Great Expectations


Poses by Label Motion: Luxuria-1 & Valeria-2

I am going to send these pictures into cyper-space, and then make a dash onto my Sunday dailies.  I hope everyone gets a chance to stop by FaMESHed.  They have some great clothing, accessories, hair, and housewares available to you.  I picked up a ton, but this piece by Fanatik really captured my attention.  I loved the detail on the sleeves and the top of the dress, and I was attracted to the sheen of  the leather texture.

I also stopped by Dumani-which is a newish store, offering clothing and accessories.  I first stopped by a few weeks ago because I found them through the search function in SL.  Can you  imagine that I actually found something using the search feature? Whoa! Then, I saw a few people actually blog the brand and decided to go back and see if anything stood out since I remembered they had more formal pieces. I purchased three things: earrings, necklace, and sunglasses.  I decided to go with accessories because unlike clothing (for me) I will reuse a lot of my accessories, so I figured I would try them out.

I really liked the earrings, and the sunglasses were bold and big! I was not a fan of the necklace because it got lost in everything else I was wearing.   I thought I could work with it, but in the end, I just gave up on the necklace.  So, my suggestion, continue to practice smart shopper etiquette and demo what they have to offer to see if it is to your liking!  I really did like the other pieces I bought, and I can’t wait to see what else Dumani creates in the future!


Dumani-Petalo D’onore Earrings-Sunlight
Dumani-Sunglasses- Cat-Eye Occhiali – Rusty Yellow
Fanatik-Leather & Lace dress-Brow @ Fameshed (This location is new, so make sure to update your LM)
Truth-Portia w/Roots-Seasand
Mayfly-Deep Mesh Eye-Spring Night
Slink-Mesh Hands-Casual
Celoe-Zoe Pump-Saddle
Glam Affair-Roza Basic-America-02
Location: VenexiaRoleplay Sim: Need a tag to enter, tag expires after three days


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