Snowflake Girl.

Pose-Marukin-Hane-Gentle Light

It has been a while since my last blogpost because this time of year is just crazy busy.  I got to fly out and do some X-mas shopping in NYC, and while I had tons of fun, I got very behind on some RL chores and work.  I did manage to stop by The Dressing Room Fusion to look around, and decided to pick up this sweater dress by Boom.  I am all comfortable and stuff.  Apparently I am obsessing over grays and blues right now.

Boom-Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress-Kornor Smoke @ Dressing Room Fusion
Dura-Girl *37-Strawberry
Maxi Gossamer-Eyeslashes
AE Skins – Disa T2 Nude//Blonde Eyebrow//Freckles
IKON Eternal Eyes – Denim



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