My Trust is not Free

So, I have never done a mirror image photo, and I decided yesterday I was going to try one out (again, because I tried and failed before).  I have seen the tutorials posted everywhere.  I am going to link to the SL Blogger Support page because they have a bunch of great tutorials all in one spot. This site is my addiction because it groups everything useful into one spot.  I can’t wait to practice some more pictures like this!

The photography prop I am using comes from Diesel Works.  I chose to purchase the Nightingale’s Sorrow version, but they also have another version called Nightingale’s Glee with more Burlesque poses.  The poses are perfection and really exude sorrow-to be able to capture that in pose making is sensational.  Because the poses were melancholy, I wanted to go with a more vulnerable attire, so I slipped into Sakide’s lingerie for The Perfect Wardrobe.  I added some pearls from Atelier AM because you know, I am a girl and need some jewelry,  but I love the idea of the pearls graced around my neck.  Grace. Trust. Sorrow.  Vulnerability.  For some reason, when I see many photos done with water, I get this peaceful feeling.  Water just makes you, well, reflect.  I liked that, so it is why I decided to put my birdcage in water.  The idea of all these things washing around you and having to sort them out just made sense to me.  Inside all of this was me, looking into the water.

I also have some news!  I am honored to be invited and featured on the SL Style Academy’s Syndication Feed.  The feed is made up of a talented group of bloggers that continuously present beautiful and inspirational posts showcasing fashion in Second Life.  I can’t tell you how stunned I was to be asked!  Any blogger can tell you that it takes some work thinking up ideas, putting them together, and then making it all look amazing. The bloggers featured in SL Style Academy are the ones I have looked up to, learned from, and admired since I started blogging last year. To be counted as one of them is truly unfathomable to me still!   I hope I can live up to the extraordinary talent found on this feed.


Truth-Guinevere – Seaspray w/ roots
Sakide-Vintage Glam Dress Black for PW
Slink- Mesh Hands and Feet
Atelier AM- Pearl Lariat-White
Maxi Gossamer-Assorted mesh eyelashes
Adam and Eve-Disa-T2-Bare
Diesel Works – Nightingale’s Sorrow (Photography Prop)

Sophee Mojo


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