Leverocci released new dresses and boots this past week.   Part of me seriously just wanted to know how this dress fit.  I mean really?! It is fabulous looking.  How in the world she got mesh to do this is beyond me.  I can’t think of anything I would want different.  It is perfect.   I added Leverocci’s new boots,  Altai in chocolate, because her shoes are perfection and I personally tend to wear them quite a bit, so I knew I would get some wear and tear out of them.

I also added Truth’s new hair, Cheyenne in Seasand. I think this might be my new favorite color.  I love this hair.  It may also be my favorite Truth Hair so far (until next week)!  My jewelry comes from Handverk and Maxi Gossamer.  The necklace by MG, Jeweled Love,  is from the event Cinema. I just kept staring at the necklace once I had it on.  It is extremely well crafted, and it promotes love.

MG-Necklace- Jewelled Love- Short
Leverocci –Structured Dress–Bark
Truth-Cheyenne with roots-Seasand-Fades
Leverocci-Altai Boots-Chocolate
Izzie’s-Argyle Tights
My Ugly Dorothy-Jessica-Saddle
MG-Eyelashes-Wild Full Thick
Handverk-Hammered Metal Earring-Gold
Ikon-Horizon Eyes-Barely Sky
Poses: Label Motion

Location: Crownling


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