52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Barley Corn

Okay, when I go shopping for the color challenge, I swear I try to find a color that matches, and to me, this kinda looked close when I purchased it. Upon reviewing the actual color, I might have been a few smidgens away from Barley Corn, but I loved my outfit, so I decided to move forward.

This weekend I resolved to undertake a huge task-inventory cleaning.  I am on a bit of a break, so I had a couple days to sort through the mess.  I now have my poses categorized  my hair categorized, my accessories categorized, and my clothing categorized.  I have really only looked at my housing folder, and to be honest, it  scares me, so since I don’t really change that stuff all that often I decided to not pull my hair out trying to sort it.

I am not sure how you organize your items, but I usually do it differently depending on the items.  For example, I have my clothes separated by type: dresses, pants, jeans, shorts, etc., but I have my hair sorted by designer, color and design, so for example this wonderful hairstyle would be organized by Truth, Blonde, and then in my Updo folder.  It only took me 48 hours to do all this.  Only. Ha. I deleted some items along the way, sorting through my objects folder (which was THE worst place in my inventory) and deleting unneeded scripts and notecards inside every folder.  I probably got rid of close to 2,000 items.  Yay!

I had a few setbacks along the way. I lost a pose stand, and had to go on a mad hunt to find it on my little platform.  Just please–don’t ever attach and drop…ugh, that took me forever to find.   I couldn’t use any pose stand until I did because the one hiding kept messing up the scripts of the one I was on (or something like that).  I also downloaded the new Firestorm Beta only to log into find the texture on my SLink hands was messed up (still haven’t figured that one out, thankfully this dress was long sleeve).

It really is surprising that I managed to snap a picture today at all.  But, I can tell you it is marvelous feeling to have a clean and tidy inventory–now, if I can only keep it that way.


Happy-Snuggly Knit Tights-Mocha
H+L liner Shades-Electricity
Remy-Lasa Dress-Taupe
League-Dhara Boots-Bark
Truth-Adeline w/Roots-Seasand *NEW
Slink- Mesh Hands-Casual
Glow-Studio Lashes-Italia
Glow-Drop Long Earrings-White opal, Silver
Magic Nook-Navajo Arroow Double Ring-Silver @ TDR
Adam N Eve-Disa-T2-Bare
Bilo-Najwa Eyes-Mist @Unhinged
Poses: Pretty sure Everglow, but crashed before I could make a note



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