Winter Essentials

Izzie’s has showered us with some winter essentials.   Previously, the store released a pose set called Snowball Fight, and I’m highlighting it again because it is a great set to use for winter, especially if you have some friends to group up with too.  Izzie’s also released a Snowball Hit series at The Dressing Room Fusion for cheap. It includes snowball hits to the face and body; some of which have animated expressions of worry or crying.   This series in conjunction with the aforementioned pose series ends up creating a series of hysterical pose sequences.  Also, if you are out playing in the snow, don’t forget your earmuffs.  Izzie’s has released a brand new set of fuzzy earmuffs to keep the frostbite away.  

I finally got around to Geeks’n’Nerds and found a few things to stuff in my inventory.  I personally loved Ison’s sweater and shirt combination.  It can be worn as a dress or over some pants.  The dress comes with a hud to change the color of the shirt underneath the sweater too. I also picked up the glasses available because they were cute and nerdier than any other glasses I own already.

Villena has put out  plethora of new items recently, but I just needed some pants, and their newest pair sports a high waist, skinny leg, and an optional plus size butt version.  You can’t see my butt here because this version wasn’t functional with my long top, but you really do need to go demo them to see the booty.

Finally, I finished off my outfit with a pair of shoes that is completely inappropriate for a snowfight by LaRoo.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with their shoes recently.  I love how super high they are, and this pair, although not that great in a snow fight, works well for the winter months because of the closed toe and overall design.

Belleza-Leila-Medium-Blonde Mainstore
Birdy-Liner 5 Mainstore
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Azure Mainstore
Izzie’s-Mesh Earmuffs-Black *NEW* Mainstore//MP
Izzie’s-Snowball Hit *NEW* TDRF
Villena-H/W Leggings-Spliced Black V2 *NEW* Mainstore
LaRoo-Kim Pumps-Black *NEW* Direct Link @ Shoetopia 2
ISON-Pegley Glasses-Black *NEW* Nerds’n’Geeks
ISON-Solid Sweatshirt-Black *NEW* Nerds’n’Geeks
Truth-Winter w/Roots-Seasand  Mainstore
Poses by Izzie’s-Snow Fight Mainstore//MP
Coco-Leather Gloves-Black Mainstore



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