like I’m on my tiptoes waiting for danger.

Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why?

There are so many, but mainly cause I’ve never had the confidence to chat with them in world.  If I had to narrow it down to one person, I would say Harlow Heslop.  I met her once around two years ago.  A friend introduced us, and I just remember how much she reminded me of my friends from high school.  I remember chatting forever with those girls, so I guess Harlow simply because she reminds me of a good part of my past.

Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration?

I’m so far from perfect that this question is just too hard.  I see the good in everything and I see the bad.  I haven’t met anyone yet that made me believe that the bad was so bad that I couldn’t stand them any longer.  I’m a forgive and always remember type of person though, so time will tell.

What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you?

When I first started blogging I had no clue, I just wanted to find stuff that I liked no matter when it was released and no matter what it was. Now, I want to do the same, but I have some restrictions that I’ve willfully placed myself in.  I have taken some of the blog what you want when you want out of  my space.  I have no one person to blame.  I just like blogging for me sometimes, and I haven’t found that time in that for a very long time.

I used to enjoy exploring with my boyfriend as well, especially when we first started, but he left because people wanted him to take sides in drama.  He doesn’t do that stuff.  To him this game was escape, and they took that from him, and in a way took him from me because he no longer plays.

What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about?

I’ve thought and thought and this question is beyond hard.  I’m not really embarrassed by anything I want to do with my life.

Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident? Yes.

Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for.

No one and no time. I just wish my boyfriend would find out how special this life can be.

What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?

Send me an IM to go do some dancing or something.  I never get out.  I see tons of things to do, but I feel a bit intimated to just go by myself.  It is always nice to know somebody is thinking of you and wants you to be there.

Sunglasses-Sorgo-Clubmaster @ TLC The Boutique
Necklace-Half-Deer-Savannah Necklach-Giraffe @ TLC The Boutique
Binoculars/Cronograph/Hat-Severed Garden
Hair-Wasabi Pills-Donna-Seafoam @Hair Fair
Pants-Maitreya-Leather Skinny Pants-Brwn
Shirt-Bilo-Wild Tunic-Cheetah @ TLC The Boutique
Hands/Feet-Slink-AV Enhance
Earrings-Handverk-Enamel Elephant-Carrot @ TLC The Boutique
Skin-Glam Affair-Margot-Europa-Blond
Pose Top:
Pose Bottom: Everglow

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

My first reaction, as I slipped on my first set of mesh breast: WTF.

Did all ya’ll really jump the wagon and go to crazy town.  I kinda eyed the Lola or the Lush mesh breasts, or whatever you wanna call those mountains you put over your chest, with a bit of skepticism.  I can’t even do this post without a smirk and a laugh, but apparently you love them.  I mean my groups have gone wild. I got advertisements up the ying and the yang about them, and my flickr…it is in heat.   So, what is a virginal girl like myself to do? Join them. I guess.

Abeit shortly… because really, I am a Photoshop girl. If I add, it must decrease my Photoshop time…and these mesh mountains, just aren’t decreasing my editing time. In fact, I think I looked at more pictorial with tits in them, then I really wanted to today. I couldn’t figure out my tit placement. You get that folks! I was questioning my own boob knowledge.  Twice (okay maybe three times), I felt like lifting my own shirt up to figure out where my boobs really sit on my chest.

As always, I bought them, so I will get my use out of them. So, if you see this site turn porn all the sudden, contact the creators because I just decided to join the crazy train with ya’ll. AND, if any of you do decide to make another set of mesh breasts, consider the fact that I don’t want mountains.  Maybe I want like a little hillside instead.  I mean a hillside is cute too.  I like a hillside…and my boyfriend said he prefers a hillside.

By the way, I did get both.  They both I guess have “uses”.  But, for a more natural look I would go for the deviant [d] Lush boobs.  If you want a more “toon” look, then get the Lolas.    If you are really skeptical, wait until you see more creators offering clothing.  As off right now, it is really hard to find classy stuff for appliers.  They both require some time to figure out fitting, and only look awesome in certain lighting.

Bottomline: If everyone is running around in Apple Blossom lighting, you look like Pam Anderson on Baywatch…but to everyone else…you look like Frankentittie.  Considering most folks don’t know how to change their lighting from default, I think I’d rather just go with my square, small and luscious linden boobs.  It is a personal preference.  I would have to say that they are quite fun to play with if you have nothing better to do.


Wasabi Pills-Ichigo Mesh Hair-Rye
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Mesh
Boom-Ice Cream Tank-Rainbow Sherbert
Candy Doll- Lacely Top Black
Deviant [d]-Lush Breasts 1.3
Glam Affair-Amberly-America-09
Ikon Eternal-Bay
TokiD-Summer Nights Cardigan-Hearts
Maitreya-Flare Jeans-Heels-#2
Poses: Curio Obscura-Pin Up Set
Bed-Trompe Loeil – Mendoza Bed – Satin & Silver Frame

Beats of my heart find a home.

Pose: Focus Poses-Model-66-3

Hmmm. House of Fox. The brand is hosting a blogger search for those interested.  I have been eagerly awaiting House of Fox mesh for some time, and I have enjoyed seeing the brand transform into mesh–it is hard to keep your store’s style and image, but create inside such a limited box.  That is a nod to the uniqueness of the brand.   It mixes a bit of urban with couture to give you an item unique, fresh, and trend-setting.   When I saw them put up a flickr search for new bloggers, I will admit that I wanted to be on it.  The style of Fashionboi Landar’s clothing appeals to my alter ego, embodying the strength of a woman, but also highlighting femininity.  This paradox shows in many items they sell: bold, but soft and structured, but girly.   You can look at any item and see that time and thought goes into a design.  The passion they have for creating clothing is evident.

However, I decided just to do a picture.   I love these types of contests not for what I can get out of it, but because I get a challenge.   I don’t blog nearly enough to be put on a list of any sorts. I have loved House of Fox since I found them. They have been a brand I turned to when I have lost inspiration to blog, and I am so scared to force myself to blog an item for my audience.  Force is hard, but force will be understood by bloggers.  It is that moment where you take a photograph just to meet a requirement rather than letting it just happen or unfold.  I struggle with creativity.  Whatever I put out, I cringe when I hit publish because I wonder what my audience will think, so yes, signing a contract, of sorts, does cause me pause.  Maybe that is too opinionated for people, but I sometimes just have to check myself.  Why am I doing this?  For me, I get to challenge and express myself in ways I never thought before.  I like that.  I need any store I blog for to understand this too.  I guess this type of  contest is too impersonal for me. Does this mean I will never? No.  I wish my life was so black and white.

Many items in SL give me pause, and this is just one of many.  My thoughts are always moving forward, so if you have an opinion leave it in the comments.  I struggle with the concept a lot because of the lack of commitment I can give anyone, and I want to do my best.   Oh gosh….that last remark is just so telling of my personality.  Do you like these contests? How do you balance it all?  Why do you blog?

As always,

Sophee Mojo (click my name to go to my blog)

You can find House of Fox on: Marketplace (selection limited), In-World, Flickr, and at current fashion events, like here, FaMESHed.


All clothing-House of Fox
Vintage Sheer Top
    A Symmetric Top-Purple @FaMeshed
    Leather Leggins-Green@FaMeshed
BALKANIK-Magnetized Sneakers-Black Intense
Standby Inc.-Retro Headphones-Care
Exile-Little Talks-Vanilla-NEW
EB Atelier-Mesh Socks
LaGyo-Bonbon Ring-Gold
Maxi Gossamer-Assorted Mesh Eyelashes
The Skinnery-Iris-Evening Makeup-Champagne-NEW
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Emerald

-Housing items from-
Cheeky Pea
What Next
L&K Prefabs
Barnesworth Anubis

My Trust is not Free

So, I have never done a mirror image photo, and I decided yesterday I was going to try one out (again, because I tried and failed before).  I have seen the tutorials posted everywhere.  I am going to link to the SL Blogger Support page because they have a bunch of great tutorials all in one spot. This site is my addiction because it groups everything useful into one spot.  I can’t wait to practice some more pictures like this!

The photography prop I am using comes from Diesel Works.  I chose to purchase the Nightingale’s Sorrow version, but they also have another version called Nightingale’s Glee with more Burlesque poses.  The poses are perfection and really exude sorrow-to be able to capture that in pose making is sensational.  Because the poses were melancholy, I wanted to go with a more vulnerable attire, so I slipped into Sakide’s lingerie for The Perfect Wardrobe.  I added some pearls from Atelier AM because you know, I am a girl and need some jewelry,  but I love the idea of the pearls graced around my neck.  Grace. Trust. Sorrow.  Vulnerability.  For some reason, when I see many photos done with water, I get this peaceful feeling.  Water just makes you, well, reflect.  I liked that, so it is why I decided to put my birdcage in water.  The idea of all these things washing around you and having to sort them out just made sense to me.  Inside all of this was me, looking into the water.

I also have some news!  I am honored to be invited and featured on the SL Style Academy’s Syndication Feed.  The feed is made up of a talented group of bloggers that continuously present beautiful and inspirational posts showcasing fashion in Second Life.  I can’t tell you how stunned I was to be asked!  Any blogger can tell you that it takes some work thinking up ideas, putting them together, and then making it all look amazing. The bloggers featured in SL Style Academy are the ones I have looked up to, learned from, and admired since I started blogging last year. To be counted as one of them is truly unfathomable to me still!   I hope I can live up to the extraordinary talent found on this feed.


Truth-Guinevere – Seaspray w/ roots
Sakide-Vintage Glam Dress Black for PW
Slink- Mesh Hands and Feet
Atelier AM- Pearl Lariat-White
Maxi Gossamer-Assorted mesh eyelashes
Adam and Eve-Disa-T2-Bare
Diesel Works – Nightingale’s Sorrow (Photography Prop)

Sophee Mojo


Week Forty-Two: Cosmic

Poses-Focus Poses-99-1

Ladies and Gentlemen.  A First.  A Numero Uno.  I have an outfit for 52 weeks of color way before the deadline.   Wow.  Well, of course, this means I need to dish out some thank yous. *Saunters up to platform* Well, first on my list:

League: Seriously, I love you.   Thank you for not only coming out for one item, but coming out with an item that pretty much only needed me to add hair.  My boots to my jewelry thank you.

Pretty Island: Well, aren’t you fabulous.  I love your location.  You have made my life so much easier to photograph.

Focus Poses: How could I look all cute and innocent without you?  Thank you very much!

the Skinnery:  Seriously, you are the first skin that I love this much *extends arms wide as they will go*; I just seem not me without you.

Luna Jubilee: I wouldn’t be here without you.  Kisses.

*Bows and exits platform*

Pose-Focus Poses-104-2


D!va-Hair-Norma-Topaz-Type A
League-Boots, Outfit, & Jewelry *New
H+L-Liner Shades-Electricity
Candy Nail-#P055- Color French Pink
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
MG – Eyelashes -Assorted Mesh
the Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Location: Cafe Green Gables @ Pretty Island

Miss Understood.

Miss Understood loved flowers.  In fact, on any given day you could find her in the garden, tending to her purple roses.   Most of the neighborhood ridiculed and hated Miss Understood, throwing garbage in her yard and bottles through her window. Nevertheless, she would clean up everyday paying no mind to those that didn’t seem to see the world through her purple glasses.  

She never ventured out past her gates.  She never sought friendship beside her roses. She never bothered a soul, but the sheer fact that she was content with being herself, away from the light and dabbling in the dark, brought ridicule to her door.  Could it be it was her favorite color purple that scared those dwellers? All her flowers were purple. She only wore purple dresses. How odd?  

On a somber day, dwellers noticed but did not whisper, nobody had tended to her purple roses, which now withered in such sorrowful sadness that the skies darkened and rained for days, crying tears of solemn despair for the loss of their Miss Understood, who only wanted to bring some joy to the world in the form of her purple madness.  Some say they still see her, standing at her door, welcoming those that dare to enter her withered purple palace.  

I have no comment about this story.  But. I hear it is true.

Truth-Guiliana w/Roots-Elvira  *NEW
Pekka-Kathya V2 Eyes-Purple
MG-Eyelashes-Assorted Mesh
MG- Kizzy Gypsy Hoops-Silver
MG-Giselle Opal-Medium-Black
The Secret Store and Nyu – Fall Babydoll Dress – Iris  *NEW
Slink-Mesh Hands-Elagant
Izzes-Tights-Floral Lace
Gos-Equestrian Boot-Black
Lara Hurley-Snow White-Smokey Eyes
IKON- Kaleido Eyes – Night

Poses: Focus Poses & Everglow

Bilo for Harvest Hunt.

Fall is coming.  It surely doesn’t feel like it! As I write this, the temperature is rising, and will more than likely flatline at 90 degrees.   For those that don’t know, I am a teacher by trade.  My classroom on Friday was 95 degrees–add 25 bodies to the mix and some high humidity and you have what would be known as cruel and unusual punishment.  A poor student, bless his heart, wrote furiously in his notebook which was slowly soaked by droplets of sweat.  There is no doubt in my mind that the only thing learned on this day was that it is really, really hard to pay attention when you feel like you might pass out.

Where was I?  Oh, the Summer Harvest Hunt.  The Summer Harvest Hunt starts today, presented by the Ego Co.   Bilo will have a beautifully embroidered pencil skirt available.  Of course, the shade is Autumn inspired–sepia, yellow, and a speckle of orange flavor the skirt.   Say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall by going hunting!   Good Luck!


Bilo-Embroidered Skirt-Harvest Hunt
Dark Mouse-A Daisy for you-Necklace-Marketplace Only
Erratic-Amy-Silk Blouse-White
Donna Flora-Lia-Ring
SLink-Vintage 2-strap Pumps-Cream
SLink-Womens Medium Height Barefeet
The Skinnery-Emma-Midnight-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Poses: Label Motion-Rose-3 and Marukin-Filgree-Delicate