I had a dream. There were no clocks.


I had a dream this past week. It was messed up.  I dreamed that I was late for work, and I could not see the time on any clock.  Every clock had the time blurred out.  It sucked.  The end.

On a brighter note, Has Been released some new items.  I really love this dress. I have no clue if it was me, but I couldn’t get the alpha to work, so I used another alpha that matched up with this one, but the fit is flawless. [UPDATE: the creator contacted me inworld, offered a new version with alphas fixed within two days of me posting this blog! That is some great customer service!]  I am addicted to florals, so my apologies if flowers make you sneeze and such.  I just can’t get enough of flowers on this and flowers on that.  Also, inadvertently I took this dress off at Truth Hair today, so I had my bits showing.  If you were there, sorry!  I would say I was embarrassed enough to leave, but I just put that dress right back on and kept on shopping. No way I was going to leave that store after it took me hours to get in! 🙂  This is really just a regular day in the life of awkward Sophee.

Speaking of hair, Tram  released new hair.  I am excited because Tram always has cute short hairstyles which is my thing most definitely. Finally, I decided to glam up my spring outfit by pairing it with Glam Affair’s Janna Statement necklace for FaMESHed.   Yes, it may be a tad bit much with the outfit because it is so elegant, but this is my blog and I wanted to. Pretty=pretty.  That being said, I bet this would lovely with a formal gown!

I took this picture earlier in the week or was it last week…oh well, but it gives you a closer look at Botanical’s release at The Garden: Wooden Arbor with Ivy.


Glam Affair-Janna Statement Necklace-Gold/Pink @ FaMESHed *NEW
Has Been-Softly Dress-Florals *NEW
Tram-C429 Hair(a)-Shell *NEW
Glam Affair-Margot-America 02-Blonde
Ikon Eternal Eyes-Lagoon


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