Slide through my hands.

Cleo is the newest release from Glam Affair, and I think she is a beautiful addition.  I was curious how lines evolve and change, so I decided to try out the gif thing and put Cleo up against other releases from Glam Affair.   I have no idea if it will actually play.  It doesn’t in preview, but when I open it up in another window it does, so I just gonna go with it…cross my fingers, and then hide if it doesn’t. I know, extremely ladylike.  Sidenote: My apologies for not using the same tone throughout.  I changed to Europa over America for the last few releases. Also note, wordpress still hates me and is messing with the format of my posts, so sorry!  


I’m not sure if that really helped or not, but at least you can see (if it worked) a comparison of the skins.  I think Cleo has a much younger face, and I love the lips.  There also seems something different going on with the blush or rosiness of the face, but I can’t put my finger on it.  My other likes are the addition of nose shape layers which change how defined the lines are around the nostrils.  Also, there is a layer for more pores and definition for the face.  How bout that?  Along with all those goodies are freckle layers, a slew of brow shape options, lash options,  glossy lips options, and there are more brow color variations (A-F).  All in all, Cleo is another gorgeous release from Glam Affair.  

Tokidoki- ruf ribbon – purple
Valentina E. Couture– Dandelion One piece- Lilac
Lassitude & Ennui Dewdrop – silver / rose necklace @ The Boutique
AUX- Melt My Heart – White @ Collabor88
Mon tissu- Daley T-Strap Heels / Smallest-White
Mon tissu- Workwear Leather Wristlet (Rigged)-Pink
Glam Affair – Cleo – Europa – 08 A *New release
IKON Destiny Eyes – Clarity @ The Boutique
Poses by Fri.
Location-Pink Spider


6 thoughts on “Slide through my hands.

    1. Thanks Kirsten! There are parts I like about each skin. I do have some love for Zara, but I wish she had the lips of Cleo. I want to just morph all the likes I have into one skin, so I think that is why I keep going back again and again. They are all really beautiful skins!

  1. I’ve yet to try Cleo out, since I’m a bit on vacation, but I plan too. As one that has worn GA for over three years, I am finding that Amberly is by far the best one for my liking, followed by Leah then Zara. I’m a bit worried on the lips – since they seem to be a bit fuller on Cleo. And you’re correct – from all the pictures I’ve seen, Cleo seems to be a bit more youthful.

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