Beats of my heart find a home.

Pose: Focus Poses-Model-66-3

Hmmm. House of Fox. The brand is hosting a blogger search for those interested.  I have been eagerly awaiting House of Fox mesh for some time, and I have enjoyed seeing the brand transform into mesh–it is hard to keep your store’s style and image, but create inside such a limited box.  That is a nod to the uniqueness of the brand.   It mixes a bit of urban with couture to give you an item unique, fresh, and trend-setting.   When I saw them put up a flickr search for new bloggers, I will admit that I wanted to be on it.  The style of Fashionboi Landar’s clothing appeals to my alter ego, embodying the strength of a woman, but also highlighting femininity.  This paradox shows in many items they sell: bold, but soft and structured, but girly.   You can look at any item and see that time and thought goes into a design.  The passion they have for creating clothing is evident.

However, I decided just to do a picture.   I love these types of contests not for what I can get out of it, but because I get a challenge.   I don’t blog nearly enough to be put on a list of any sorts. I have loved House of Fox since I found them. They have been a brand I turned to when I have lost inspiration to blog, and I am so scared to force myself to blog an item for my audience.  Force is hard, but force will be understood by bloggers.  It is that moment where you take a photograph just to meet a requirement rather than letting it just happen or unfold.  I struggle with creativity.  Whatever I put out, I cringe when I hit publish because I wonder what my audience will think, so yes, signing a contract, of sorts, does cause me pause.  Maybe that is too opinionated for people, but I sometimes just have to check myself.  Why am I doing this?  For me, I get to challenge and express myself in ways I never thought before.  I like that.  I need any store I blog for to understand this too.  I guess this type of  contest is too impersonal for me. Does this mean I will never? No.  I wish my life was so black and white.

Many items in SL give me pause, and this is just one of many.  My thoughts are always moving forward, so if you have an opinion leave it in the comments.  I struggle with the concept a lot because of the lack of commitment I can give anyone, and I want to do my best.   Oh gosh….that last remark is just so telling of my personality.  Do you like these contests? How do you balance it all?  Why do you blog?

As always,

Sophee Mojo (click my name to go to my blog)

You can find House of Fox on: Marketplace (selection limited), In-World, Flickr, and at current fashion events, like here, FaMESHed.


All clothing-House of Fox
Vintage Sheer Top
    A Symmetric Top-Purple @FaMeshed
    Leather Leggins-Green@FaMeshed
BALKANIK-Magnetized Sneakers-Black Intense
Standby Inc.-Retro Headphones-Care
Exile-Little Talks-Vanilla-NEW
EB Atelier-Mesh Socks
LaGyo-Bonbon Ring-Gold
Maxi Gossamer-Assorted Mesh Eyelashes
The Skinnery-Iris-Evening Makeup-Champagne-NEW
IKON-Eternal Eyes-Emerald

-Housing items from-
Cheeky Pea
What Next
L&K Prefabs
Barnesworth Anubis


6 thoughts on “Beats of my heart find a home.

  1. After reading your words about House of Fox, I think you’d be a wonderful representative.

    It’s hard to get that balance between expressing yourself and showcasing a designer’s creations so that’s tricky. And I think I’ve been rejected by a post designer who called for bloggers last week, so the ego thing is tricky as well!

    Thoughtful post.

    1. I wish I had the energy and know how to do it all. I just point and shoot these days, and I have to remind myself often that this is why I started a blog in the first place. Your questions highlight what many new bloggers think: how do I make a name for myself? The most effective answer may stun: longevity. People want to rely on you. I can never personally agree to those terms, so I just move forward–my ego singed and my image a bit different than the day before. It is all relative anyway. As always, do what you love. The rest seems to fall in suit or fall apart. Either way, a path is made. We do our best.

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