Week Forty-Eight: Tangelo


I am going to have to mosey on off and get a massive list of things accomplished today, but I wanted to take a moment to show you my 52 Weeks of Color  for Luna’s Challenge.  I have slacked majorly with this, and I have to give props to those that can accomplish putting an outfit together every week.

My dress comes from House of Torn, which I stopped by because I hadn’t heard much from them in a while, so I was curious if I just missed some stuff.  While there I saw something orange, so I decided to go for it.  The dress is adorable.  I love halter styles.  The tips of the collar disappeared a bit when I tried to photograph it from certain angles because it was so thin (I guess).  But, I do love that House of Torn offers standard sizing, but also plus sizes.

Next, I stopped by Lelutka and got this adorable bob, Effect.  If you know anything about me, you know I love short hairstyles.

I added a hair accessory from the Bees Through the Seasons event. The event is lovely, and for sure sent me down memory lane.   My father was a beekeeper.  We had bees in our backyard as kid.  I never thought it was odd. I thought everyone went to the kitchen to fill up mason jars with honey. Funny, I didn’t get one bee sting during that time.  It wasn’t until years later that I got my first bee sting, walking through a field in sandals at soccer camp.  Well, anyway the hair accessory is by Noodles and is called Collect Some Honey Hair Clip.  You can find many more cute items at this event.

Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Groomed & Swallow
Noodles-Collect Some Honey Hair Clip @ Bees Through the Seasons
Lelutka-Effect-Blonde Fun * Now available in Natural Packs
House of Torn-Rizzo-Orange
Adam N Eve-Disa-D2-Bare/Freckles/Blonde Brows
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Lake





Skin Love for Adam n Eve.

I don’t normally do separate posts for skins, but I love this face from Adam n Eve. I am adorable. I have dipples. I have freckles. I am just in awe of myself.  Mind you, those are separate add-ons, so if you are not into cute (and want more grown up), than you can modify this beautiful skin to your heart’s content.  I just had to show it to you as a blonde because most photographs I have seen have been brunette!

You can try out Disa by Adam N Eve HERE.  I hope you it suits you like it did me!

Other Credits:  DeLa Hair-Hanna: Blonde, almost always, Maxi Gossamer eyelashes, Mayfly Eyes-Rainshower Shadow.

*Raw image from SL


Inspire Me:Unforgettable Quotation

“With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.”  Emerson, from “Self-Reliance”

Pose: Marukin-Stillwater

Blinks. Is it really Thursday night? My heavy eyelids push open and close, relentlessly fighting dreams of missed opportunities. I will blog. I will blog.  

This past week the SL Blogging Support put out an Inspire Me Initiative. The initiative is more daily inspiration and ideas for those struggling with photography concepts.    Monday’s prompt was unforgettable quotations.  Sitting in my little space in SL, I thought of  the quotation from Emerson’s essay, “Self-Reliance,” but I had no idea how to convey my mind’s message, so I decide to go shopping for my 52 weeks of color outfit, the color Bittersweet.  Needless to say, those two challenges eventually merged into the picture above.  Hey, I can rock two challenges in one blog-post even if I can’t do it on time.

May we all fight the mundane and step outside of the box every once in a while, so we aren’t so enchanted by our shadows, but instead with a world teeming with possibilities.


Dura-37-Dark Brown
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Spring Night
MG-Eyelashes-Wild Full Thnk
Schadenfreude-Eala Dress-Peach
Kooqla-Hot Reds Lipstick-4

Week Forty-Two: Cosmic

Poses-Focus Poses-99-1

Ladies and Gentlemen.  A First.  A Numero Uno.  I have an outfit for 52 weeks of color way before the deadline.   Wow.  Well, of course, this means I need to dish out some thank yous. *Saunters up to platform* Well, first on my list:

League: Seriously, I love you.   Thank you for not only coming out for one item, but coming out with an item that pretty much only needed me to add hair.  My boots to my jewelry thank you.

Pretty Island: Well, aren’t you fabulous.  I love your location.  You have made my life so much easier to photograph.

Focus Poses: How could I look all cute and innocent without you?  Thank you very much!

the Skinnery:  Seriously, you are the first skin that I love this much *extends arms wide as they will go*; I just seem not me without you.

Luna Jubilee: I wouldn’t be here without you.  Kisses.

*Bows and exits platform*

Pose-Focus Poses-104-2


D!va-Hair-Norma-Topaz-Type A
League-Boots, Outfit, & Jewelry *New
H+L-Liner Shades-Electricity
Candy Nail-#P055- Color French Pink
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow
MG – Eyelashes -Assorted Mesh
the Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Location: Cafe Green Gables @ Pretty Island

Week Forty One Antique Brass

I am behind, once again. on my 52 weeks of Color entry.  Sometimes, I just have to have a meet and greet with a color.  I wanted to find a top that had an antique vibe, but I had no clue where I would find it.  With another outfit in mind, I stopped at La Penderie de Nicole to see if they had a  jacket to put over that particular outfit.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw these tank tops.  While they might be more gold in tone, I figured I could make it work.  I loved the pattern and was amazed at the fit of the top.

Shopping around for a shorter hairstyle, I found this wonderful creation at DeLa that would highlight my collarbone, and I added the necklace from Glow Studio last minute because I needed a touch of something else to break up the rest of the photograph.   I tried something different and didn’t put the shadows directly on me, but more behind me, and cropped it so I filled up the whole frame. I purposely had me looking off to the side. It felt more natural.


La Penderie de Nicole-My Silk Tank
La Malvada Mujer-Trick Pony Make-up
My Ugly Dorothy-Lovely Lines
DeLa-Gamo-Blonde 4
Glow Studio-Mix and Match-Heart Necklace
the Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Pose-Focus Poses-101

Miss Hot Cinnamon

Miss Hot Cinnamon loved to dance.  In fact, on many occasion she would be the last “lady” on the dance floor.  She twirled.  She kicked.  She moved her hips.  Many of men loved Miss Cinnamon because she rarely wore undergarments.  They peeped.  They gawked.  They loved when she moved her hips.   Understandably, Miss Cinnamon was not a favorite among the women on the dance floor.  Husbands and boyfriends alike were snatched up by their wives and girlfriends from the floor.  Did Miss Hot Cinnamon care?  Nope.  She wasn’t interested in their men.  She was married to dance.

I must say, Miss Hot Cinnamon was born out of the dress I got on the Summer Harvest Hunt from 22769.  It is such a fun dress, and oh, it was free!  Immediately, I knew I wanted to do a post that was about dance.  I decided to add Truth’s new hair Carmen because I loved how the waves cascaded out.

Short and sweet blogpost for today!  If you are celebrating Labor Day, have fun!


22769-Nneka Dress-African Harvest
SLink-Illena Sandals-Brow
SLink-Mesh Feet
Synthetique-Ultimate French Series
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Pose-Del May-Strange Curtsey

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Feldgrau

Wow, I am seriously tired!   I can’t even remember how I found the dress.  I think I got a notice, tried it on, and was like–WINNER! Boom.   The dress from Miel is fantastic!  I am sure it has been out and about for a bit, but since I haven’t been able to keep up with all my notices, I am all over the place!     Can’t wait to see all the other color entries for the week!


BLK2.0-Magnetized Sneakers-Black Intense
EB Atelier-Mesh Socks
Izzie’s-Gradient Nails
MG-Earrings-Kizzy Gypsy Hoops-Silver
Miel Playa Dress-Solid-Natural
Burley-Nelly-Light Blonde 04
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Pose-Apple Spice-Heartbreaker



Week Thirty-Four:Russett.

Well, I woke up this morning and realized…52 weeks of Color!?  So I put on my new Maitreya boots and bought this chocolate-colored, babydoll dress by MOLiCHiNO off Marketplace.  My pose comes from Di’s Opera–Fauna Seat.  The seat has some really cute poses inspired by animals!   It is at Limited Edition, so I have no clue if it is still available, but if it is, you need to check it out!


Je Suis-Turquoise Set-Zombie Popcorn Collection
Maitreya Stagioni Boots-Cordovan
MOLiCHiNO Pixie Dress-Chocolate
Synthetique-Ultimate French Series
The Skinnery-Sophia-Woodstock-Honey @ Vintage Fair
Ikon-Sunrise Eyes-Pale Arabian Blue
Pose- Di’s Opera – Fauna Seat-Feline @ Limited Edition