Come play with me.

We ❤ RP is open for business, and I have to say there are so many wonderful items.  There are also gifts this round, so make sure to be on the lookout for those as well.

Azuchi has updated their beautiful Archer outfit to include boots.  The boots come with and without a crest option, and they also come with a black version.  If you find the boots still poke through, put on the isis version of the pants. This was stated in the notecard that comes with the pants! Since I alphaed everything out, it didn’t really matter which version I wore.  Very simple fix to make sure your boots fit those pants! You can find a close-up of the boots below.   Yummy had a few different items that I adored as well.  I am wearing the utility belt and the necklace.  My hair by KoKoLoReS was the perfect fit for me.  It allowed me to show off my BentBox ears and shirt, but still have some hair flowing over my shoulder.


*Bolson / Tattoo – Mr. Burton (Worn)
(Yummy) Ancient Amulet Necklace – Gold @ We <RP
(Yunmy) Leather Utility Belt @ We <RP
-Belleza- Isis
.random.Matter. – Ardic Bone Collar – Gold
BentBox Sylvan Ears
Azuchi Archer Outfit @ We <RP
Azuchi Archer Boots *New* @ We <RP
[Buzz] Aura Eyes – Forrest
[[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Delaney @ We <RP
Pose by Label Motion-Fairy Sparkle

+Half-Deer+ Fennec Foxes
*alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen]
Cubes Store: Pans Oak Tree, Hecates Oak Tree, Gods Rays* Season Change Hud

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