Loud Mouth

Loud Mouth has released the newest mesh attachment, mesh lips.  We now have a long list of mesh attachments to cover up every single part of our avatar.  We have hands, feet, ears, eyes, boobs, and the list seems to be growing.  Just when I think we have covered everything, another attachment pops up.  Recently, the mesh butt surprised me.  I don’t know why because at this point nothing should, but it did.

Loud mouth’s lips do improve the overall profile of the existing avatar’s face.  They add a bit more realism and get rid of the flat feature from the side of lips that exists when you only use a normal skin.


I had to play with my shadows to get it to look okay, but there are still noticeable lines surrounding the attachment.  That, unfortunately, seems impossible to avoid.


I tried and tried to match my skin color without an applier, and while I got close, it never did look great to me.  The appliers are a must in my book.   As of right now, only a few places offer the appliers, tSg [The Sugar Garden] being one of them.  She is the queen of appliers.  Part of me feels horrible that the skin makers have to go through all his or her products to make these appliers, and part of me is selfish and impatient…I want…I want.  That being said, the mesh lips seem to be more of a photography prop similar to the eyelids from Slink.  I don’t know if they will be something I wear as religiously as my hands or feet right now or if they will end up collecting dust like my mesh boobs.  I haven’t really kept up with who else has appliers, but in Loud Mouth they have links to stores who have them or have them in the works.  I only knew TSG had some from my plurk timeline…(coughs, great place to advertise your products or keep in the know).

As the mesh mouth grows in popularity, I can see other shapes and styles coming out.  I believe one is currently in the works–much bigger and puffy.  Some have criticized the shape of the current releases, saying the frown is too pronounced.  So, I do hope all these requests are being heard.  As far as the hud is concerned, I found it way too big and bulky visually.   That being said, I found it simple to use.  It will get the job done, but as I said before, the appliers just work better and the lips seem to be made more with that in mind.  I did like that I could tint the lips of an existing applier though.  Final note, when I tried the demo, no teeth were included, which really made me pause. I hope that has been fixed.  I think seeing the lips with teeth is essential. For a more comprehensive tutorial on how to modify the appearance visit here.  This was really informational to me!

Loud mouth hud

Have a great Sunday!

Sophee Mojo


Mesh Lips-Loud Mouth-Alli-Parted & Closed
Hair-Truth-Storm-Light Blondes 01
Jacket-Erratic-Laney-Tweed Jacket
Eyes-Mayfly-Dusky Hazel Shadow


4 thoughts on “Loud Mouth

    1. Yay! Thanks for the compliment; you look so pretty in the lips too. Someone posted your blogpost on plurk, and I so wish I would have seen it earlier. Your guide was very helpful.

      1. Oh really? 😀 I wondered why my blog was blowing up! I’ll have to find out who it was and thank them. I hope to do more guides like this in the future.

  1. can this mouth even open it seems useless if it cant i dont see why i would buy this besides looking pritty which makes no sence

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