the woman was a dream I had.

Pose-Adorkable-Lean 3

So many, many ideas for a photo swarmed around in my head when I started out with this dress, Bowie, from Katat0nik.  And I took many, many different photos-in different places, with different hair, with more accessories, then less accessories, but this one seemed to be the picture I came back to, so this is the one you get.

I love Katat0nik’s clothing. It is so interesting and original and fun. It is perfectly crafted. It has great detail.  Just look at the ruffles and the texture. The price is more than I am used to spending, but it should be. The pieces are extraordinary, and I feel very much worth every penny. I often look at them as a bit of a splurge for myself. A luxury I get to enjoy every so often.

Pose-Adorkable-Lean 4

Katat0nik-Bowie Dress-Black
Katat0nik-Bowie Deep Toe Heel-Dark Gray
Adam N Eve-Disa T2-Bare/Freckles/Cleavage Enhancer/Wine Lipstick/Blonde Brows
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Rainshower Shadow

Location-World’s End Garden *Location found using SL Blogger Support’s wonderful resource


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