Fancy Face.

This past week I was fooling around, avoiding doing anything that needed to be done, when I saw a flickr picture come up talking about L’accessoires.  I had seen the event a few times, but honestly, I am not an accessories type of gal.  I try my best to mix and match stuff, but I am horrible at it!  I managed to find inner strength and I tp’d over to see what they had to offer this round.  Most of the items are fancy fancy.  I tiptoed around to each vendor and saw unique and creative items.  My mind–not creative.  LOL.  Trying to figure out what to do with such extraordinary pieces left my mind webbed with doubt.  I was determined though-I would do something different than my normal “everyday” look, and I could be fancy too.  So, this is what I came up with.  Um, I never managed to get past this photo.  I just wanted it to work.   So, the other millions of shots are going to be deleted.  I might mourn them a bit, but I think I accomplished what I set out to do.

Am I a fancy girl?  Nope.  Not at all.  But I play one on my blog sometimes.  You can play fancy too.

L’accessoires Purchases:

La Penderie de Nicole-My Feathered Waspie-Gorgeous piece. Difficult to fit, but I can be pretty inept at fitting things. The alpha layer kept showing in spots and I tried my best to move it around, but as you can see (only the feathers at the top showing), I gave up.  More time limitations than anything else.  It fits like an accessory (rigged), but it doesn’t allow you to modify the shape, so sometimes I wanted to make it wider or longer, but couldn’t.  It really is a beautiful piece.  I would buy it again and again because it is so cool.  I just wish I had more time to make it work–like finding a bottom and a pose that showcased it well. Ohhh, I also had to drag the folder to the ground to get the contents to open up, otherwise I wouldn’t get the actual item.

Purple Moon-Swan Jeweled Eyebrows in Moonlight-I love the little dangling part that goes into the corner of the eye.  That sold me. I remember when these type of accessories came about, and I missed the train the first time, so I figured I would try them this time around.

FuLo- “Pagoda” earrings – Black Opal-I needed some fancy earrings for my idea, so I decided on this pair from FuLo.  It was also a chance to try something different since I never have purchased anything from Fulo.  I liked the earrings.  I was attracted to the shape and design.  Depending on lighting, they changed colors drastically.  I figured I could work with it, but it was an unattended adversary.

On a side note, I heavily edited this pic.    I was trying out some new stuff and this pic ended up being my guinea pig.  It turned out okay, but something is quite off.  I probably should of stopped doing stuff to this poor picture way before this point, but oh well…I still am fancy.

Other Credits:

Truth Hair-Tammy-Seaspray

the Skinnery-Sophia-Flapper

a bazillion eyelashes and liner layers (MG, Pekka, Glow)

Ikon-Kaleido Eye-Sky


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