Inspirations: Comment on Other Blogs

I really wasn’t planning on writing another blogpost today, and by now, some of you would like me to go back to work. I have blogged a bit more than I have in the past because I have the week off. But, Sasy Scarborough has proposed a challenge to anyone who blogs or reads a blog.  It is simple: Leave a comment.  Read more about it here.

I know.  It may seem silly and way too simple, but I have no idea where I would be right now if it wasn’t for some sort of feedback on my blog.  I don’t get many comments, so when I do, they make me so happy–like I can’t stop smiling happy.  Someone took the time out of their busy day to say “this is great”.    I did comment more when I first started blogging, but have slacked recently.  I got so caught up in managing my own blog that I forgot to stop and verbally acknowledge what other people are doing.  I visit many blogs over the course of the week.  Many of them deserve a comment, but I don’t leave one.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have the support of the 52 weeks of color group or any fellow SLer who found their way to my blog and left a comment.  I can’t even tell you how happy I was when the owners of Sn@tch or Flowey or Dark Mouse left a comment on my blog.   And most recently, I was stunned to find a comment by Sasy herself yesterday.

All of these keep me going, learning, and growing as a blogger.   I will link to my first blog post ever, Feb. 2011-a ripe three months after logging into SL for the first time ever.  I may not be the best picture taker or blogger, but I have improved so much through feedback and comments.

Leave a comment for someone else.  You can think of it as giving a big old bear hug to someone else for a job well done.  Okay, off I go a commenting….

Atomic-Sheer Comfort Worn-Fushia (no longer available?)
Zenith-Hoodie Sweater Coat-Choco @ Fair
Pekka-Eyeliner #1
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare-/Lipstick-Hot Pink/Blonde Eyebrows/Freckles
Mayfly-Liquid Light Mesh Eye-Borealis
Fatewear-Friendship Bear *Free

23 thoughts on “Inspirations: Comment on Other Blogs

    1. I remember exchanging blog links. I was so excited that someone got some use out of my photography locations and actually read my blog–although I haven’t updated those links in awhile. I always admire how much more social you are than I am. You have started a blog, a pose shop, and you also do stuff for the Pixel Bean. I may not talk so much all the time, but I notice.

  1. Nice blog post. I have visited some of the locations I found in your Photography Locations which is a great idea ! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Colleen! It is hard to find the right place. When I first started, I was surprised I couldn’t find that resource anywhere, but now it seems many people post locations and SL Blogger Support also has a wonderful resource as well.

      1. You are very welcome, you have inspired me to list locations as well, coming soon to my blog! Great way to share!

  2. It made my day to see this post at the top of the feed. I am so glad you not only wanted to comment, but did an incredible post about the idea and how much it has meant to you over the history of your blogging…I am sure you will continue to make peoples day further than today.


  3. Thank you so much for paying this forward. I think it means so much that we acknowledge each other and share our loves and even helpful criticisms! Thanks for all you do all year round! And as always, gorgeous pics!

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