Goth Fair 2013

So, yesterday I decided to try a relaxing adventure to World Goth Fair 2013.  I had a few brands that I saw items from that I really wanted to check out.  Wow.  I really need to read blogs more carefully.  For nearly 15 minutes I was trying to navigate Goth Fair using the wrong freakin map.  I was so frustrated.  Mind you, this is not anyone’s fault but my own.  I was tired. I was zoned.  I had spent 8 hours deciphering teen speak at work which can make the normal mind explode after 5 minutes.  I mean WOW.  I have never felt so stupid.   But, I managed to figure out where I was and for what I was looking for which leads me to *drumroll*  Half Deer’s release, the Necromancer headdress, Bilo’s dress and skin release, and Perception’s neck corset.

I’m kinda proud I was able to pull together a look after my debacle.  I figured I would give up, but I did and I like it.  If you know this blog, I don’t venture too much into Fantasy and such, so I tried my best to present my Goth look.  Bilo’s new skin is fantastic, and helped me quite a bit.  From as far as I can tell (not a skin expert), the shading just seems more complementary in this skin line, I love the lips, and there seems to be much more overall attention to detail.  The skin itself just screams tempress, at least to me.  There is also something so alluring about this face.  I love getting a chance supporting skin makers who continuously try to improve their lines of skins for their audience.  I have a few of Bilo’s previous skins, and I can say I approve of some of the changes and advances she has made as a skin maker.

Make sure to go over and check the World Goth Fair 2013 and check out these releases and others!


Perception-Neck Corset-Black Leather
Half-Deer-The Necromancer’s Headdress-Aqurius
Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner-no.03
Truth Hair-Abra-Black/White-01
Jalwa Skins-Jezebel-Vamp-Ethereal-White Brow
Ikon Vanity Eyes-Poltergueist
Poses by Marukin





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