All Hallows’ Evening


Once every ten weeks evil comes to my home and life.  The skies darken eclipsing the sun and leaving nothing but a deafening silence.  This evil lurks around every corner and nothing can prevent it from passing through my life-it can not be avoided  This evil is the end of the grading period for this sad, tired teacher.  I’m sorry to build up to nothing, but wow, I have missed my blog.

Even though I still have five papers and a handful of projects still to sift through, I decided to stop and blog this outfit which I have been wearing since the Costume Ball started.   I tried out a few different looks, but this is the one I ended up going with because I really loved the skin from Izzie’s. I feel like Mia Sara from Legend, especially with the black lipstick.  Oh great, now I want a unicorn too.   I went ahead and bought the fairy gown from Valentina E Couture because a) it is so cute b) it had wings c) it is a gown.  I love the creativity behind Valentina E’s clothing.  It is different and in the world of mesh, everyone can understand that finding something unique can be a tiny bit hard.  Sometimes, the texturing for this brand is different than I am used to and it throws me off (at least I think that is what it is), but you can tell these items are made with a great deal of thought and care.

Happy Halloween!!!

Kyoot Makeup – Smokey (Dark Red)
Izzie’s – Lipgloss black
LOULOU&CO- Necklace :: NORA :: Red V.1
V.e. -Fairy Gown Evil and Fairy Wings @ Costume Ball
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Pomegranate)
N-core- COQUETE Platform “Dark Red”
Jamman-Ultimate Deluxe Fingernails Left Hand V1
Yasyn – Effervescent Chrysalis – Auntie Jay’s Smokestack
Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin (Costume Ball Ed.) @ Costume Ball



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