Oleander@ Hair Fair

Hair Fair is upon us.  I personally set my donation goal for myself.  Then, I figured out which hairs to buy with my own personal goal.   Please remember that you have the chance to raise money for Wigs for Kids as you shop.  As someone who works with children in real life, I have seen students struggle first hand with hair loss suffered through various illness. A child’s strength is unbelievable, and Wigs for Kids is just one organization that helps them cope with their illness by increasing their self-esteem.

So, it is quite daunting to shop for Hair Fair.  You are inundated with fabulous hair all at once.  I personally grab pretty much EVERY demo.  My boyfriend, Sands, kept trying to talk to me. Our conversation over 2 days was this:

“What are you doing?”
“Getting demos at Hair Fair.”
….2 hours later
“What are you doing?”
“Trying on demos from Hair Fair.”
….Next day
“What are you doing?”
“Buying hair at Hair Fair.”
….an hour later
“What are you doing?”
“Taking blog pictures for Hair Fair”

Obviously, more conversation happened, but it was hilarious because Hair Fair always puts me in a ZONE.

Please consider stopping by Oleander at Hair Fair.  Her hair was some of the first ones I demoed…and I made sure to stop back at her booth to pick up these beautiful styles.


!Oleander ~ Catallena. Blonde Tones  @ Redhead Sim
!Oleander ~ Poppy. Blonde Tones @ Redhead Sim
!Oleander ~ Larkin. Dipped Tones @ Redhead Sim
*MC* Festival Bikini / Fiesta @ Mesh Ave
Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Tecla Mermaid – America @ Collabor88
Poses by Marukin


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