Pose-Curio Obscura-Pin Up-Seated 04

I got the boyfriend’s letter jacket, the cheer bow, heels that you should never wear in high school (nor skirt for that matter), and my phone. I am ready to learn!

I am way behind on what is new and current in the last three weeks because I took a blogging break, but I am slowly trying to get back at it.  Slowly.  Of course, there will be my life long companions forever: GOS shoes.  I think they might have made it into my top three items I will take to a deserted island, bumping out drinking water.   My jacket is from Sheep Door, and I have no idea when it was released, but it is super cute.  My hair is last week’s release from Truth Hair.  Ra Ra. The rest I just bought for this photo or found in my inventory, including Adorkable’s Call Me series.  Sadly, there were no sitting poses with it,  but I got to use the cool phone.

Sophee Mojo


Adorable Poses-Cell Phone *from Call Me series
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes
Slink-Mesh Hands-Casual and Point
Sheep Door-Stadium Jacket-Black
Tee*fy Basics-High Waist Short Denim Skirt-Original
Gos-Sophia Peeptoe-Black
Pink Fuel-Yum Bubblegum
the Skinnery-Lovers Eye-Storm *NEW
Glam Affair-Amberly-America-02

Other: Map-Pilot’s Travelers Map & Realist Tek’s Whiteboard Set, Bag by TokiD


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