At the end of the earth.

Pose-Focus Poses-Fantasy 2-5

Okay, so like so many others, I too have been mesmerized by the creations at Collabor88 this round.  There was one small problem.  It was really hard to pick just a few things.  I wanted to bunch it all up and throw it into my inventory. I had a bit of a hard time seeing some of it because even with wondering around for a while, the whole place was gray.  I think my computer is hating me or I guess it just could be that everyone else was there too, but I could not get anything to rez.  Talk about shopping nightmare.  So, I try my best to navigate (or appear somewhat intoxicated as a clumsily tried to find my way around) to a corner just so I could grab some demos.

Once I got home, I tried this dress by Ison.  Okay, I stopped demoing, and immediately knew I wanted to blog this piece first.  It is so classic and simple and lovely and elegant.   While I did love this piece, the sheer layer made it hard to photograph in certain locations because it would blend into the horizon and the folds in the dress didn’t show up as nicely when you were just walking around normally, so I might have (I did)  smooth those out in Photoshop.  For daily wear, this dress is absolute perfection, and I can see myself wanting to wear this dress over and over again just so I can feel purty all the time.

Truth-Ariel w/roots-Seasand
Ison-Seiko Dress and Sheer Layer-Maroon @Collabor88
LaGyo-Santa Fe Necklace-Gold @Collabor88
Mayfly-Deep Sky Mesh Eye-Spring Night
MG-Eyelashes-Wild Thick
Handverk-Rose Pump-Tangerine
My Ugly Dorothy-Bee-07-Burly
Location: Edhelmar



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