Dance on your grave


As I get back into blogging, I realize, I have no clue where to go for pictures anymore.  I decided to peruse the explore Flickr group for sl, and I was just hoping something worked.  I really don’t classify myself as creative, so although I thought I looked hella awesome I really struggle with the environment and mood of a pic.  I hope it makes some sense, but hey, I will just say I tried at my creative expression and call it a day.

I haven’t seen the Addams latex bodysuit featured a lot (or maybe less) in the Epiphany Flickr group.  I am very much stunned because I wanted it in every colored offered and in many colors not offered.  It is amazing. Maybe it was the color palette people shied away from, but it is excellent in my book.  The skirt off and on button for the body suit was amazing and transforms the piece.  Nod to you Addams.  I felt all the pieces really were quite amazing.

In playing the machine, I found this:  It SUCKS or my LUCK SUCKS.  lol

Random Rares make  the outfits hard to complete.  Tons of colors and pieces make the outfits hard to complete.  You had to sink a pretty penny just to get one full outfit, and in my experience, I left quite a bit more linden behind to buy this outfit than if I could have just paid a singular price.   So I guess this is a more precautionary post. I would like to add that many of the pieces are quite amazing on their own.  It is pretty easy to pull a dress or a bodysuit.  The hard part comes from trying to get a set of one color. I did get some rares, but completing a rare outfit notsomuch, I felt defeated after playing for awhile.   So, if you want the rare full outfit, are you willing to spend 30 usd on it? It is amazing, but…..right? Maybe your luck is better. Or maybe your wallet is bigger….

TP to Epiphany Main Sim

TP to Epiphany Cam Sim

Epiphany Shopping Guide

.ET. L’odeur du cuir Necklace White
/Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair
Addams – Bad Bunny BodySuit Latex – Maitreya #011 @Epiphany
Addams – Bad Bunny Boots – Maitreya #041 @Epiphany
Addams – Bad Bunny Glooves Latex – Maitreya #035 @Epiphany
Addams – Exclusive Outfit Bunny // Whip  EXCLUSIVE @Epiphany
Genesis_Head_Lorena_2.0 RARE @Epiphany
12 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Lipstick_MONSTERRIA @Epiphany
02 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyes_TERRIBLE_CREATURE RARE @Epiphany
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Poses by Le Poppycock


3 thoughts on “Dance on your grave

      1. I don’t! That’s why I am only half tempted.. I played some machine last night and got three same things in a row.. frustrated me! 🙂

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