Oh golly.

Seems every now and again the realm of bloggers in Second Life try to define themselves, so I decided to give you some insight.  We are not all the same.  And we shouldn’t be.  I will attempt in my search to define the second life blogger and present a few definitions and examples so you have some knowledge as you sift through the feeds. Some blog migrate between different categories:

1)  The Social  Commentator: These blogs usually keep up to date on fashion (can be questionable), but tend to focus more on the community of Second Life.  They offer musings and important information about what is going on and give us resources to for opinions.  Credits can be found on some.

Examples: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/http://www.girlwonderspeaks.com/

2) The Picture Pleaser:  These blogs post pictures and credits.  Nothing more.  They should probably be pretty good at taking pictures, but that is debatable.  It is unfortunate when they aren’t that great at the editing and photography.

Examples: http://nevacrystall.com/http://jadezillas.tumblr.com/

3) The Showcaser: The blogs post pictures and credits, but usually talk a bit about why they like an item or piece of clothing.  This group usually sparks some controversy because they refrain from pointing out flaws in items or they find no flaws themselves in said items.   As a reader, it might be hard to tell, do they like the item or are they selling me the item because of ‘ties’ to a designer? *gasps*

Examples: https://sopheemojo.wordpress.com/ (that’s me!); http://corapomilio.tumblr.com/post/66440022384

4) The Reviewer:  These blogs again post pictures and credits and are similar to “The Showcaser”.   They usually talk  about the outfit, but they make sure to point out flaws they see to the reader.  The idea is to review the clothing and not the person behind the clothing, but that is debatable (e.g. social issues the designer approves of, etc).  They might have ‘ties’ to designers too.

Example: http://juicybomb.com/

For a long time, I had no idea what type of blog I was or wanted to be or what type of Second Life blogs existed.  I guess it would have been smart to think about this before I decided to blog.  In all honesty, I just wanted a place to put the outfits I wore because starting out, I had no idea where to shop, and I thought it might help someone.  I started this blog on week two of entering Second Life.

At first, it was easy to be “The Reviewer.”  I had no ties to the community and just mimicked what I saw on other real life review blogs.  That being said, I do notice that I don’t ‘review’ an item as much anymore.  As I joined more and more social media outlets with ties to the community, I saw just how hard it was to keep a virtual business alive.  Some sort of fascination and admiration phase ensued, and I wasn’t so much enamored with the item, but with the process of making items in Second Life.  How do you manage a real life and a second life?   A deep respect for what I wore and the time it took to create this virtual piece made me rethink how I wanted to blog.

At times, I myself move between categories.  I would say without a flinch I am “The Showcaser.” From the start, I wanted this blog to be a place people could go to to find things.  I have enormous respect for my audience, and I truly believe you can make up your own mind when you purchase an item in Second Life.  I believe you will try the demo and figure out if a piece is you or if it is not.  My sole purpose was for someone to come out of reading my blog and finding something they loved, and if you didn’t, not for thinking I purposely mislead you, but that we both just might have a different taste in clothing.

It took me awhile to figure out where I fit. I think I meader between groups, but I most identify with “The Showcaser.”  I’m okay with that.  It is where I feel the most comfortable.

What type of blogger are you? What type of blogs do you read regularly? Why do you blog Second Life?


Eyes-Ikon-Vanity Line
Skin-Glam Affair-Elvi-Europa
Dress-Mon Cheri at The Rockablity Fair
Shoes- Has Been


5 thoughts on “Oh golly.

  1. Love this post Sophee!

    I’m definitely gonna go with being a Showcaser. I started blogging because it incorporated my 2 favourite things in SL, shopping and taking pics, and if I can make people smile by seeing a pretty picture or help them out on where to buy something, then that’s a great bonus.

    I do point out small flaws at times if I think it’s worth mentioning, but frankly, I’m not gonna shop for, or spending hours editing a picture of, something that I don’t like or think is terrible quality, because that’s a waste of my time and money. Even review copies from creators, I’m not gonna spend 4 hours+ on a picture to say that I think it’s crap or that I don’t like it, I just won’t blog it. I think a lot of people don’t understand the differences in the types of bloggers in SL and I hate it when I see people bashing bloggers to say we only gush over things and don’t give proper reviews. I probably spent a lot of time on that picture because I love the items in it, so yea, I’m gonna say how much I do. If you want reviews, read a review blog, it’s simple.

    Gorgeous pics too btw! ❤

    1. I totally agree with you on the editing a picture point. I spend hours thinking about an outfit, poses, maybe a location…I don’t do that for something I don’t like. If I don’t like it, I don’t blog it or I just lack the time at that moment to get to it. Honestly, beyond Gogo, I have no idea who else reviews items. Even Gogo doesn’t seem to review as much. By classifying I don’t mean that we don’t need each category-quite the opposite. I am just not so sure why different types of bloggers feel the need to knock someone else for not being them. Be you. Be you proudly. I remember starting this blog and being so conflicted. Where do I fit? I like writing, but didn’t like the review part, so I limited that part. I remember the first “designer” talking about how upset they were about criticism, and it broke my heart. I knew at that moment, my little review wasn’t worth the tears for someone else. It is Second Life. I am human. In SL, we get to demo, and most of the time we get to choose to purchase knowing what we will get in return. I guess I don’t understand why we feel the need to throw mud at one another at times.

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