I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

My first reaction, as I slipped on my first set of mesh breast: WTF.

Did all ya’ll really jump the wagon and go to crazy town.  I kinda eyed the Lola or the Lush mesh breasts, or whatever you wanna call those mountains you put over your chest, with a bit of skepticism.  I can’t even do this post without a smirk and a laugh, but apparently you love them.  I mean my groups have gone wild. I got advertisements up the ying and the yang about them, and my flickr…it is in heat.   So, what is a virginal girl like myself to do? Join them. I guess.

Abeit shortly… because really, I am a Photoshop girl. If I add, it must decrease my Photoshop time…and these mesh mountains, just aren’t decreasing my editing time. In fact, I think I looked at more pictorial with tits in them, then I really wanted to today. I couldn’t figure out my tit placement. You get that folks! I was questioning my own boob knowledge.  Twice (okay maybe three times), I felt like lifting my own shirt up to figure out where my boobs really sit on my chest.

As always, I bought them, so I will get my use out of them. So, if you see this site turn porn all the sudden, contact the creators because I just decided to join the crazy train with ya’ll. AND, if any of you do decide to make another set of mesh breasts, consider the fact that I don’t want mountains.  Maybe I want like a little hillside instead.  I mean a hillside is cute too.  I like a hillside…and my boyfriend said he prefers a hillside.

By the way, I did get both.  They both I guess have “uses”.  But, for a more natural look I would go for the deviant [d] Lush boobs.  If you want a more “toon” look, then get the Lolas.    If you are really skeptical, wait until you see more creators offering clothing.  As off right now, it is really hard to find classy stuff for appliers.  They both require some time to figure out fitting, and only look awesome in certain lighting.

Bottomline: If everyone is running around in Apple Blossom lighting, you look like Pam Anderson on Baywatch…but to everyone else…you look like Frankentittie.  Considering most folks don’t know how to change their lighting from default, I think I’d rather just go with my square, small and luscious linden boobs.  It is a personal preference.  I would have to say that they are quite fun to play with if you have nothing better to do.


Wasabi Pills-Ichigo Mesh Hair-Rye
Maxi Gossamer-Eyelashes-Mesh
Boom-Ice Cream Tank-Rainbow Sherbert
Candy Doll- Lacely Top Black
Deviant [d]-Lush Breasts 1.3
Glam Affair-Amberly-America-09
Ikon Eternal-Bay
TokiD-Summer Nights Cardigan-Hearts
Maitreya-Flare Jeans-Heels-#2
Poses: Curio Obscura-Pin Up Set
Bed-Trompe Loeil – Mendoza Bed – Satin & Silver Frame


11 thoughts on “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

  1. I agree with you – I bought the Lolas because they said they had a “resize option,” and since there was *no demo* (which I find more than a little ridiculous) I crossed my fingers and bought them anyway because PXL had made skin appliers.

    Yeahhhh, you can’t resize them nearly enough. Almost 2K for the boobs, plus 400 (or was it 200?) for the appliers and I’ve literally worn them once -for a photo- because I can’t find anything “non-trollop” to wear them with.

    Yours do look far cuter (and less gargantuan) than the Lola’s, though.

    1. The re-sizing really made my head spin. I had to push the Lolas back into my chest a bit–not sitting out as much to make them look better, but yeah, the lack of clothing options is a bummer. I spend a day just trying to find stores that make appliers for these, and there really isn’t much. I think this, in fact, was a ploy to get all the ladies to run around with no clothing on. I mean why else can’t I find more tops?

      That said, Boom did go back and redo some tanks, and I did like the offerings at Candy Doll. I believe there is also clothing at Cynful too. But as you said, when you spend soooo much money on one item, you really want to use them, and the clothing stores just haven’t caught up with the demand yet.

      The deviant [d] Lush ones do have a demo available, but have even less options in appliers. Catch 22. I am sure you don’t want to spend more money on something you haven’t used that much!

  2. Bottomline: If everyone is running around in Apple Blossom lighting, you look like Pam Anderson on Baywatch…but to everyone else…you look like Frankentittie.
    LOL funniest thing I have read in a long time ♥ very good post, great pics, and yes, it is definitely confusing at first getting them to work against your chest.


  3. This is an excellent post.. I am feeling exactly the same way but haven’t crossed over yet! I think I’m waiting for the hillsides with some natural physics which would be right up my street! Also, the clothing IS an issue and it kind of makes me feel bad for the girls out there in RL with these naturally who might feel self conscious and do everything they can to class themselves up. Maybe those classy creators feel they shouldn’t associate?

    The man issue also rings all kinds of bells for me. I have heard a million times that a handful is plenty. With my current avi, all I’ve ever attracted was men who like to chat about issues of the mind and I fear that walking around with those would bring in a new type of “gentleman”..

    Thanks for this post.. it’s absolutely fabulous with the perfect amount of cheek 😉

    Lyla Barbosa ❤

    1. It seems that many people are divided over mesh boobs. I thought it was a fun idea, and the linden boobs just aren’t that sexy. The Tangos and the Lush ones make a great silhouette that you can’t get with the current breasts. There was a need.

      I am not sure if we will see many creators hop on this train or not. I like that Boom has gone back and started to re-do their tops. I guess we will see! They do look great in lingerie or without any clothing on (in good lighting).

      I paused when I put classy in the post, but I really do feel that many different types of people, who have different styles, would buy them if they had options. It took me forever to find tops that felt like me, but just a smidgen sexier. I have liked a few options that Cynful put out, but all in all, I felt like I couldn’t find much.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. That is hilarious! I love the look Sophee. You did them well. I ended up with the Tangos, but pushed them to a point that made them look less toonish, I guess. They’re still big, but hopefully in my eyes natural enough.

    1. Thanks! I guess by “toon” I meant unrealistic. From the front, they both looked about the same. It was the side view of the Tangos that made me giggle the most-the shape is exaggerated to me. The Tangos do have more skin appliers too. Of course, not everything in SL has to be dead on like RL–that is part of the appeal in some ways.

      1. Yeah that was my feeling. They kind of have a hershey kiss look to them. But I applied the GA appliers and toned them down and felt they did okay. Granted I’m still messing with the clothing factors.

  5. Rule of thumb if you’re trying to fit them, use the collar bone as a guide, lining up the collarbone of your skin to the collarbone on the breasts. There is already a natural break line there cause of the skin shading so it’s a good place to blend in the breasts.

    It is pretty easy to find skin appliers for tangos atm, for lush I’ve only found applier’s for al vulo (at boobie show), deetalez, the sugar store, and Belleza (just out today).

    If you’d like to have them actually bounce,(which I find amusing, lol) Que Bella has a script you can drop into them for just 25L which will get your girls bouncing. Oh, and try playing with the texture offset/repeat on the top layer to make the necklines more modest, I do this all the time as I hate having nipples peaking out lol, I also find myself doing this when I use tango appliers on the lush breasts because they often don’t quite match up.

    Cute post and amusing write up for the breasts all around. I know they can be a bit silly but I think sl is best taken with a good dose of silly and I love anything that gives me more options to customize my avatar don’t you?

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